Best IWB Holsters for Glock 26 Concealed Carry- 2024 Reviews

As a retired military man with over 10 years of experience around firearms and tactical gear, finding the right inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster for concealed carry is important to me. After trying out some of the most popular Glock 26 IWB holsters on the market for the past few months as my daily concealed carry, I’m breaking down the top options to help you make the best choice.

What to Look for in an IWB Holster for Glock 26?

When evaluating IWB holsters for the subcompact Glock 26 9mm pistol, there are a few key factors I prioritized:

Comfort – The holster needs to disappear against my body for all-day wear. Kydex or hybrid materials with sweat guards are ideal.

Concealment – As an IWB, it must keep my Glock 26 truly concealed without printing against clothing. Claw attachments and tuckable clips are key features.

Accessibility – I need to be able to smoothly and quickly when necessary. The right balance of retention and easy breakaway is crucial.

Durability – Military-grade construction that will hold up to daily use and abuse over the long term without failure or wearing out prematurely.

Retention – The holster must keep my Glock secured until I draw, requiring a purposeful motion to release, aided by an audible click upon re-holstering.

After evaluating seven top options hands-on, these IWB holsters stood out for optimizing those conceal carry must-haves.

Best Glock 26 concealed carry holster

Concealment Express Claw- best iwb holsters for glock 26


Concealment Express Claw- best iwb holsters for glock 26

This affordable all-Kydex pick checks all the boxes for an IWB concealed carry holster at an unbeatable value. The modular mounting options, precision molding for the G26, and claw attachment make this a go-to choice.

With adjustable retention and a full sweat guard to protect you from the heat and edges of the molded Kydex body, the value is incredible for the quality. I wore this holster extensively without any printing thanks to the built-in claw that uses the grip of your belt line to leverage concealed carry.

While some shooters may prefer a hybrid holster with leather or other materials, I loved the lightweight, durable, custom-fit Kydex construction. The edges do require some break-in to round and smooth, which aids long-term comfort as well. Outstanding modular design with customizable ride height, cant, and retention pressure.


  • Full sweat shield for comfort
  • Adjustable retention screw
  • Tuckable clip mounts
  • Built-in claw utilizes shirt to maximize concealment


  • Plain black design could use more personality
  • Edges may discomfort some users

IWB Gun Holster by Houston – best in the waistband holster for glock 26

IWB Gun Holster by Houston 

Crafted from luxuriously soft leather wrapped around a molded Kydex core, Houston’s ultra-comfortable IWB holster exceeds in all-day wearability for concealed carry.

This brilliant hybrid holster solves the comfort issues of hard Kydex by lining the full body mold with dreamy soft lambskin leather. The material quality exceeded my expectations with perfect custom cutouts hugging my G26. An extended sweat shield eliminates any skin irritation, although the leather does require significant break-ins to match your body shape.

With positive clicks announcing secured holstered carry, I can confidently carry this Houston holster ready for rapid deployment. My only note would be this picks up more bulk than a pure Kydex option. However, for prioritizing luxury comfort in an IWB holster, Houston delivers.


  • Ultra-soft lambskin leather
  • Full sweat shield protects skin
  • Audible retention lock click
  • Custom molded & cut for Glock 26


  • Bulkier than other IWB options
  • Long break-in period

CYA Supply Co. Base IWB Concealed Carry Holster

CYA Supply Co. Base IWB Concealed Carry Holster

Constructed rugged, abrasion, and heat-resistant Boltaron thermoplastic, CYA Supply Co’s adjustable IWB holster is built to last a lifetime of everyday carry.

I’m tough on gear, but this American-made IWB can handle abuse with the resilient Boltaron material that maintains integrity better than Kydex. The modular design enables mounting versatile flexible snap loops or C-Clips for ride height preferences. While sight rail and claw attachments cost extra, adding them optimized my concealed carry.

Smooth edges complement the molded precision, although I would prefer an extended sweat guard. With adjustable cant, ride depth, and screw-controlled retention, the complete customization bolsters CYA’s durability claims backed by a lifetime warranty. If you want a no-nonsense indestructible IWB holster made in the USA this is it.


  • Rugged, abrasion-resistant Boltaron thermoplastic
  • Adjustable cant, ride height, and retention
  • Made in USA with a lifetime warranty
  • Optional sight rail and claw attachments


  • Sweat guard could extend higher
  • Snap loops could use an upgrade

DeSantis Dual Carry II- Best Glock 26 holster

DeSantis Dual Carry II OWB and IWB Holster

Well-crafted from fine leather, this dual-slot IWB holster from DeSantis offers a premium heritage shooting experience perfect for the high noon carry position.

While unconventional, the innovative dual slot design offers excellent comfort and accessibility drawing from the straight high noon position behind the hip. The time-honored leatherwork adds class, with detailed contours hugging your waistline for a natural fit. I particularly appreciated the paddle-style loops offering customizable ride height and cant.

