Best Scope For CMP Service Rifle [Bought & Tested]

If you have successfully undergone the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program), you are eligible to purchase a military surplus rifle from the program. Many gun enthusiasts purchase these rifles because they are cost-friendly and fit many criteria people want to find in a new rifle. After securing your rifle, you must begin to consider additional appliances that will help provide an excellent shooting experience.

One such consideration is scope. Note every scope comes with the same specifications, and not every option in the market will fit your shooting preference. You have to conduct in-depth research to get the right product that will last a lifetime.

We have taken the headache out of a job for you and conducted in-depth research to bring you the best scope for the CMP service rifle in this article. Whether you’re with law enforcement, need a good scope for hunting, or want to compete in range shooting, we have an excellent riflescope option for you. The best scope for your CMP rifle is listed in our review below, so get reading

Top 8 Best Scope For CMP Service Rifle

Gun owners have different reasons for why they enjoy going out to hunt or shoot. Some like the thrill of the sport and others do it to become more skilled with a firearm. Others may be passionate about protecting their homes or families, while still others partake in shooting as a hobby. Whatever your reason is, you need a good scope so that you can use your weapon to its full potential.

I tell you the Top Scope For CMP Service Rifle Reviews in my own review. It’s good for you to buy the right one. I share my experience in buying them. And I have list five of the best scopes when I test them.

  1. UTG 30mm AccuShot Scope
  2. Vortex Crossfire II 1-Inch Riflescope
  3. Athlon Optics Talos BTR 4 Riflescope
  4. Truglo Tru-Brite Compact Riflescope
  5. Vortex Crossfire II Adjustable 30mm Riflescope
  6. Vortex Viper Gen II Riflescope
  7. ATN X-Sight 4k Pro Riflescope
  8. Trijicon TR23 AccuPoint Riflescope

Best Scope For CMP Service Rifle

UTG 30mm AccuShot Scope

UTG 30mm AccuShot Scope

Although it is cost-friendly, this CMP riflescope is not less powerful than any good option you will find on the market. The UTG 30mm AccuShot Scope reflects true optic strength. With it, you can maximize your shooting experience from varied distances using the 4x to 16x magnification range. Combine the amazingly clear range with a side adjustable parallax that can be adjusted from 10 yards and above.

This riflescope is equipped with a patented Color Illumination system to provide users with the best viewing experience, no matter the lighting or weather conditions. The standard dual red and green colors are available. There are also 36 different colors with varied brightness and intensity available in multi-color mode. This riflescope also comes with an angled light shade, detachable rings, and flip-able lens caps.

This extremely accurate rifle scope will prove super effective for your CMP service rifle. Set up is extremely easy, and you can zero in very easily as well. If clarity is a number one priority for you, this is the right riflescope for you to get. The glass is very sharp, and with an excellent light transfer, this scope stays clear up to 16x. The flip-up cover is permanently attached and doesn’t have to be removed at all. This makes opening and closing very fast and convenient.


  • Excellent clarity up to 16x.
  • Windage knobs and parallax adjustments are simple to use.
  • The permanently attached covers are convenient.
  • Has excellent eye relief.


  • The mil-dots are quite small.
  • The elevation knob is a bit difficult to turn.

Vortex Crossfire II 1-Inch Riflescope


Vortex is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the riflescope industry. When you look at this impeccable 1-inch scope, you will understand just why. This is an excellent scope for shooting at a range or hunting out in the wild. You can easily pick and lock in on your target with the long eye relief and easily usable sight-box.

The focus works quickly, and reticle focusing is also very straightforward. Not only are the lenses well coated in multiple layers, but they are anti-reflective too. This ensures the user has the clearest and brightest view, no matter the lighting conditions.

The Vortex Crossfire II 1-Inch Riflescope is not a high-end attachment, but you will get a lot of value for your money. Even at 100 yards, this small price of equipment will work at the dead center straight out of the box. Vortex never disappoints, but most users claim they patronize this for the excellent guarantee and customer service.

