Best Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Powered Lever Action & Loaded)

Are you tired of buying fake airsoft sniper rifles that stop working after a month? If you need an expert opinion to help you sift through the fake products for the real deal, you have come to the right place. Spring airsoft guns are powerful. They don’t require a battery charge or gas top-up to keep functioning. With the best spring airsoft sniper rifle, you can remain in a game longer and enjoy more fun with a strong spring-piston mechanism working t deliver accurate shots.

If you have tried to search for a spring sniper rifle, you must have already noticed that there is a sea of choices on the internet. Every brand has an array of rifles for you to checkout but how do you know which one is the best for you? Hours of research looking through tons of guns might not give you an answer. But our in-depth, carefully researched and crafted review on the best spring airsoft sniper rifles will help out. Dive into our tested and trusted picks to find the most suitable weapon for you today.

Best Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Elite Force Lever Action)

I have tried a lot of spring sniper rifles and here is my detailed analysis of what I liked, what didn’t work out too well for me, and the reasons why I believe in my recommendations.

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle On The Market

Well MB4410BAB Spring Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle


 Well MB4410BAB

The airsoft tactical package you will receive with this order is unbelievably valuable for the low price. With your order, you will also receive a foldable bipod and scope. Apart from that, this gun fires a powerful 550 FPS, making it more powerful than average. That is enough firepower to catch your targets easily on a field of battle. The grooved ergonomic pistol grip on this rifle shows it was built for modular versatility. For the ultimate consistency and great accuracy, this rifle also has a one-piece smoothbore barrel and hop-up.


  • Material: metal frame
  • Muzzle velocity: 550fps
  • Weight: 8.3 pounds
  • Magazine capacity: 22 rounds
  • Ammo: 0.25g


This deluxe bolt action airsoft sniper rifle is a dream to look at and even better in performance. The gun looks so real that only professional eyes can tell it apart from the real deal. With its super realistic look is a matching realistic feel. The rifle weighs over 8 pounds making it heavier and very real. The sniper rifle comes with a 4 x 32 zoom scope to help ease of targeting and accuracy increase. It has an adjustable metal bi-pod that is strong. Many parts of this rifle are made from strong metal but the outer body is made from a strong polymer material. This sniper rifle can carry 22 rounds at the same time. This might not be much, but it can do a lot of damage in the hands of an experienced shooter.

User Experience

You will have to finish up the setup of this gun by yourself when you receive it. Don’t worry, you will not be lost as there is a detailed instructional manual in your package to guide you. This airsoft sniper rifle can comfortably hit targets at 80 yards. Many players have tested it and resonate that it works well at 175 feet and more. You can use BB pellets from 0.20g but you can even go heavier. Out of all the ammunition we tested, 0.25g seems to be the best weight to get the highest muzzle velocity of 550 FPS. you will get a small bag of BBs in your package. Take note that these are cheap BBs but they will serve the purpose perfectly until you’re ready to purchase your own.

Most outer parts of this gun including the grip are made of very strong plastic. However, the inner mechanism, barrel, rail, and scope are all made from strong metal material. This makes for a very sturdy gun and even more realistic weight. Most guns boast about being upgradable, but this one is both upgradable and down-gradable. You can take the FPS down a notch if it is too powerful for you or step it up if you need more. The bi-pod is very strong and is made of metal. It helps in adding a healthy weight to the overall weight of the gun but it can be a bit flimsy. It moves around easily and this might affect your accuracy on shots because of decreased stability. You can change out this bi-pod for a higher grade to eliminate the problem.


  • Solid build.
  • Comes with a scope, bi-pod, and a small bag of BBs.
  • Both upgradable and down-gradable.


  • The bi-pod moves around a lot.

Final Verdict

Solid build b=meets optimum performance with this strong and durable airsoft sniper rifle. The stock lens that comes with this gun is actually quite good and accurate. It even has a lens cover to protect the 4 x 32 zoom scope from damage or debris. This sniper rifle is not only easy to use, it is easy to maintain. The spring action means you don’t even have to stop shooting. There is no need to replace a gas cartridge or recharge batteries. You get unlimited shooting with easy and smooth cock action after every shot.



Bbtac M61- best spring powered airsoft sniper rifle

Bbtac M61 Spring Powered Airsoft Sniper Rifle

BBTac is hands down one of the most innovative airsoft gun and accessories companies to date. They currently have some of the most high-quality airsoft guns, accessories, and airsoft BBs on the market right now. They continue to raise the bar with innovation every day. BBTac promises to remain a process-centered, market-focused organization to lead the development and delivery of innovative products and solutions to the wide customer base of the airsoft world.