For all-day comfort drawing from a vertical orientation, DeSantis delivers with the Dual Carry II – an iconic heritage IWB design improved by quality modern leatherwork. Just don’t expect the maximum concealment or compact carry size of other IWB options tailored for appendix positioning.


  • Quality leather craftsmanship
  • Classic dual slot design
  • Comfortable contours
  • Good balance of retention vs. draw


  • Bulkier than pure Kydex options
  • Sweat guard could extend higher
  • No claw attachment limits concealment leverage


Compatible with Glock 19 Holster, IWB Kydex Holster

Compatible with Glock 19 Holster, IWB Kydex Holster

This low-cost IWB holster belies the quality construction, with tactical texturing and minimalist success concealing compact firearms like the Glock 26 – perfect for cost-conscious concealed carriers.

While ultra budget-friendly, nothing about this holster looks or feels cheap. The CNC precision kydex molding smooths draw motions while the grippy tac surface allows positive weapon control. A low-profile clip tucks discretely behind belts for low imprinting.

My only design nitpicks would be extending the sweat shield height and offering color variants to the basic matte black. However, over 2,000 flawless Amazon reviews confirm the optimal concealment ability of this surprising holster exceeding its paltry price point.

For an affordable starter or backup IWB holster that can rival premium models in low-profile concealment, Lirisy delivers admirably. The cost leaves a budget for ammo or upgrades like a claw attachment.


  • Tactical texture grip boosts drawing control
  • Rave reviews for optimal conceal
  • Low profile tuckable C-clip
  • Value pricing but quality components


  • Sweat guard could extend higher
  • Plain matte black aesthetic

Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster

Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster

With quality glove leather handcrafting and flawless heritage aesthetics, Outbags’ classic IWB revolver holster gets adapted to the subcompact Glock platform for stylish concealed carry with comfort.

While designed for single-action western revolvers, the Outbags heritage leather holster transitions admirably for semi-auto carry. The reinforced mouth aids smooth drawing while the thick leather breaks in against the body for a molded fit. The natural tan color and stitch stylings add serious cowboy flair.

With natural contouring and an audible click announcing secure carry, I appreciated the retention balancing rapid draw capability. Just prepare for some bulk from the heavy leather build along with a long break-in stage before this holster reaches its potential. For prioritizing Western heritage style a Glock IWB holster delivers.


  • Handcrafted thick premium leather
  • Classic western aesthetic
  • Light natural contouring
  • Audible retention click


  • Long break-in period
  • Bulkier than compact Kydex
  • Plain design


Cardini Leather IWB- Best holsters for Glock 26

Cardini Leather IWB Leather Holster With Clip

This Italian leather-crafted IWB holster slot delivers premium quality with a safety retention strap and moisture barrier lining that justifies the luxury pricing to protect your EDC investment.

With Italian vegetable-tanned leather handcrafted to perfection, the Cardini holster immediately impresses in materials exceeding standard leatherwork. The integrated Microban antimicrobial lining shields the premium leather while preventing sweat-related corrosion.

The fold-over bridge with snap retention strap adds security ensuring your weapon stays holstered during rigorous activity. While bulkier than a Kydex IWB, the smooth leather distributes weight evenly with quality consistent with the premium price tag.

For an heirloom grade Italian leather IWB holster overflowing with craftsmanship and protective duty-minded features, Cardini is my premium choice despite the lofty cost. Consider it a lifetime leatherwork investment for protecting your concealed carry asset.


  • Handcrafted Italian leather
  • Sweat-proof moisture barrier
  • Dynamic retention with safety strap
  • Classic dual carry slots


  • High end pricing
  • Bulkier than compact Kydex
  • Plain design lacks personality


How To Choose the Best IWB Concealed Carry Holster for Your Needs?

With plenty of options on the market catering to specific preferences and priorities, take stock of your key considerations when selecting an IWB holster for concealed carry of a compact pistol like the Glock 26.

I break down the major factors to evaluate below based on my years of experience carrying concealed:

Material & Construction – Kydex molded rigidity offers minimal bulk while premium leather distributes weight more naturally with proper molding. Hybrid designs strike an optimal balance. Prioritize sweat-proofing and longevity.

Comfort & Concealment – Extended sweat shields and curved design contours promote comfort while integrated clips, claws, and wedges maximize discreet carry. Flexible components conform better long-term.

Retention Method – Striking the ideal friction balance to secure your weapon while enabling smooth rapid draw takes precision design. Audible clicks upon holstering build confidence.

Positioning & Cant – Appendix positions need compact streamlined designs with grip clearance while a strong side behind the hip allows more flexibility depending on draw preference.

Customization – Removable parts like swappable clips and mounting components allow adjusting ride depth and angle for personalized fit. Screw-controlled retention is key for security fine-tuning.