We have to say the response from Vortex was super-fast, super friendly, and super helpful. You can enjoy your bright and sharp image in peace, knowing the company is available for you if any problems arise.


  • Fully coated lenses.
  • Anti-reflective lenses.
  • Long eye relief.
  • Finger adjustable turrets with MOA.
  • Single piece 1-inch tube made from high-grade aluminum.


  • Excellent for a forward-mounted scope with long eye relief.
  • The illuminated reticle works excellently.
  • Works perfectly straight out of the package.
  • The red dot works impeccably.
  • Has excellent glass.


Athlon Optics Talos BTR 4 Riflescope

If you have a moderate budget, this is a terrific glass with excellent features and excellent warranty coverage. The reticle has a special design that allows you to zoom in and out, shrinking or expanding your target as you choose. Because the reticle is expertly etched into the glass, it is very durable and provides very high shock resistance to recoil. The Talos BTR 4 can easily be compared to many high-end riflescopes and pass the test in flying colors.

Professionally manufactured from a one-piece tube, this riflescope is further treated with hydrogen to eliminate as much moisture as possible. You can utilize this scope in the most challenging weather conditions, and it will not fall apart. The weatherproofing is only backed by nitrogen purging or better moisture control.

You don’t have to worry about water or fog when handling this exquisite glass. The transmission of light is very good because reflected light is greatly reduced. This is all because of the diligent multi-coating applied during manufacture. With the Talos BTR 4, be rest assured of great range and excellent shooting even in low light conditions.


  • Heat-treated one-piece tube.
  • Illuminated reticle.
  • Waterproof and fog proof.
  • Multi-coated.


  • Objective and ocular caps fit perfectly.
  • Very clear and nice to use.
  • Perfect if you shoot in low light.
  • Excellent customer service with a lifetime warranty.


  • Target turrets dull quickly.
  • The Athlon emblem is weak and might fall off while you shoot.

Truglo Tru-Brite Compact Riflescope

It’s great to spend good money on a CMP service rifle scope, but there are still great options out there if you’re on a tight budget. Coming in at under $100, this compact riflescope from Truglo is another excellent choice. The objective lenses are fully coated and have a good eye relief of 5.5.

This riflescope is made from high-grade aircraft aluminum, and the entire tube is fashioned out of one uncut piece. This ensures you have a very durable scope that will last a lifetime. It has a matte finish and is scratch-resistant to keep your scope looking nice and beautiful even when used rigorously.

It doesn’t matter that this scope is in a low price range; Truglo did not skimp on functionality at all. You will get a very sharp glass to provide accurate bearings on your target as you shoot. The glass is very clear, and your sight will not be obstructed, even in the snow.

Lens caps are quite expensive to buy separately. It’s a great thing this package arrives complete with lens caps to protect your equipment. The field of view is wide enough for you to find your target easily. This compact riflescope will fit nicely on your CMP service rifle and provide you with a great shooting experience all year round.


  • Mil-dot reticle.
  • One-piece aluminum grade tube.
  • Comes with scope rings. Non-reflective
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Shock and water-resistant.
  • Fully coated.


  • Comes with lens caps for protection.
  • Has a very clear glass.
  • Beautiful and compact.
  • Very reliable low-end


  • The reticle is not illuminated.
  • Eye rings, turrets knobs, and eyepiece are fitted a bit too loosely.

Vortex Crossfire II Riflescope

Expensive scopes are nicer, but this one from Vortex proves you don’t have to throw in $1000 to get good quality. The red dot and scope combination for this unbeatable price has to be the most attractive feature we found. You will easily pay over a thousand bucks for a standard red dot and scope combination from any other brand, but Vortex made it easy. This scope is very accurate. You will get precise calibrations even when shooting from 1000 yards.

You are guaranteed clear and bright views with this glass. The lenses are fully multi-coated, and it has an anti-reflective feature. Made from high-quality aluminum, this one-piece tube is not cut and joined for maximum durability. The 30mm tube is not only strong, but it is also shockproof.