Healthy competition is encouraged at this company. They can be seen leading by example as they aim to outperform all their contemporaries in the industry with every release. This M61 spring rifle is a great product to the testimony of this companies’ good achievements. This airsoft rifle is replicated from the VSR-10. If you have ever handled that gun before, we are sure you won’t be able to tell the difference between that experience and this M61 by BBTac


  • Material: metal and ABS polymer
  • Type: bolt action
  • Muzzle velocity: 420 to 475 fps
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Magazine capacity: 20 rounds
  • Ammo: 0.2g


The BBTac M61 was built for precision. This rifle will make long-distance shooting a breeze because you can combine precision with stability for the best results. The gun is built with metal and high-quality ABS polymer for strength and durability. The metal reinforces the platform without adding excess weight so the gun remains a good 5 pounds that is easy to carry around. Reloading is fast and easy with this rifle because it uses a reloading clip.

A non-magnifying red dot scope is included with the gun to improve your aim as you shot. A waver rail is built into the top of the rifle to make customization and attachment of accessories simple and easy. If you want the real feeling of shooting a gun, the bolt action of this gun will give you just that. The authenticity of every shot will keep you coming back for more.

User Experience

If you want a great firing mechanism in your airsoft bb gun, look no further than BBTac’s M61 spring rifle. This pellet gun looks and feels great. The barrel and most parts are fashioned out of metal while the frame is plastic. The complimentary scope seems to work well for a 50-foot range but it can be easily affected by wind and other conditions. If you are a heavy scope user, you might want to upgrade to something less flimsy to enjoy the best use out of your scope.

If you have used other airsoft guns before, you will notice that this one compares to some of the biggest names in the industry. It can be compared to the UGT master sniper, aftermath SVD, M40A3 sportline, and Tokyo Muarui VAR-10. All these guns are more expensive than the M61 and yet, it performs just as good.

You may not want to head to the range every day but you can still shoot with this rifle at home. The loudest sound comes from the pellets hitting their mark. This allows you the pleasure of shooting right in the comfort of your home.


  • The firing mechanism works perfectly.
  • The bolt feels solid.
  • It looks extremely realistic.
  • Can be used for indoor shooting because the sound is not too loud.


  • The scope is not so good.

Final Verdict

What do you do on days when the shooting range is closed but you want to get some firing done? You get a BBTac M61 rifle of course. This airsoft gun does not fire extremely loud shots. Because of this, you can get away with firing in the comfort of your apartment without disturbing your neighbors. The 420 to 475 fps is great for local airsoft fields. Shooting is very accurate and you can fire well and long any time of the day. This gun doesn’t only look wonderful, it is very functional and easy to use, especially if you know how to bolt properly.



Bbtac M62 Airsoft Lever Action Rifle Spring

Bbtac M62 Airsoft Lever Action Rifle Spring

With every product they release into the market, BBTac does everything to show their sheer innovation and forward-thinking for airsoft players of all calibers. The M62 is an interesting build for interesting games. This sniper rifle has all it takes to enter and win a game with the advantage of looking realistic. Shooting at 420 fps, this rifle is not as fast or powerful as many options. However, it is just the right amount of firepower to pick off your targets when at the range and remain within the regulated rate. The seamless build of this beautiful weapon adds to the realistic look and all manufacturing materials are solid for durability.


  • Material: metal and polymer
  • Type: bolt action
  • Muzzle velocity: 420 fps
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds
  • Magazine capacity: 20 rounds
  • Ammo: 0.20g


The BT-M62 sniper rifle has a steel barrel but is otherwise made from ABS polymer. the gun is molded out of this polymer material giving it a seamless look and a more realistic feel. The polymer, however strong and lightweight, still feels like a real gun. With this rifle, you get better stability, a longer range, and better precision while shooting at the range. It is a powerful spring-loaded weapon that shoots 0.20g bbs at a good rate of 420 fps.

This is not as powerful as some other guns on this list, but it is well within the lawful range. With this gun, you will enjoy fast loading and reloading. The loading system is a clip design where you can quickly replenish when you run out of bullets. The bolt action on the airsoft sniper rifle is so realistic you’re going to feel like you’re doing the real thing. The powerful spring-piston machine cocks very seriously and releases strongly when you shoot.

