Best Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle 2023 (Cheap & High Quality)

A lot of factors go into winning an airsoft battle. You may argue that having great skills and a coordinated team attack will always give you the edge. Or even think of superior positioning as the best that makes you hit your opponents hard and ultimately win the battle. All good, but that’s not all. You’d be deceiving yourself to take skills and tactics as the only route to victory in airsoft battles. Take it or leave it. The gun you carry has more than little to do in aiding your airsoft outrage. A great airsoft gun could be the difference between victory and defeat, especially if you are playing it out with an enemy that matches you in skills.

There are tons of proclaimed fun-to-shoot airguns to pick up for your game. Getting a high high-performing one isn’t about what the manufacturer says. If you don’t have a good eye for one, you can fall flat for some nancy-fancy marketing words. Buying an airsoft gun can and will mostly be a thing of preference. Experienced airsoft craving ultimate realism knows exactly where and what to look into. This article isn’t about the best airsoft guns. Rather, the best gas blowback airsoft guns. Meaning this article is meant for any airsofter ready to experience a world of difference in their airsoft adventures. Does that sound like you? Welcome on board.

Let’s take a closer look. Why is a gas blowback airsoft rifle unique? You will find out in a moment.

What Does a Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle Means?

It’s common knowledge that airsoft guns are replica firearms that discharge plastic BBs in a similar way that real firearms discharge bullets. In the case of regular airsoft guns, you can easily identify and differentiate a real firearm from airsoft. However, for high-quality soft rifles, the aesthetic, dimension, and shapes are so identical that it takes only a trained eye to say which is which.

Difference Between Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifles and Regular Airsoft Rifles

The battle AEG (Automatic Electric Guns) Vs GBBR (Gas Blowback Rifles) is likely to end not anytime soon. This age-long battle isn’t our focus right now. It may be, sometimes in the future. There’s still a third family in the class called the Spring-Powered guns. Just for the sake of mentioning, here is a simplistic summary of what separates these trio combatant weapons.

  • AEG (Automatic Electric Guns): Suitable for all skill levels airsofters

AEG Stands for Automatic Electric Gun. They are battery powered and need to be recharged and consequently replaced after some while. Think of AEG as a full assault rifle, capable of firing off multiple rounds with the single pull of a trigger. Thanks to the motor in its gearbox.

  • Spring-Powered Guns (Not Automatic): Ideal for beginners and casual players

Spring-powered guns are the most affordable and maintenance-friendly amidst the lot. SPG uses a spring to propel the BB out of the barrel. Meaning, there’s no automatic shot like AEG, you must reset after every shot.

  • Gas Blowback Rifle: The real deal for immersive gamers

A gas blowback rifle is quite a fun and different system compared to other airsoft gun types. Most airsoft that uses it usually tell a common story. ” it gives the most realistic experience”. Realism, a reason why it’s the go-to weapon for the real airsoft geek.

As the name implies, Gas-powered guns operate on gas. That is, gas is used to lead the pellet down the barrel of the gun at the pull of the trigger. A gas-powered airsoft rifle can produce the recoiling sensation that’s typical of a real firearm. This is called blowback. All airsoft guns we reviewed in this article are not just gas-powered. Also, they are handpicked not because of their blowback effects alone. Quality, aesthetics, performance, and user experience are among the factors that bring them onto our list.

For the benefit of airsofters looking for that specific features (Blowback). We’ve taken care of other possible areas of interest that may in the long or short run make your investment not worth it. You can never go wrong by picking any of the products in this guide. Otherwise, you can use the guide below to make a decision when you come across other products.

Top Picks For The Best Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle

We are going to explore the top brands of airsoft rifles. Gas blowback vs electric is a big decision, but it’s important that you choose one that will meet your needs adequately. I’ll help add clarity here by listing several models and describing how they stack up against one another so that as a consumer you can make an informed choice about which one you want to purchase.

I am going to help you find the Best Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle that meets your needs. I have tested them and created a list for those who are looking for a new weapon.

