Best Holster for the Springfield XD 9mm Sub-Compact (4 inch)

I recently purchased a Springfield XD 9mm Sub-Compact for concealed carry and wanted to find the best holster for it. After doing some research, I decided to try out three different holsters: Amberide IWB KYDEX Holster, Springfield Sub-Compact Waistband Holster, Premium Leather Three Slot Pancake, and  Cardini Leather IWB Holster.

After using each holster a few times, here is my review of each one and which one ultimately worked best for me.

The Criteria Used to Select a Holster

When it comes to selecting the right holster, there are several criteria that I look for.

1: Comfort: Holsters should be comfortable to wear. I need something that doesn’t dig in or irritate my skin when I’m wearing it all day.

2: Security: The holster has to provide a secure fit. It needs to hold the pistol firmly against my body and make sure it cannot come loose during any activity.

3: Durability: The holster needs to be made of high-quality material that will last a long time. I’m not looking for something that falls apart after just a few uses.

4: Accessibility: It should allow me to quickly and efficiently draw my pistol in order to respond to any situation.

Top 4 Best Holsters for the Springfield XD 9mm Sub-Compact

Here is the comparison table of the holsters:

Amberide IWB KYDEX HolsterKYDEXIWBSpringfield XD Sub-Compact 9mm4.5 stars
Springfield Sub-Compact Waistband HolsterUnknownWaistbandSpringfield XD Sub-Compact 9mm4.0 stars

Premium Leather Three Slot Pancake

LeatherBeltsSpringfield XD Sub-Compact 9mm5 stars
Cardini Leather IWB HolsterLeatherIWBSpringfield XD Sub-Compact 9mm4.6 stars


Amberide IWB KYDEX Holster for Springfield XD Sub-Compact 9mm

I recently purchased the Amberide IWB KYDEX Holster for Springfield XD Sub-Compact 9mm, and I wanted to provide a review of my experience with this product. After reading customer reviews and conducting some research, I felt confident that this would be the best holster for me.

The holster itself is made from KYDEX, a thermoplastic material that is lightweight yet extremely durable. It fits snugly on my belt and has an adjustable retention system so I can adjust it to fit just right. The trigger guard is well protected by an additional layer of material, which prevents accidental discharge when holstering or unholstering the gun.

The construction quality of the holster is excellent; all the edges are smooth and rounded with no sharp corners that might snag clothing. The hardware used looks robust and should last many years with proper care. There’s also plenty of room at the bottom for a magazine pouch if desired, which makes reloads much faster in emergency situations.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase of the Amberide IWB KYDEX Holster for Springfield XD Sub-Compact 9mm. It provides a secure hold on my belt while providing easy access to my firearm when needed.


  • The holster is made from a lightweight yet durable material.
  • An adjustable retention system ensures the gun stays secure while holstered.
  • The trigger guard is well protected with an additional layer of material to prevent accidental discharge.
  • Edge construction is smooth and rounded with no sharp corners for inadvertently snagging clothing.
  • The hardware looks robust, providing long-lasting durability.
  • Plenty of room at the bottom for a magazine pouch if desired.

Cons: The only con that I can think of is that some people may find it difficult to draw the gun quickly due to the tight fit of the holster.  

Springfield XD Subcompact 9mm Holster 4 inch

I recently purchased the Springfield XD Subcompact 9mm Holster, and here is my review based on customer reviews and my personal experience. The holster itself is made of high-quality materials and features adjustable tension screws. It has a slim profile and works perfectly with both right-handed and left-handed users.

The belt clip fits well to most belts without any issues. In terms of comfort, this holster fits snugly against the body for optimum concealment. Its open top facilitates the quick draw of your pistol in the event of an emergency. Additionally, it comes with an optional magazine pouch so you can have quick access to extra ammo when needed.

As far as customer reviews go, it appears that people are generally satisfied with the performance of this holster. Many customers commented on how durable this holster is due to its strong construction and well-made materials. Furthermore, many praised its comfortable fit which allows for easy concealment and fast drawing ability. In terms of my personal experience, I found the holster worked well for me straight out of the box – no adjustments were necessary as I was able to adjust tension screws to my desired level.