User Experience

This airsoft sniper rifle is for everyone who wants the real look and feel of a gun in their hands. It is made with sturdy materials and quite a lot of metal. That accounts for the weighty feel. Anyone looking for a lightweight rifle should look elsewhere because this feels like a real weapon and might slow you down if weight is an issue for you. This gun is great for hitting targets from quite a distance. The range is very good, and you can even find small holes in trees when you hit them from a great distance.

Some people complained about missing screws. They aren’t missing; the problem is knowing where to look. We’re not sure why but the company packages the screws in the stock. We feel it’s a bit hidden, but you must finish up your assembly with those hidden screws to start shooting.


  • Has a very realistic feel.
  • A good airsoft sniper rifle on a budget.
  • Accurate and sturdy.
  • A good weapon for beginners.
  • The spring is easy to charge.


  • The scope is not so great.

Final Verdict

This airsoft sniper rifle has very good accuracy. The charging handle for the spring is perfectly located and pulling it back is not a problem. Everything about this rifle is great. The body of the rifle is strong, the spring operating mechanism is smooth, and delivers excellently, you get a very good range in your shots. We advise that you get a better scope if you want to enjoy the full experience. The accompanying scope is alright but not so great. It is also quite difficult to find replacement parts for this airsoft gun. Because of this, we implore you to be careful when using and storing this baby. If you damage something and can’t replace it your beautiful M62 sniper rifle will end up sitting on the shelf until you find the replacement.



Elite Force As-01- best spring-loaded airsoft sniper

Elite Force As-01 Ameoba Striker Sniper Rifle

Elite Force has really listened to the market and taken deep research seriously with this gun. This could easily become one of their best-selling products as it is almost tailor-made for beginners with so much room for a professional to make mega upgrades. The aftermarket parts are quite expensive and some are problematic, but they will surely get to fixing these problems in time.


  • Material: metal and plastic
  • Muzzle velocity: 425 FPS
  • Weight: 9.2 pounds
  • Magazine capacity: 45 rounds
  • Ammo: 0.20g BBs


Most of this airsoft sniper rifle is made of strong metal. Other parts are constructed from high-strength polymer to keep the gun a lighter weight but still very durable. To increase your accuracy, there is a fully adjustable hop-up available. The magazine can carry up to 45 rounds at once. This is more than double the average magazine capacity and another plus for beginner shooters who need to fire multiple times before hitting one target. The mag release is ambidextrous so it doesn’t matter which is your dominant hand, this will be a breeze for you. This airsoft sniper rifle can send your plastic BB pellets flying at 425 FPS to land powerful shots and make a dent in simple targets.

User Experience

We think the Amoeba As-01 Striker is a rare find because only a handful of other sniper rifles perform so optimally right out of the box. Using all the stock parts, this riffle will fire comfortably at 420 FPS with 0.20g BBs. The bolt travel is short and so the pull can seem a bit heavy. The bolt pull can also feel rough but that is something you can get used to with time. If the bolt pull doesn’t return smoothly, don’t cock the gun again or you will load another BB into the chamber ready to be shot. What you should d is gently push the bolt all the way in before taking any other step.

The accuracy on this sniper rifle is quite good. The manufacturers have chosen a TDC (Top Dead Center) hop-up setup for this gun. It allows for more accuracy with heavier BBS up to 0.30g when windage is accounted for. The short spring and short stroke bolt of this riffle mean muzzle velocity is maxed out at the limit and cannot be pushed further because there is a limited amount of air in the barrel. This rifle is easy and safe to use. Pull-on the safety lever on the right-hand side to enter safe mode if you want to take a break.


  • Solid build.
  • Looks very good and tactical.
  • Adjustable trigger pull and sears.
  • Easy to disassemble.
  • Usable right out of the box.
  • Endless upgrades are available.


  • The bolt pull is rough.
  • It can be expensive to upgrade.

Final Verdict

The Amoeba Striker is easily one of the best out-of-the-box airsoft sniper rifles in the market today. It is very usable with all its stock parts, increasing the open and use experience very significantly. Although there is ample room for top-of-the-line upgrades, you will surely want to get a good feel of this rifle before going for any upgrades whatsoever. It is one of the best sniper rifles for a beginner as it is accurate, good-looking solidly, and well within a beginner’s humble budget. When it boils down to a simple question of “Is the Amoeba Striker worth buying?”, our answer will be a resounding yes for many strong reasons. If you’re looking to start airsoft with a specialization in sniping, this is a true budget-friendly gun to go for.