Best Gas Airsoft Rifle

Crosman Dpms- Gas Power Airsoft Guns

Crosman Dpms- Gas Power Airsoft Guns

ModelTactical Short Barrel Rifle
Power Source2 X 12-Gram Co2 Cartridges
Firing Mode (Action)Full-auto & Semi-Auto
Construction MaterialSynthetic polymer frame & Metallic Moving parts
CalibreBB 4.5mm steel (0.177)
Magazine Capacity25 rounds drop-free magazine
Muzzle Velocity430 FPS
Rail System:Quad Rail forearm for accessory mounting
Length26.9″ in. / 30.4″ in. (Folded / Extended)
Weight6.5 lbs.

You will get little to nothing to complain about this short barrel rifle when plinking and taking out your target. Its speed loader is designed to make loading a breeze. The active red dot sights on your target will make it a more decent addition to your airsoft battle ware. The speed loader comes in handy as you go through the magazine quickly and you’d appreciate it more when you have to reload in the middle of a firefight. If you want to dive into full tactical action, grab this Crosman babe and start mowing down targets.

Licensed and stamped. The Crosman DPMS Full Auto SBR CO2-Powered BB Air Rifle is a giver for joy for airsofting enthusiasts. This blowback rifle unequivocally speaks at a superb 1400 rounds in a minute, bolstering a blistering 430 fps. Powered by 2 outstanding 12-gram Co2 cartridges inside a 25-round detachable magazine. You are forever at liberty to choose what shooting style suits your game. Either you select the full or semi-auto capability, you will always be equipped to shoot at full range. Thanks to its dual-action shooting selector.

Crosman DPMS Full Auto SBR shoots .177 BBs in either semi or full mode. While in semiautomatic mode, you can expect a single CO2 cartridge to last you 3-4 mags. If you want to go gusto with full-auto, get ready to replace after your first 2 mags. The realism function and value of this rifle are likely to be unmatched with any rifle in this price range. You will spend more to get any airgun better than this from the market.

Shall we talk about the blowback? How close is it closes to a real firearm? The recoil force will make you ever set and alert. You’ve got to stand strong to stand that recoil. Also, the realistic weight makes it a tool for the pro. With beginners, it may drag their game with it.

Take a look at the buttstock, it’s impressively 6-point adjustable. You can easily adjust your SBR to your exact fit from the rear stock and get the needed support to move your gun freely with the hand rest on the foregrip.

Want to bring in more accessories with you? The s Crosman DPMS Full Auto SBR Quad rail offers players endless mounting opportunities for their pistol grips l, flashlight, laser sights, and other accessories. Right out of the box, you get a rifle-ready removable pop-sight to start shooting right away, an adjustable rear sight, and a thumb selector style to ensure proper handling and safety. Each contains 1 magazine, a BBs speed loader.

Final Verdict

Crosman has done a great deal of job on this unique unit. To such an extent that most users consider this the most valuable gun from their collections. It is packed with a shock load of blistering specs that will make any shooter smile. Pick it up and take your game to the next level.


  • Realistic weight and function balanced like a real steal
  • Quick and snappy fire rate
  • Easy to load cycles speed loader
  • ultra-realistic M4 rifle firing experience
  • The compact SBR (short barrel rifle) setup is lightweight and agile,


  • Speedloaders in some models are not very durable.
  • Too loud to be backyard friendly
  • The rear buttstock is not compatible with the AR platform


Crosman CFAR1X- best gbb airsoft rifle

Crosman CFAR1X- best gbb airsoft rifle

ModelTactical BB Rifle
Power Source2 X 12-Gram Co2 Cartridges
Firing Mode (Action)Semiautomatic/Full-auto
Construction MaterialSynthetic polymer Plastic
Calibre.177″ (4.5mm) BBs
Magazine Capacity25 rounds drop-out magazine
Muzzle Velocity430 FPS
Rail System:Weaver/Picatinny
Length29.13 inches
Weight:6.0 lbs.