The belt clip stayed secure even during running or other physical activities I did while wearing it. Furthermore, being lightweight makes it suitable for all-day wear under different clothing situations. Overall, I am extremely pleased with my purchase from Springfield XD Subcompact 9mm Holster and highly recommend it to anyone who needs a reliable concealed carry option or wants a belt holster for their handgun for quick draws in emergencies.


  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Has adjustable tension screws
  • Slim profile fits both right-handed and left-handed users
  • Comfortable fit for optimum concealment
  • Optional magazine pouch for quick access to extra ammo
  • Durable construction and well-made materials
  • Fast drawing ability in emergencies


  • May not fit as snugly on larger belts, depending on your size.

Premium Leather Three Slot Pancake Concealed Carry Holster 

I recently purchased a Springfield Sub-Compact Pancake Holster for my XD Sub-Compact 9mm pistol and I must say that it is beyond what I expected. The holster fits my gun like a glove, and the retention is just perfect. It also provides a great draw from concealment – simply pull up on the trigger guard and it comes out easily. The holster is designed to be worn either inside or outside the waistband and can be adjusted for a comfortable fit.

The construction of the holster is top-notch, with quality materials like heavy-duty leather that stands up to wear and tear. It also has nice details, such as reinforced stitching at stress points and a double-sided sweat guard to keep my gun dry in any situation. I also like the cant and height adjustment, which let me customize the holster for optimal concealment.

All in all, this is an excellent choice if you are looking for a comfortable, secure, and well-made holster for your XD Sub-Compact 9mm pistol. The quality and craftsmanship are outstanding, and the price is more than reasonable.

Write some pros and cons for readers who make a decision to purchase

this holster


• Excellent retention and draw from concealment.

• Well-made with quality materials like heavy-duty leather.

• Reinforced stitching at stress points.

• Double-sided sweat guard to keep gun dry in any situation.

• Cant and height adjustment for a personalized fit.

• Very reasonable price.


• May require some break-in time before the holster is broken in.

• Not suitable for larger firearms.

• Not ambidextrous, only available to fit select guns from the same manufacturer.

Cardini Leather USA – IWB Ultra Soft Leather Gun Holster

After researching and trying out several holsters for my Springfield XD Sub-Compact 9mm, I settled on the Cardini Leather IWB Holster. After using it for some time now, I can honestly say that this is one of the best holsters available.

The holster is made from genuine leather which provides a comfortable and secure fit. The design is also highly adjustable, allowing for the user to customize the holster for a perfect fit. I found that this made it easier to find and draw my weapon quickly and efficiently.

The holster also comes with adjustable retention screws which allow you to adjust the tightness of the holster between draws. This was extremely useful for me, as it allowed me to quickly and easily adjust the retention of my weapon depending on what situation I was in. Additionally, the holster also comes with a sweat guard which helps keep your firearm dry and comfortable when you carry it.

As for customer reviews, the Cardini Leather IWB Holster has mostly positive reviews. Customers have praised its adjustable retention screws, sweat guard, and overall design. Many also state that it is comfortable to wear, even when sitting down for long periods of time.


– Made from genuine leather for a comfortable and secure fit.

– Highly adjustable design for a perfect fit.

– Adjustable retention screws for customizing the tightness of the holster between draws.

– Comes with a sweat guard to keep your firearm dry and comfortable.

– Generally well-received by customers with mostly positive reviews.


– Not compatible with some firearms.

– No belt clip, which may make it uncomfortable for some people to carry.

– Can be difficult to reholster the firearm quickly and efficiently due to its snug fit.


In conclusion, after carefully analyzing each holster based on its features such as material quality, ease of use, comfort level, appropriate fitment, functionality, durability, and concealability; I’ve chosen Amberide IWB KYDEX Holster as my recommended pick when carrying a Springfield XD 9mm Sub-Compact. Each product listed has unique advantages suited for different lifestyles or situations so take some time to consider what works best for you before committing to buying one.

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