How to Remove Selector Switch on Airsoft M4?

Airsoft weapons like the M4 provide a fun and exciting way to play tactical games and practice marksmanship skills. As the owner of an airsoft rifle, you will likely need to perform periodic disassembly for cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. One common task is removing the selector switch, which controls the rifle’s firing modes. In this article, I’ll walk you through the entire process step-by-step.

While airsoft guns operate differently than real firearms, some look convincingly realistic. To avoid any dangerous misunderstandings, I advise keeping your weapon identifiable as an airsoft gun with high-visibility markings and attachments. Be responsible and keep safety the top priority, whether playing with friends or by yourself. With proper care and caution, airsoft can be an engaging hobby for responsible owners.

Before We Begin

When working with the sensitive internal components of your airsoft M4 rifle, take all necessary safety precautions:

  • Keep your finger off the trigger
  • Confirm the weapon is unloaded by looking down the barrel
  • Remove the magazine and pull the charging handle several times to clear any remaining BBs from the chamber and hop up
  • Consider wearing ANSI-approved eye protection

Make sure your working area is clear and you have room to safely maneuver the rifle. Gather the required tools – we’ll be using a small screwdriver and punch set. Finally, work slowly and carefully to avoid damaging the intricate selector switch components.

Step 1 – Remove Receiver Pins

We’ll begin disassembly by removing two receiver pins located where the upper and lower M4 receivers meet under the front pivot pin towards the stock.

Carefully punch out the front takedown pin closest to the muzzle using a pin punch. Set the punched pins aside in a container so they don’t get lost. Slowly pivot the upper receiver section upwards. If the receivers don’t readily separate, check if the rifle is unlocked or if the charging handle is pulled back fully.

Step 2 – Lift the Upper Receiver

Once the pivot takedown pins are removed, carefully lift the upper receiver section of the rifle at a 90-degree angle. Lift gently to avoid damaging the wiring harness that electrically connects the upper gearbox, battery, trigger contacts, and motor.

Use a small screwdriver or pick set to release the connector tab and unplug the wiring harness where it joins into the lower receiver section. Tilt the upper receiver fully open without kinking or pulling excessively on the delicate wiring tethering the two sections together.

Step 3 – Inspect Fire Control Group

With the upper receiver section now opened fully, you’ll expose the bolt carrier group, barrel assembly, hopup unit, and gearbox inside. Beneath these major components lies the rifle’s fire control group (FCG) – this includes the semi/auto selector lever visible just behind the magazine well.

Closely inspect where the selector interfaces as it rotates on its axis to switch between safe, semi-automatic, full-auto, and any other firing modes engraved on your receiver. Make sure you understand how it works before attempting removal to avoid damaging your airsoft M4.

Step 4 – Unscrew Grip Screw

The selector lever is seated in the grip section where the pistol grip is attached. Rotate the rifle and locate the grip screw holding the plastic AR-platform grip onto the polymer lower receiver.

Carefully unscrew this screw using your screwdriver – on most airsoft M4 models, this grip screw has retained constant pressure and may suddenly eject from the grip so control it during removal. With the grip screw fully released, you’ll now be able to separate the pistol grip from the lower receiver.

Step 5 – Detach Pistol Grip

Gently wriggle the pistol grip with the attached semi/auto safety selector loose enough to pivot it outwards and down. Be careful not to pull excessively as wiring for the motor and battery may be internally routed behind the grip.

Step 6 – Remove Selector Switch

Now able to fully access the selector switch mechanism seated neatly behind the pistol grip, push out the retaining roll pin visible just below the embossed safe/semi/auto position engraving. This allows the selector shaft to slide free from one side of the receiver wall.

Carefully remove the selector lever and set it aside. Closely observe how the geometry of the selector interfaces with the semi-automatic disconnector and auto-sear components inside the lower receiver fire control group. Make notes so you can correctly reinstall the lever later in the proper sequence safe->semi->auto.

With the selector switch now fully removed from one side of the polymer receiver, further internal disassembly for cleaning or part replacement is possible by following the remaining grip screw hole deeper into the receiver and gearbox shell.


To reinstall the selector switch, simply reverse the removal steps:

  1. Insert the selector lever through the grip side of the receiver with engraved mode positions oriented properly
  2. Replace the retaining roll pin to hold the selector shaft in place
  3. Reattach pistol grip, routing electrical wires safely out of the way
  4. Reinstall the grip screw without pinching wires
  5. Plug-in wiring harness to reconnect upper and lower receivers
  6. Carefully pivot the closed upper receiver section back down onto the lower receiver
  7. Align pivot pin holes and reinsert the front take-down pin
  8. Test function on safe setting then semi and auto modes before loading any BBs

With your airsoft M4 selector switch successfully removed and reinstalled, you’ll be well-prepared to maintain your rifle going forward. Airsoft ownership is a constant learning process – continue expanding your knowledge to become a responsible and educated airsoft owner.


I hope this guide gives you the key information needed to safely remove and reinstall the selector switch on your Airsoft M4 rifle. Please let me know if you have any other questions! Proper maintenance helps ensure years of enjoyment with your airsoft guns. Just be sure to make safety the number one priority whenever handling airsoft weapons or conducting maintenance.

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