Crossman does a great job when it comes to its line of full-auto BB CO2 airgun products. The full-auto line of products is all fun to shoot and widely popular. If the DPSM SBR is already making you crazy, you’d better be ready for a crazier rifle. They’ve done it again in this full-auto BB slinger.

As a successor to the Crosman DPMS Full Auto SBR and Crosman bushmaster, the Crosman CFAR1X Full Auto R1 rifle will help you take out targets, explode tin cans, and shed papers while giving more excitement than its great predecessors. Beyond most full-auto BB air rifles that get you into full action, the Crosman CFAR1X Full Auto R1 rifle will give you more joy at hand as you spray and pray in action.

At head-spinning rounds up to 1400 per minute, this full-auto rifle slings out BBs at up to 430 fps. Thanks to a 25 rounds drop-free magazine. With its AR compatibility, you can easily control functionality and start decimating any can, mowing down bottles, and opponent that gets in your way.

Outfitted with a red dot sight and a flat dark colorway, the Crosman CFAR1X Full Auto R1 rifle is built for serious gamers. The presence of a speed loader is another upside. You’ll spend less time reloading and more time shooting. Just make sure to get enough BBs along, because you’d never want to put down this sidekick.

Featuring a Picatinny rail, you can introduce a wide range of accessories flashlights, scope, bipods, and more on the handguard. You can also customize your favorite AR-compatible grip. Be it with the pistol grip or how better you’d prefer it.  The buttstock is adjustable to 6 different positions. You’ll always get that befitting length and fit to pull your trigger at will and by will. Your opponents will never have a chance.

Final Verdict

With the realistic weight, blowback operation, magazine function, and convincing operation, this product are the closest you can get to the real gunpowder steels. If you already know about the powder-burning AR compatible guns and looking for an entry model to start kicking ass, you will find a jaw-dropping performance in this replica steel.


  • Accuracy is a bit better with heavier lead BBs
  • The weight and size is great for skill development, training, and fun
  • Crosman is giving a portion of the proceeds to the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation
  • Color highlights to add an exciting and patriotic look


  • The polymer construction and finish is a bit rough around the edges
  • The red dot sight included is very low


Sig Sauer MPX .177 Cal CO2 Powered SIG20R

Sig Sauer MPX .177 Cal CO2 Powered SIG20R

ModelRifled barrel
Power SourcePatented CO2 Cartridge System
Firing Mode (Action)Semiautomatic
Construction MaterialMetal frame, Alloy Steel Barrel,  Aluminum Handguard
Calibre.177″ (4.5mm) BBs
Magazine Capacity30 rounds magazine
Muzzle VelocityUp to 575 FPS
Rail SystemIntegral Weaver/Picatinny Optics Rail/Accessory Rail
Length31 inches
Weight:2.2 lbs.

Looking for the perfect air rifle you can use for plinking and target practice? Sig Sauer MPX .177 Cal CO2 Powered SIG20R rifle is one of the few air rifles that’s perfect for your need. Sig Sauer firearm is a licensed firearm manufacturing company and this particular pellet gun was designed to give users a quite similar experience to its firearm big brother. Sig Sauer engineers embellished this with the same specs. The feel, balance, and weight are well-duplicated to produce a transformed version of their real MPX collection.

Many airgun manufacturers are in the market for just business. This isn’t only the case for Sig Sauer. Sig Sauer is a real firearm manufacturer. Thus, they translate the hot Sig Sauer MPX centrefire into a semi-automatic airsoft rifle.

This CO2-powered airgun delivers 30 rounds of rapid-firing, simulating the performance of the original Sig MPX centrefire. Housed in a complete metallic build, the magazine, the pistol grip, and the stock are made of premium quality polymer. A sturdy and durable metal housing that guarantees a longer life of action. Sig Sauer MPX Air Rifle is chambered in a .177 pellet and has a muzzle velocity of approximately 600 fps. The velocity is uncommon to most CO2-powered guns.