The tube is further nitrogen purged and sealed with an O-ring to ensure no moisture gets in. This makes it waterproof and fog proof, ideal for shooting in different weather conditions. You will not be disappointed in this highly durable scope. Even when it gets knocked around, it can maintain zero. Searching for a guilt-free purchase that will give you long-range functionality and a great riflescope with a red dot feature? This is unmistakably the ideal pick for you. Trust us, we’ve done the research.


  • Fully multi-coated.
  • Anti-reflective.
  • Has long eye relief.
  • Has finger adjustable turrets.
  • Nitrogen purged.
  • Made from uncut aircraft-grade aluminum.


  • Battery-powered reticle illuminates center dot in low light.
  • You get bright and clear views from the lens.


  • The scope can start to lose zero after protracted use.

Vortex Viper Gen II Riflescope

Most CMP rifle scopes usually come in long or short range. The incredible Viper Gen II Crossfire beats all odds by providing excellent shooting for both long and short-range.

You will undoubtedly enjoy high-quality tactical optics at a new level with this super versatile riflescope in your stash. If you have the money to spend on it, go for this 2- 10 x 32 FFP riflescope for incredible performance.

If you’re ready for a high-end riflescope, this is the exact product you need. Vortex’s Viper is renowned for its super classic clarity and versatility. You don’t only get a nice functional scope in this package.

It comes complete with helpful accessories like an angled sunshade, a 2mmhex wrench, battery, and optic caps for protection. For a thousand dollars, you can expect to get exactly what you paid for in this super versatile, super durable, super functional riflescope.


  • RZR zero stop.
  • Laser-etched turrets.
  • Adjustable parallax.
  • Fiber optic rotation indicator.
  • Low depression glass.
  • Argon purged and O-ring sealed.
  • Comes with optic caps, hex wrench, a battery, and a screw-on sunshade.


  • Offers highly accurate tracking.
  • Turrets are never soft like other options but always crisp.
  • The finish is super stylish and it fits nicely on a CMP service rifle.
  • Can be used in short, medium, and long-range situations.
  • Comes complete with helpful accessories.
  • The FFP optic allows you to range at all magnifications.


  • It is not a red dot.
  • The reticle is illuminated but not super bright for daytime use.

ATN X-Sight 4k Pro Riflescope

Nighttime shooting usually calls for a little extra of everything, especially in the aspect of visibility. After taking into consideration the suggestions and contributions of many customers, ATN produced this super computerized scope that will blow your mind with high-tech features.

The quality night vision you will get from this scope can be compared to similar products in the $2000 to $3000 range. You get the same impeccable quality with this $k pro riflescope for $500. If you’re a fan of videos and photos, this scope records in HD quality and can store everything for future use.

The night vision and video recording are the most outstanding features on this riflescope but there is more. With a wireless connection available, you can hook this scope up to your phone or tablet for tracking. You don’t even have to look through the scope to lock in and take out your target.

Make sure to get all the updates as they come or your device could start to twitch when used wirelessly. If you have different rifles, you can enter a different profile setting for each one and save it on this digital scope. Whenever you use any of those rifles, it is super easy to switch to a pre-programmed profile to get things rolling to your preference without any hassles.


  • Has an ultra HD sensor.
  • Capable of video recording.
  • Has a ballistic calculator.
  • Has recoil-activated video.
  • HD enhanced night vision mode.


  • The best digital scope for rifles.
  • Can connect wirelessly.
  • Recording videos and taking pictures is a neat addition.
  • Has a very great battery life.
  • Night vision is incredible and everything shoots in high-quality 4k HD.


  • You must carefully press the buttons to avoid breaking them.
  • Starts to freeze with prolonged use.

Trijicon TR23 AccuPoint Riflescope

Trijicon TR23 AccuPoint Riflescope

Even when you’re on full zoom, the glass of this riflescope remains incredibly clear for focused shooting. The ability to open and close the fiber optic will make this riflescope ideal for shooting on the sunniest of days. This doesn’t mean you can only enjoy daytime shooting.