With the right pairing factoring in your body type, typical clothing, comfort preferences, and durability requirements, an IWB holster properly equips everyday concealed carry or backup needs on protective duty. Testing options extensively against your lifestyle helps determine the best IWB holster companion.

Why I Recommend IWB Holsters for Concealed Carry Duty & EDC?

Compared to OWB (outside the waistband) holster carry, IWB models excel for concealment purposes with the right cover garments. IWBs leverage your pant waistband and belt to shield imprinting above clothes far more discretely while leaving no exposed components.

The inner body position also promotes accessing your weapon rapidly from concealment for defensive readiness. An IWB holster tucks tightly and securely against the body mechanics better facilitating discreet carry for protective duty needs or civilian concealed carry compared to OWB options.

For EDC I vastly prefer IWB to OWB carry for the concealability advantages permitting accessorizing a defensive firearm for personal protection virtually invisibly. With practice, IWB holsters enable smooth draw motions from concealment holstering inside pants, achieving fast deployment from hidden carry.

While OWB models feature more openly on uniformed officers, concealed carry operators overwhelming favor IWB holsters for discretion and draw efficiency advantages when your weapon must stay fully hidden from sight.

Best Positions for IWB Carry of Subcompact Glock 26

The compact Glock 26 semi-auto Pistol affords versatile carry options compared to full-size duty pistols. For IWB concealed carry, I recommend considering these positions optimized for comfort and concealment:

Appendix Inside Waistband (AIWB) – Centered forward of the hip point halfway between the belt buckle and groin offers quick access from a natural standing draw position and facilitates concealing compact firearms grip. Watch for barrel length and muzzle position.

Strong Side Hip – The classic 3-4 o’clock (right hip for right-handed draw) or 7-8 o’clock posterior to left hip balances comfort and retention while enabling an arm sweep draw requiring just a slight muzzle pivot to target.

Small of Back – Centered horizontally on the lower spine puts the compact Glock 26 within easy seated reach while the spine shields almost all imprinting. Just limit bending that digs the weapon into you.

Ankle Holster – Securing your backup Glock to an ankle mount maintains accessible tertiary storage that’s easy to conceal under straight-leg pants. Just practice drawing mechanics requiring bending or kneeling on the opposite knee.

Appendix carry has grown exponentially in popularity among civilian EDC operators for the excellent balance of comfort, concealment, and draw speed potential. Just ensure your muzzle clears the femoral artery path during draw motions.

A Glock 26 allows flexible carry placement, factoring clothing fit, routine motions, and retention preferences to help determine your ideal carry location. Adjustable IWB holsters permit tweaking depth, and ride height, and can’t zero in on personal perfection.

Why The Glock 26 Reigns As An Ideal Subcompact CCW & Backup Option?

While single stack 9mms like the wildly popular Glock 43 now dominate the concealed carry market, many operators still appreciate the balancing act of the G26. Marrying compact size, ergonomic grip, and 10+1 9mm capacity in a versatile platform, it retains supreme relevance today.

The Glock 26 successfully miniaturized their G19 platform cutting height for concealment while retaining near-full grip usability. The versatile subcompact shoots smoothly as a training analog for larger-duty Glocks while permitting discreet carry. This continuity of training transfers seamlessly when transitioning to service G17/G19 duty pistols.

While advancing the smallest 9mm single stacks now significantly undercut it in concealability, I still appreciate the boosted capacity advantage of Glock’s 10+1 subcompact for EDC flexibility. The G43X and G48 may boast better hiding potential but sacrifice shots on tap.

While the slim competition closes ground, the proven Glock 26 design DNA keeps it firmly positioned as among the best-balanced subcompact 9mm handguns available for concealed carry needs both primary and backup while also adapting for home defense or training economy.

Final Thoughts

Choosing an inside-the-waistband holster that checks all the boxes for your specific concealed carry needs and lifestyle ensures safe, accessible, discreet everyday carry. With incredible varieties and options in today’s market, testing candidate IWB holsters against your routine desired accessibility, body type, and clothing fit will determine the best pair for you.

IWB holsters retain pronounced advantages keeping your defensive firearm or backup discretely at the ready without limiting comfort, accessibility, and breakaway draw potential. Advancements in concealment refinement through integrated clips, claws, and wedges further enhance an IWB’s capability to slip unseen against clothing.

While tiny single-stack 9mms may now define the concealed carry market, I still appreciate the versatility and balance of Glock’s venerable G26 subcompact pistol for EDC duties with the right IWB holster minimizing imprinting. This keeps it firmly still relevant against today’s increasing micro 9mm options.

With custom Kydex molding and premium leather alike making large strides in perfecting comfort, retention adjustability, and concealment advantages, an IWB holster ideally equips everyday concealed carry when an OWB open holster simply won’t do. Hopefully breaking down what to evaluate helps you determine your personal best IWB holster companion for carrying a G26.

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