With any semi auto-repeater C02 gun, grittiness is to a large extent inevitable. This is due to their double-action trigger which is quite heavy and long. What differentiates Sig Sauer MPX Air Rifle is the amazingly smooth trigger system. The mechanism lacks the sloppiness present in many semi-auto airguns. Theirs is also a great red dot combo with a tactile power button and brightness adjustment, providing for a more exceptional sight picture.

Laid out in a patented Roto belt magazine design, Sig Sauer equipped this with a 30 round magazine. You can easily reload the magazine and slips it backs in position without a jam. By practice, the effective distance of Sig Sauer MPX Air Rifle is around 25 yards.

This product will not cut you short on accessories. It features a unique sig-specific attachment system. It comes with two distinct Picatinny rails. On the top is a 14-inch full-length rail that allows mounting your optics and more. The bottom Picatinny rial has a finger stop attached. There’s is a safety selector located just above your thumb with the charging handle positioned on top. You can use it to reset your valve after changing your CO2 canisters.

Final Verdict

Maybe you are interested in protecting your home or just want to practice with it, the … put so much realism at your hand that you can make you handle a real firearm with confidence and skill. Matched to the original model weight, Sig Sauer MPX Air Rifle may be somewhat tricky to handle for airsofters that are used to lightweight guns. Sig Sauer is designed to let you put more tactical performance into your practice, which you may not find in cheaply made airguns.


  • Very realistic and Great training tool
  • perfect and worked decently enough to enthusiast standards.
  • Many users have been thrilled with the quality and performance.


  • During rapid firing and then stopping, the gun tends to jam due to the design of the magazine system.
  • Below the company’s claims of 750 fps


Elite Force Hk Heckler & Koch Ump- Best Green Gas Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Elite Force Hk Heckler & Koch Ump- Best Gas Airsoft Sniper Rifle

ModelRifled barrel
Power SourceGreen Gas-Powered
Firing Mode (Action)Semi/Auto/Two round burst firing modes
Construction MaterialPolymer Receiver, Metal RIS, Barrel, Internals
Calibre.2″ (6 mm) BBs
Magazine Capacity30th gas magazine
Muzzle VelocityUp to 360 fps
Rail System:Metal Picatinny rail integration system (RIS)
Length18.5″ in. / 27.5″ in. (Folded / Extended)
Weight:5 lbs.

Elite Force HK Heckler & Koch UMP Automatic 6mm BB Rifle airsoft gun from Elite force.  Germany airgun conglomerate of HK (Heckler & Koch UMP) that takes care of the airsoft aspect of their business. HK (Heckler & Koch UMP) is a world-renowned German military defense manufacturer that specializes in the production of sexy guns and military weapons. On the other hand, Elite Force specializes in the production of replica airsoft guns and they hold some of the best names when it comes to detailed licensed airsoft replicas. Elite Force HK Heckler & Koch UMP Automatic 6mm BB Rifle is one of their impressive handcraft, a high-end green gas-powered airsoft gun.

Every feature about this gun screams German engineering loud. The skeletonized folding stock of this gun is another aspect of the gun that pops. The well-thought-out stock should sit comfortably in anyone’s arm. With or without armor, it has the ideal length of pull that reduces the rifle’s overall length by nearly 10 inches. Making it incredibly stable and maneuverable in tight corners during your airsoft battles.

While most select-fire rifles come with 3 standard options (Full-auto, semi-auto and safe), its selector mode features a fourth option called the 2-short burst. A unique selection that allows you to double-tap your opponents to your heart’s content. Elite Force HK Heckler & Koch UMP Air Rifle fires 6mm BBs at 360 feet per second.

This exquisite gas blowback rifle is constructed with an impressive high-strength polymer body to give the impression of a real gun. The all-metal internal body makes it a durable and versatile airsoft rifle.

