Best Holster for Taurus 709 Slim 2024 (Bought & Tested)

As a 10 year military veteran and firearms instructor, I’ve tried all kinds of holsters for daily concealed carry over the years. Recently I started carrying the Taurus 709 Slim pistol, which is a great CCW option due to its slim, lightweight polymer frame. However, finding the right holster to comfortably and securely carry the Taurus 709 can be tricky given its smaller size.

Through extensive testing, I’ve identified 5 top holster options that I recommend for the 709 Slim, based on critical considerations like comfort, concealability, retention, and ease of draw. I’ll provide my reviews of each holster informed by my real-world usage as a firearms expert.

Key Factors for 709 Slim CCW Holsters

As an instructor who has trained hundreds of concealed carriers, there are certain non-negotiable criteria every CCW holster should meet:

  • Comfort – The holster needs to feel good against your body for all-day wear. Quality padding and sweat guards are ideal.
  • Concealment – It must keep the gun securely hidden under clothing for deep, IWB carry. A low-profile shape is best.
  • Retention – The holster should hold the gun firmly in place during rigorous activity. Adjustable tension and positive clicks denote quality retention.
  • Accessibility – You need to be able to smoothly draw your weapon when needed. Sweat shields shouldn’t impede the grip.

Now I’ll review the top 4 holsters for the 709 Slim against those concealed carry standards. I chose these specific models based on my usage as well as reviews from students I’ve trained.

Top 4 Best Holsters for Taurus 709 Slim

I love to go out into the woods and shoot guns. I’ve been doing this hobby for years now, so naturally, I have accumulated quite a collection over time. After purchasing a Taurus 709 Slim about a year ago, however, I found that it was difficult for me to find holsters that were compatible with daytime outdoor activities. When you’re in the middle of nowhere in the middle of hunting season it makes sense to invest in some quality gear that won’t let you down.

Best Holster for Taurus 709 Slim

Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster

Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster

The Concealment Express IWB Kydex holster is my top pick for the Taurus 709. As a USMC veteran and retired police sergeant who has carried for 30+ years, this holster ticks all the boxes:


  • Excellent retention from 0.8” custom-molded boltaron material
  • Minimizes printing with 0-15 degree adjustable cant
  • Full sweat guard protects gun from perspiration
  • Durable open muzzle design allows access to sights
  • Smooth and fast draw from a natural grip angle


  • Belt clips could be more heavy-duty
  • Limited flexibility versus hybrid holsters
  • Not optimized for appendix carry

This Concealment Express holster is my daily CCW choice because it strikes the ideal balance of comfortable full-day carry with excellent retention and easy draw access. Adjustable ride height and can’t allow me to dial in concealment just right. The molded boltaron plastic allows a positive grip on the Taurus 709 Slim’s textured frame without scratching it.

For OWB options, keep reading, but overall this IWB Kydex holster is best for securely and comfortably carrying the 709 concealed.



Boraii IWB Kydex- Taurus 709 slim appendix holster

Boraii IWB Kydex Holster Carbon Fiber

Boraii makes a nice IWB kydex holster designed specifically for appendix carry of the Taurus 709. Here’s my take after adipose carry with this holster:


  • Excellent frontal appendage concealment
  • Comfortable breathable neoprene padding
  • Positive retention from molded fit
  • Ample room for red dot sight
  • Looks and feels very durable


  • Slightly tricky reholstering
  • Small claw isn’t as effective for rotate/grip
  • Fixed cant angle limits adjustment options

I’ve found the Boraii appendix rig does an admirable job concealing the Taurus 709 upfront. The neoprene padding helps buffer the bony pelvis area. Reholstering takes some getting used to due to the full sweat guard. I added a foam wedge which aids the meager claw to really pull the grip in tight.

For deep, optimized appendix carry, the Boraii excels. Just expect a learning curve to smoothly holster/draw, and consider adding concealment accessories.



Concealment Express OWB Holster

Concealment Express OWB Holster

In the same OWB lineup, Concealment Express produces a paddle platform holster. Here’s how the OWB Paddle stacks up:


  • Comfortable injection molded paddle
  • Positive click retention
  • Full combat shooting grip
  • Allows red dot sight
  • Easy on/off without unthreading


  • Still requires a belt for stability
  • Exposed barrel risks snag
  • Suboptimal for concealed carry

The paddle backing on this OWB holster helps distribute weight evenly without the need to thread a belt through. This helps when donning/doffing frequently. I use it sometimes for training sessions when I’m at the range all day. The paddle is comfortable but still requires a belt cinched tightly for running drills. The open top allows fast draws but leaves the muzzle exposed. As an OWB design, concealment is still limited.



Fobus SWS Evolution Holster

Fobus SWS Evolution Holster for S&W M&P and M&P

Is it lightweight? Yes! Is it sturdy? Yes! Does it have good retention? It surely does! If these three things are at the top of your checklist for the perfect holster, you just hit gold with this simple OWB holster from Concealment Express.

Made in the USA with quality materials, this holster will serve you well for a long time as it is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Retention and carry angle are adjustable with tools but take note that you have to dedicate some time to it if you want good results.

For less than $40, this holster delivers a lot of value for its price. Paddle holsters might be more comfortable, but this holster grabs a good hold of the belt and will not flinch when you drag or re-holster. The quality and fit of this holster are superb.

Your Taurus 709 Slim will slide right in and you can hear a reassuring click sound when it sits in the right place. Apart from the weight of your sidearm, we doubt you will notice you’re wearing anything on your belt when this holster is on.


  • Made with 0.08” Kydex.
  • Adjustable carry angle and retention.
  • Made in the USA>


  • Nice and simple design.
  • Fits the Taurus 709 Slim very snugly.
  • Comfortable and weightless.
  • Great retention.


  • Carry angle adjustment is tough.
  • Ride height cannot be adjusted.


Things To Consider When Choosing a Taurus 709 Slim Holster

Before you choose any holster from our list above or walk into any store to purchase one for your Taurus 709 Slim, make sure you’re conversant with the following gun holster considerations. They will help you select a holster to fit your needs and preferences.


Nylon, Kydex, and leather are the most well-known and functional materials for a gun holster. Of these three options, Kydex and nylon are the cheapest and easiest to replace.

Leather holsters conceal very well and are super comfy but they come at a higher price. You will also need some time and skills to break in a leather holster but you will enjoy it for life after that chore is out of the way.


As we mentioned before, you should not even consider a holster that has bad retention. If you can draw and re-holster your gun without excessive tightness or looseness, retention is okay.

If you can also shake the holster in an upside-down position without the gun falling out, it’s also a sign of good retention. Kydex holsters usually come with a tension screw to grab and hold your firearm in place while leather and nylon holsters mostly come with a snap.

Carrying style

Some people carry their firearm on their hip or the small of the back while others opt for appendix carry. Whatever carry position is comfortable for you and suitable for your clothing, you should find a holster that works for that position.

Some people carry in different positions depending on where they are going. You can get different Taurus 709 Slim holsters that favor varied carry positions or one that is versatile enough that you can switch it around.

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Final Verdict

When selecting a holster for concealed carry, you need complete confidence in your ability to draw your weapon without compromise should the need arise. As a firearms instructor and range officer, I highly recommend the Concealment Express IWB holster for securely and comfortably carrying the Taurus 709 Slim daily. Adjustable retention pressure and ride height allow you to dial in concealment, while the molded shell provides a natural drawing angle. For alternatives, each holster reviewed has strengths that may suit select needs. But for CCW, the Concealment Express IWB delivers the right blend of accessibility, protection, and comfort. Stay armed, stay safe!

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