What to Wear for Airsoft: Complete Clothing & Gear Guide

Airsoft is an intense sport that requires specially designed clothing and gear to keep players safe and comfortable. Choosing the right airsoft outfit is crucial – the wrong clothes can ruin your experience by leaving you exposed, restricting movement, or just plain uncomfortable. This complete guide covers everything you need to know about picking airsoft apparel, footwear, protective gear, and accessories.

Why Proper Airsoft Clothing Matters

Airsoft games simulate military or law enforcement scenarios using replica firearms that shoot plastic BBs at low velocities. Games take place outdoors on dedicated fields with varying terrain, so you’ll likely be running, crouching, crawling, and engaging in mock firefights.

You need clothing that can withstand these activities while protecting you from pain and allowing free range of motion. Getting hit by airsoft BBs can sting exposed skin, especially at close range, so coverage is key. Bulky, loose, or restrictive outfits will slow you down and impact your performance.

Proper airsoft-specific apparel also enhances realism and immersion in the game for many players. Gear that looks authentic in addition to performing well helps set the right mood.

Airsoft Apparel Essentials

These basic clothing items form the foundation of a good airsoft loadout:

Airsoft Combat Shirts and Pants

The best airsoft bottoms and tops blend durability, padding, storage, and a military look. Combat pants feature knee pad inserts and cargo pockets for magazines, radios, and other gear. Combat shirts absorb impacts and provide arm protection while keeping you cooler with moisture-wicking fabric and ventilated mesh.

Look for airsoft brands like Emerson, Tru-Spec, and Condor when shopping for combat uniforms. Or explore surplus stores for authentic fatigues and BDUs (Battle Dress Uniforms). Army combat uniforms (ACUs) and multi-cam camouflage patterns work well for airsoft.

Under Layer

Wearing quality moisture-wicking undergarments under your combat uniform keeps you dry and comfortable during active play. Synthetic moisture-wicking fabrics (not cotton) most effectively draw sweat off your skin so it can evaporate. Athletic brands like Under Armour offer affordable underlayer options specifically for high-exertion sports.


The ideal airsoft footwear balances traction, ankle support, and comfort. Full-height tactical boots with grippy soles allow stable footing on slick terrain and protect your feet and ankles from falls and rolling your ankle. Many airsoft fields have woodland or densely vegetated environments, so waterproof boots are recommended. Popular affordable brands include Rothco, Condor and Tactical Research.

If you prefer more athletic shoes, trail running shoes work well, too. They’re lightweight and comfortable while still offering traction and ankle support.

Face Protection

A sturdy wire mesh lower face mask protects your mouth, nose, teeth, and jaw from close-range BB impacts. Look for full wrap-around metal mesh masks with breathable fabric covering your lower face, available from companies like Valken Tactical, Lancer Tactical, and OneTigris. Or choose modular masks that combine mesh mouth protection with separate goggle eyewear.

For full head and face coverage, modular tactical helmets with mesh face shields are great options, though more expensive. Popular brands are Emerson Gear and TMC Airsoft.

Additional Airsoft Clothing and Gear

Beyond the apparel basics, many optional clothing items and gear choices exist:

Tactical Vests and Plate Carriers

These vests securely carry your magazines, gear, and optionally armor plates. Quality tactical vests distribute weight well and allow you to smoothly transition between sitting, kneeling, prone, and standing shooting positions. Established airsoft brands include Condor Outdoor, Flyye Industries, and OneTigris.

Battle Belts

Battle belts offer another convenient carry option for magazines, pistols, radios, medical gear and other equipment. They’re great for lighter loadouts focused on speed and mobility. Look for padded and low-profile battle belts from Condor or OneTigris.

Elbow and Knee Pads

Rugged slip-on elbow and knee pads cushion impacts from drops, slides, and hard surfaces. Breathable pads with moisture-wicking lining offer all-day comfort. Look for pads with durable exterior fabric, high-density protective foam or gel padding, and non-slip closure straps. Popular options come from brands like REEBOW GEAR and Gotham Armour.


Fingerless shooting gloves provide padded protection across the fingers and palms without limiting dexterity. They also keep their hands clean when crawling prone. Mechanix Wear and FLYYE make affordable and durable airsoft glove options.

Eye Protection

Impact-rated goggles or glasses rated to minimum ANSI Z87.1 safety standards are mandatory at regulated airsoft fields. Several airsoft eyewear brands offer stylish, properly-rated eye pros like Pyramex, Smith Optics, ESS, and Revision Military.

Boonie Hats

A boonie hat with foliage rings provides lightweight head coverage and breaks up your silhouette Shape. Rothco, Propper, and Condor make authentic-looking boonie hats perfect for airsoft. Wide-brim baseball caps also work.


These versatile Middle Eastern scarves wrap around your neck to filter dust, wipe sweat, or conceal exposed skin. Shemaghs complement tactical load-outs and come in handy in the field. Brands like Rothco make authentic cotton shemaghs.

Complete Airsoft Outfit Examples

Here are two head-to-toe airsoft loadout examples illustrating how to pull these clothing pieces together:

Woodland Infantry Kit

  • ACU combat shirt and pants in woodland camo
  • Black boot socks
  • Coyote brown tactical boots
  • Mesh lower face mask
  • Clear dual-pane shooting glasses
  • Baseball cap in matching camo
  • Black moisture-wicking athletic T-shirt
  • Synthetic moisture-wicking boxer briefs
  • Modular plate carrier vest with triple M4 magazine pouches
  • Black tactical shooting gloves
  • Olive drab boonie hat

Contractors Kit

  • Tactical pants in coyote brown
  • Matching short sleeve tactical shirt
  • Mid-height tan combat boots
  • Lower mesh face mask
  • Wrap-around tactical goggles
  • Moisture-wicking athletic T-shirt
  • Synthetic moisture-wicking boxer briefs
  • Tan battle belt with modular mag pouches
  • Knee pads with cargo pocket inserts
  • Tan baseball hat
  • Neck gaiter

There are endless combinations of quality airsoft garments that look cool while optimizing safety, flexibility, storage capacity, and authenticity. Use these gear recommendations and complete loadout examples to help select your perfect airsoft wardrobe.

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