The most noticeable feature that stands out in the UK is the magazine. The length is very usual in airsoft guns. The mag can hold an incredible can of green gas and 30 rounds of 6mm BBs. You are likely not to run out of gas before BBs, unlike other select-fire airsoft guns. What this means is that you can pick up some extra BBs while still at it. Not time for the fun to die.

Featuring a full metal Picatinny rail system that gives you the flexibility of attaching your favorite rifle accessories like optics, flash, scopes, magnifiers, etc. Thanks to a combined rail space of more than 18 inches. As usual, the recoil and blowback are there to take the already realistic rifle experience to the next level.

Without introducing any tool, the rear sight of the gun is fully adjustable for elevation. It comes with dual apertures, the ghost ring aperture, and the notch rear aperture that allow the shooter to have the benefit of parallax-free red dot sights.

Final Verdict

This gun has minimal moving parts. Thus easily serviceable and simple to maintain. You can Strip it apart into its three basic components. These intuitive additions give airsofters the flexibility to do the unusual while on the playfield. Cleans your gun quickly and get back to action. Perhaps you have a cause to do so, you’ll never need to take your entire rifle into parts while you are at it.


  • The recoil and cyclic rate is stout and satisfying
  • Field stripping and cleaning your gun is super easy
  • Automatically double-tapping people for you; More fun
  • The ultra-intuitive paddle magazine release
  • Ambidextrous Design


  • The paddle magazine release is slower than the free drop
  • The selector switch feels a little tight and is also made of plastic.


Umarex Steel-Strike- Best gas airsoft sniper rifle on the market

Umarex Steel-Strike BB Gun Air Rifle

For the fan of big numbers and endless fun, Umarex Steel-Strike Automatic .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Rifle is for you. In it, you’’ve got endless ammo and rapid-fire in a compact tactical body cued from combat carbine design.  Umarex is a modern SBR sporting rifle that boasts the appearance and performance of the fireman it took after. This steel strike is a reduced plastic-bodied gun that weighs under 4 pounds and has an overall length of 28 inches (stock extension inclusive).

ModelBB rifle
Power Source2 x C02 cartridges
Firing Mode (Action)Single action (Semi-automatic/6 round burst mode)
Construction MaterialPlastic with metal internals
Calibre.177″ (4.5 mm) steel BBs
Magazine Capacity30-round BB magazine with 900-round reservoir
Muzzle VelocityDecent 400 FPS rating
Rail System:Expansive Integrated tactical railing
Length27.75 inches
Weight:3.7 lbs.

With a design cue rooted on the AR platform, Umarex Steel-Strike Offers the right looks, feel, and controls that are all typical to the AR16 type rifle. It operates on two CO2 cartridges that are located in its multi-position rear stock. The C02 cartridges are seated in the magazine powered by a new 900 BB reservoir that supplies impressive 30 rounds mags. Since this is a single action gun, to get the rifle, it delivers a rapid-fire action

Umarex Steel-Strike delivers a rapid-fire action shot with a BBs downrange at a whopping 400 feet per second. You can load the CO2 chambers with up to 900 BB rounds to shoot 30 rounds. You will not have to refill for several CO2 swaps out. Lighting up the range is a blast with the steel strike but its 6 round burst mode will take you to a different world. It uses a pull-out-end cap mechanism that catches BBs from the reservoir and loads them for firing. The reservoir feeds the integrated 30 shot magazine system

On the surface, the body is mostly plastic. This is however not easily noticeable due to its impressive shine and smoothness. It appears more like other metal-bodied AR. Except for the selector switch and the magazine release which are the only two physical metal parts.

Unusually, the co2 cartridges are hidden in the multi-buttstock tube. You will need to take it off to install and replace the cartridges. The trigger pull weight is incredibly light. It has an average weight of 4 lbs. which is very reasonable for an AR-type rifle. Thanks to the absence of a revolver. With weaver/ Picatinny rails covering the barrels on all sides, you’ve got a lot of options for your optics and accessories. Beyond the available flip-up front/rear sight, you can use any of the four rails to mount your scopes, lasers, red dot sight, bipods, etc.

