What Clothes to Wear for Airsoft? Beginner’s Guide on Apparel

Airsoft is an exciting outdoor sport where participants shoot each other with replica firearms that shoot plastic BBs. Like paintball, airsoft requires protective gear to prevent injuries from BB impacts. Choosing the right clothing and equipment is crucial for having a safe and fun experience. This definitive guide covers everything a beginner needs to know about dressing for airsoft games and events.

Why Airsoft Clothing Matters?

Airsoft BBs can travel up to 400 feet per second. Although plastic, getting hit at close range can hurt badly and even break skin. Proper clothing protects from welts, bruises or bloodshed. Camouflage and tactical gear also help conceal you from opponents during simulated combat. For comfort across long games, having moisture-wicking attire keeps you cool and dry as you run, crawl, and shoot. Investing in quality airsoft-specific apparel makes a huge difference in playability, safety, and enjoyment.

Airsoft Eye Protection

The number one most important piece of protective airsoft gear is quality eye pro. Airsoft BBs can cause serious damage if they strike unprotected eyes. Fog-resistant goggles with strong polycarbonate lenses are a must. They should fully sealed around the eyes to protect them from all angles. Lower face protection like mesh masks also helps. Avoid risks and wear approved, ANSI-rated airsoft eye protection at all times when on a field.

Airsoft Face Protection

Taking an airsoft BB to unprotected teeth hurts and can chip teeth. For full facial coverage, paintball-style masks with chin straps work great. Low-profile neck guards also protect the throat region. Half-face mesh or fabric masks shield the nose, mouth, cheeks, and jaw. Some players even use mock ballistic helmets with cheek shields and visors. Use whatever combination of head and face protection gives you peace of mind when popping out of cover during games.

Airsoft Headwear

In addition to protection, airsoft headgear serves tactical purposes. Baseball caps, bandannas, and beanies help camouflage from overhead observation. Boonie-style hats provide shade from the sun and concealment in the woods. Helmets make it harder for opponents to tell which direction you are looking when peeking out. Use hats and helmets to help hide your movements and blend into the terrain.

Airsoft Uniforms and Camouflage

Uniforms and camo clothing help you stealthily move cover to cover unseen. Full camo fatigues like U.S. ACU, German Flecktarn or British DPM work fantastic. Combat shirts and pants like Propper BDUs offer ruggedness and pockets for gear. For warmer weather, camo t-shirts and cargo pants are nice options. Knee pads allow sliding behind bunkers without tearing up your knees. Change your pattern and colors to match whatever field or environment you are playing at.

Airsoft Footwear

The best airsoft shoes excel at grip, support, and durability. Boots like 5.11 Tactical ATACs provide ankle support when running and gunning. Lightweight hiking shoes and trail runners are nimble while still offering tread and protection. Tall crew socks help prevent rolled ankles and absorb shoe friction. Waterproof boots also handle wet outdoor conditions. Avoid flimsy shoes that can lead to injury when traversing uneven terrain.

Airsoft Gloves

Hard-impacting plastic BBs hitting bare hands really smart, so gloves are recommended. Full-fingered tactical gloves shield knuckles from painful hits. They also keep hands from getting scratched up when diving behind cover. Mechanix gloves are great for dexterity when reloading magazines and weapons. In colder weather, sturdy gloves can retain warmth and still allow firing guns. Having quality gloves enhances comfort, performance, and safety in airsoft games.

Airsoft Vests and Chest Rigs

Vests and chest rigs allow carrying extra airsoft magazines, pistol holsters, water, first aid, and other mission essential accessories. Modular MOLLE panels mount pouches and gear where needed. Load-bearing vests distribute weight for all-day comfort. A battle belt keeps pants supported when loaded down. Plate carrier rigs with mock SAPI plates emulate real body armor worn by soldiers. Whatever your role, having a vest enhances realism, organization, and tactical capabilities.

Airsoft BDUs vs. Combat Uniforms

BDUs refer to old school solid color battle dress uniforms, while modern combat apparel sports camo patterns like MultiCam. BDUs typically feature thicker material with big cargo pockets for more durability. Combat uniforms utilize lightweight, breathable material and streamlined features best suited for hot weather patrols. Each has advantages, so choose BDUs or combat attire based on the climate and your preference.

Staying Cool and Hydrated

With all that protective gear and running around in games, you can get hot in a hurry. Breathable long-sleeved shirts and pants help provide cooling airflow. Athletic clothing designed to wick moisture also keeps you dry. Bring plenty of water in a hydration pack or canteen. Take breaks in shady spots to cool your body temperature. Listening to your body prevents heat issues that can ruin your day of airsoft.

Layering Your Airsoft Outfit

The benefit of layering clothes is you can adjust to any weather conditions. Start with moisture-wicking athletic underwear and socks to keep your skin dry. Add insulating layers like a combat shirt and pants to retain warmth in colder temps. External layers like jackets, hoodies, and shells shield from wind and rain. Shed layers as you heat up or the weather changes. Following the concept of layering ensures you stay comfortable in any environment.

Playing Your Best With Proper Airsoft Attire

The right airsoft kit allows free running, gunning, climbing, crawling, and sliding without worry. Avoid baggy jeans that restrict movement. Select shoes with ankle support and grip for fast direction changes. Keep gear close in vests and chest rigs so you can swiftly reload. Test and tweak your setup to find the optimal balance of protection, camouflage, and maneuverability. Gear up properly, and you can focus on effectively commanding the battlefield.

In summary, wearing the right protective clothing enhances enjoyment and safety in airsoft. Invest in impact-resistant eye pro, face masks, tactical clothing, padded gloves, and purpose-designed rigs. Prioritize lightweight, breathable materials for comfort across long games. Use camo and natural tones to blend into outdoor environments. Layer clothing to adapt to changing weather conditions. Gear up properly and you can tackle airsoft games with confidence.

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