The TR23 AccuPoint Riflescope is also excellent scope for shooting in extremely low light conditions. Whether in the day or pitch-black night, this is an ideal scope for super-fast focusing.

At 5 – 20 x 50, the AccuPoint scope is Trijicon’s longest scope. This makes it very easy and convenient to modify your range under any lighting conditions. Whether you’re hunting, range shooting, or using this scope in law enforcement, the accuracy and adjustability will surely blow your mind.

External controls are easily adjustable on this riflescope. You can easily control elevation and windage from the side parallax to further enhance our long-range shooting.


  • Manual brightness override feature.
  • High-quality multi-coated lenses.
  • SFP reticle.
  • Zero forward emission.
  • No battery illumination.
  • Advanced fiber optics.


  • Has an extremely clear glass.
  • Fast focus speed.
  • No turret caps.


  • The dial is quite tight on the zoom.

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Why Do You Need A CMP Service Riflescope?

A riflescope has many uses but the ultimate aim is to help you shoot your target more easily. A CMP service scope can be good for:

  • Low light shooting: a riflescope will accentuate the available light around you. This makes the target brighter and clearer to your naked eye. If you need to shoot in the early morning or towards the evening when the sun is not at its brightest, you surely need a good riflescope to help with visibility.
  • Target magnification: if you can see your target more clearly, your chances of hitting it will increase. Target magnification makes for safer hunting because your shots are more precise when you can see better. Especially when hunting, make sure to use a riflescope to magnify your target.
  • Better precision: rifles have visual markers on the lenses to indicate where the bullet will land when a shooter pulls the trigger. This makes for more precise shots than when the shooter is simply eyeballing the mark with bare eyes. Targeting exactness is significantly increased because of this feature on riflescopes.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Scope for CMP Service Rifle

The many numbers and variety of specifications in the riflescope market will scare you if they don’t wow you. Either way, you cannot pick the ideal scope if you don’t understand these numbers and specs. Before you go shopping for the best scope for CMP service rifle, consider the following factors below to help you make a better choice.

  • Lens Diameter: the size of your lens determines how much light the scope will capture. It also means the range of views will be wider. If you will be shooting in low-light conditions, you want a bigger lens diameter that will let enough light in for you to see clearly. Beware that a larger lens will also make your scope heavier so you shouldn’t get one if you don’t need it.
  • Magnification: if you will be targeting large objects less than 100m away, a 3x to 8x magnification is good enough. If you have smaller targets or have to shoot from a distance, a 12x to 20x magnification is good enough. Some riflescopes offer a wide range of magnification, usually 3x to 40x to be more versatile.
  • Reticle Design: also called crosshairs, this is the riflescopes aiming point. These visual marks help with targeting and focusing. The crosshair reticle is great for target shooting but not hunting. The duplex reticle is more common and very ideal for hunters. The mil-dot reticle is the best for long-range shooting and the ballistic reticle is used when you want to compensate for bullet drop. If you hunt in low light conditions, the illuminated reticle will be your best option.
  • Coating: reflected light is the biggest problem in light transmission for scopes. Up to 5% of the light in the surroundings can reflect on your glass and obstruct vision. Go for a riflescope that has been well coated with magnesium fluoride to avoid this. A multi-coated lens is the best option in the market.
  • Eye Relief: this is the distance you can hold your rifle and still see the full picture. We recommend larger eye relief for better viewing quality and safety for your eye.
  • Weatherproofing: you might be shooting in moist environments sometimes and you want your riflescope to be waterproof. Some options are also fog proof.

Now that you understand the specifications your riflescope needs to have to be effective to you, you will surely make the best possible decision when it’s time to purchase.

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Final Verdict

After purchasing a good service rifle, you have to spend a good amount of time and money selecting an excellent riflescope to match. Spending a lot of money on a good scope is warranted because it will enable you to enjoy the best shooting experience.

If you don’t have a big budget to splurge on a high-end scope, there are many high-quality options for a good price. We have listed a good range of riflescopes in this review. Whether your preference is durability, clear vision, or good night vision, we’re sure everyone can find an ideal choice on this detailed list.

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