Final Verdict

Umarex Steel-Strike is a fun-to-shoot CO2-powered blowback full auto rifle that shoots well with good accuracy. On top of the full-auto mode that’s common to all, Umarex still manages to stack 6 on target shot bursting mode in this unit. You will have nothing to complain about but much fun and fun. The collapsible synthetic stock of the steel strike makes it super adjustable to give any player a tactical edge at sharp angles.


  • One of the most affordable gas blowback rifles on the list and in the market
  • Lots of rail space for adding accessories
  • Collapsible stock for easy maneuverability
  • Simplistic beginner-friendly design


  • Pop-up sights are non-adjustable
  • It May not withstand a tough outing due to its overly plastic body


Why Experts Go for Gas Blowback Rifle

Before Running through each of these products, let’s briefly look take a sneak peek into why experts vie for GBBRS. You could find more than help in it for your next rifle shopping decision.

  1. Bolt-Catch Action:

Since airsoft is always getting a quick input of the magazine being empty, the bolt-catch of gas rifles is one the biggest reasons experts turn to them. With a gas blowback rifle, you immediately notice you are almost out when your bolt fails to make full travel or your trigger starts to resist pulls.

This is a quicker way of knowing that your mag is empty. Unlike other systems where you either continue taking shots with empty BBs or you become contented with that hollow sound that will sell you out to foes.

It’s time to insert a fresh magazine. Gas blowback rifle adds more fun to airsofting. Especially for gamers who crave the addictive action of slapping the catch to put the bolt back in place. Gas guns come with small gas containers in their stock. These containers can be either be built into the magazine by the manufacturer or removable and replaceable.

  1. Recoiling Effects:

There are few things as satisfying in airsofting as having to resist the recoiling force each time you take a shot. A gas blowback rifle has recoil. It’s mention-worthy that some AEG guns may claim to have recoil. By experience, not a single weapon on the airsoft field can do close to the exact thing a gas blowback rifle does.

When you fire a gas blowback rifle, the recoil braces you up to maintain a more active stance to counter the reactive force from your gun after each shot. The exact realism militia experience on the go.

  1. Trigger Wall:

Only a handful of guns in the airsoft market offers shooters a trigger wall. A gas blowback rifle has a trigger wall. Trigger wall is one very important part of your gun to master if you are to become a pro someday.

Without focusing all on speed, a trigger wall is follow-come support you need to shoot with accuracy and more precision. Gas blowback rifles are designed to help you handle the gun properly

  1. Real-Cap Magazine

Real or low cap magazine support in gas blowback rifles is usually an issue with beginners and casual airsofters. Enthusiasts, however, see and seize it as a self-improvement tool. By practice, using a real cap magazine can force an airsofter to be more tactical in his approach. Thereby, becoming much better of a gamer. In our experience, real cap magazine has improved our on-field tactics in two-thirds less time than our entire years of practicing airsofting. During engagement, it makes us do more with less.

With a real-cap magazine in there, you are forced to think through before making any shot. When short of options, you become more careful of your engagements. It’s either you make a shot only when you are certain of a good hit or you completely avoid getting in a firefight. In this case, you understand the importance of teamwork, you become more tactically efficient, and become effective with less short for more results.

  1. Snappy Sound

The sound of a Gas blowback rifle is not like anything out there. Although, not the same as a real firearm, the difference with other airsoft guns is massive. According to instructor delta himself ” the only thing it misses (a gbbr) is is the explosive sound and the smell of a burned gunpowder.” While Gas blowback rifles sound super snappy, most airsoft guns sound like a lawnmower.

  1. Superior Build

Another amazing reason experts go for Gas blowback rifles is the build. From a distance, only a trained eye could separate them from the real steel firearms.  Of course, it’s not the same as a firearm, it’s so close to being taken as one for anyone, not in the know. One of the biggest inspirations with its build is how easy it opens up. Thus cleaning and maintenance are easier.