 Buying Guide For The Best Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Material: the material will determine how durable the sniper rifle will be. Most of these guns have metal barrels with plastic bodies. The plastic or polymer body helps to lessen the overall weight. Nevertheless, cheap and flimsy plastics will fall apart easily and you will have to buy a new gun sooner than later.

Weight: some players want to feel the natural heavyweight of a gun. Others want a lightweight weapon that will be easier to hold, move around, and use. Whichever end of the spectrum you’re standing on, make sure to check out the weight of the rifle you are considering before you make a purchase.

Grip: An ergonomic handle on your sniper rifle will be very helpful for ease of use. If it is easier to hold and manipulate your rifle, you can stay in the game for a longer time without having sore fingers or getting tired. Get a sniper rifle with ergonomic handles where the barrel is easier and more comfortable to hold.

Accessories: first of all, is the sniper rifle built to take accessories? Is there a handrail where optics accessories can be easily attached when purchased? If the sniper rifle you get cannot accommodate accessories, you might not want t in the first place. When considering the actual accessories, you can buy your attachments but it is very convenient to have them come with the gun. Many will argue that free accessories are always cheap and do not last long but this isn’t true for every manufacturer. If your airsoft sniper rifle comes with a sling or scope, they could be good quality items that will help make your experience more enjoyable and save you from spending extra money on them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are spring airsoft sniper rifles good?

Generally, airsoft players have mixed feelings towards spring-powered rifles. These guns can be very realistic and have strong advantages, but they can also be an impediment. Spring rifles are amazing because they don’t need to be refilled or recharged like gas and electric versions. You can shoot endlessly as long as your spring system is functional. However, in a scenario where you’re in a QBC situation with three other players, a spring rifle will be a disadvantage if the other players are using electric or gas-powered rifles. While they can shoot without pause, you will have to cock or charge your spring sniper rifle before each shot.

How much should I spend on my first spring airsoft sniper rifle?

A beginner spring-powered airsoft sniper rifle can cost between $100 and $200. There are so many great options in the market so you’re going to have to narrow things down to your personal preference. Unless you’re a pro looking for a serious upgrade, don’t buy a spring airsoft sniper rifle unless it’s a beginner model or you may spend too much money on it and not like it. We recommend borrowing a friend’s sniper and trying out the role to see if you like it before you even spend money on a sniper rifle.

What is a good FPS for an airsoft sniper rifle?

FPS, or feet per second, refers to muzzle velocity and varies from one gun to the other. Generally, spring and gas airsoft sniper rifles tend to have the highest FPS. note that there are limits to how strong, or high your FPS can be if you’re playing in the field. Don’t buy a gun that can hurt someone or be rejected from the field if any of these uses are your aim. If you’re playing indoors, get a rifle with 300 to 350 FPS, while a rifle of up to 400 FPS is good for outdoors.

Should I remove the orange tip from my spring airsoft sniper rifle?

You shouldn’t assume that law enforcement can tell the difference between an airsoft rifle and a real one. These guns are built to be highly realistic so you can understand if someone thinks you’re parading around with a gun when it is just an airsoft rifle for games. For your safety, keep the orange tip on so you don’t get harassed by law enforcement for carrying a firearm without permission.

What tactical accessories should I consider?

If your sniper rifle doesn’t come with a scope or has a weak scope, you should strongly consider getting one. A sharp magnifying scope can help you gather intel on your opponents on the field before they’re even close enough to shoot. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a high-class scope when you can’t shoot very far, a 2x or 3x magnifying scope will work perfectly. You should strongly consider buying a sling for your rifle. In an intense battle, your gun can slip from your shoulder or hands but your sling will keep it from falling f you have one attached. The sling can also help you rest or go hands-free for a tackle when it is required. You can also consider getting a bipod. If you will be shooting in open-ground environments, this can help you stabilize for clearer and more precise shots.


Airsoft is becoming a popular sport very quickly. If you’re ready to join the game or are looking for an upgrade as an experienced player, we have got you covered. With the right weapon in your hands and constant practice, you can become an excellent shot in no time.

Many airsoft sniper rifles in the market look cool. However, if you only focus on packaging and aesthetics, you will be sucked in to buy a fake product that will most likely fail after a few uses. If you’re going to spend money on an airsoft gun, it might as well be a good one that can serve you for a long time. After testing and reviewing many airsoft sniper rifles, we are confident to provide the most valuable information you need to select the right sniper rifle for your next game.

For more information visit my youtube channel for user experience and reviews on the best spring airsoft sniper rifle.

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