Also, the weight deviation of a GBBR system can be compared to none. These guns give shooters a more realistic weight that’s mostly compatible with reel steel in which the focus is on the barrel, magazine, and bolt.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying Any Gas Blowback Rifle

If I’m right, all the aforementioned features have got your hand itching for a Gas blowback rifle. Right?

YES. Here are some of the factors you should consider before putting your penny on any. Make sure you keep your eyes on them.


FPS means “feet per second”. The primary feature in airsoft guns that determines how fast your gun can shoot. The faster the gun, the more chances you get to hit your enemy or they slip away. A gun with higher FPS is better than those with lower. Asides from that you can miss the chances of hitting your opponent fast, there’s every possibility of them not knowing they’ve been hit. Thanks to your gun’s low FPS rating.

Note: Most airsoft fields cap FPS at a specific limit to ensure that no serious injuries are caused to players. Do well to always check field-specific FPS policy.


How accurate is your shot? This is in part a dictate of your gun FPS plus several other factors such as position, distance, sight, wind, ballistic drop, etc. Accuracy is what determines how precisely you can hit your target. You cannot talk about accuracy in airsoft guns without also looking at the adjustable sight feature. Is your scope accurately zoned in? This is necessary to help put your BBs on target. The gun’s inner barrel length can also affect accuracy. A shorter barrel has typically less accuracy than a longer barrel.


A top and or a bottom rail system is one of the features you can look for in an airsoft gun. It allows you to attach a bunch of accessories. If you are interested in improving your game, accessories can give you a world of difference. The accessory market is filled with a lot of cool add-ons. Think of anything you’d like your gun to do? There’s likely an accessory to make it happen.

  1. TYPES OF BBs:

All BBs are not the same. Not many airsoft knows this. Although they all look the same on sight due to being the same in size. They sure differ in weight.  Either you get your BBs from your street airsoft store or even order yours online, BBs in set a of a hundred or more. below are types of BBs available on the market in a small selection guide table.

CategoriesWeightFpsCompatibilityWind actionBest forDistance
Lightest0.12Under 300With Cheapest weapons Easily Blown AwayPractice / beginnersDon’t travel far
Midweight0.20-0.25300-350Regular Air gunsNot easilyCasual / weekendMid-range
Most used0.25-028350- 400Expert Air gunsSparingly blown awayEnthusiastsLong-distance
Heavy0.28-0.32400-450Veterans Air gunsNot blownVeteransVery long
Heaviest0.32 and above450 and aboveVeterans Air gunsNot blownVeteransVery long

Note: Make sure to check your gun’s specification before buying a new set of BBs. Manufacturers usually specify which is best for their product.

  1. PRICE:

The market of airsoft guns is so much diversity that you can get a gun as low as $30. Since we are looking at gas blowback airsoft rifles that sit on top of the market in terms of quality, aesthetic, build, and realism, you should be ready to spend a decent amount to get one.

Fact be fact. You are likely not going to see a gun with the “gas blowback” appellation at under $150. If you do, you’ve got your hand on a flimsily fair deal that promises to fall apart after your first few shots.

All airsoft guns that make it on our list are surefire weapons that won’t let you down. They may set you back some bucks but definitely will not cost you a fortune.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the magazine weight affect my game?

Even though a gas-powered gun can give you a realistic experience, you’ll need to think twice about how many magazines you carry on you. Once their weight adds up, you might experience discomfort and drag your game.

What do you need to start shooting a gas blowback rifle?

Besides the gun, you will need gas for the operation of your gun. Depending on the model of your gun, this gas may either be CO2 stored in cartridges or Green gas bottles.

What are the challenges of GBBRS?

The one thing you have to deal with is temperature fall i.e. cool down. Gas-powered guns are very sensitive to cold. The colder the temperature, the poorer their performance.

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