Best Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle 2024 (Cheap & High Quality)

As an avid airsoft player with years of experience honing my skills on the airsoft battlefield, I’ve developed a strong preference for gas blowback rifles. Coming from a military background, I appreciate the heightened realism and recoil kinetics that gas blowbacks provide. It brings back memories of my days on the firing range, helping me get lost in the tactical mindset.

After testing a wide array of gas blowback rifles over the years and relying on them as go-to gear for airsoft games, I’ve identified four standout options that provide an unparalleled experience: the Crosman DPMS, Crosman CFAR1X, Sig Sauer MPX, and Elite Force HK UMP. Through firsthand use, I break down the pros and cons of each to help fellow enthusiasts shop for the best gas blowback airsoft rifle to suit their needs and budget.

My Credentials as an Airsoft Expert

Before diving into my gas blowback recommendations, let me first establish my expertise when it comes to airsoft sports. I served in the military for over a decade, where I gained extensive firearms experience. Transitioning to civilian life, I discovered airsoft as a way to enjoy the tactical thrills of my service days. For the past six years and counting, I’ve been an avid airsoft player.

Over this time, I’ve accrued extensive trigger time across the spectrum of airsoft weapon types, fine-tuning my marksmanship abilities with both electric and gas-powered options. While electrics excel in the rate of fire with their automated firing mechanisms, I’ve ultimately come to prefer gas blowbacks for their superior realism in simulating actual kinetic recoil and bolt action. This takes the airsoft experience to the next level for me by capturing the adrenaline rush of firing actual firearms.

Through regular play and experimentation with different equipment, I’ve established myself as a subject matter expert when it comes to understanding the finer details of airsoft gear performance. My reviews come from a place of genuine hands-on familiarity that reflects the discerning eye of an experienced operator. So when I highlight a certain gas blowback airsoft rifle as a standout, you can trust that it has endured extensive field testing and passed my criteria with flying colors!

Now, let’s get to the good stuff: my picks for the top gas blowback rifles currently available are based on key factors like ruggedness, accuracy, customization, affordability, and pure enjoyment…

Top Picks For The Best Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle

Crosman Dpms- Gas Power Airsoft Guns

Crosman Dpms- Gas Power Airsoft Guns


Topping my list is the Crosman DPMS SBR, which offers a best-in-class blend of value, performance, and features that I’ve yet to see matched by any airsoft rifle in its price range. As a lightweight and maneuverable M4 variant with a 10-inch barrel and collapsible stock, it handles fast and smooth right out of the box while retaining a rugged realism that satisfies my discerning tastes as a tactical enthusiast.

Standout Features:

  • 430 FPS muzzle velocity with high accuracy for long-range shots
  • Full auto, semi-auto, and single fire modes
  • Gas blowback action with heavy bolt kick
  • Integrated rail system for scopes and mounts
  • Aluminum quad rail handguard and receiver

After over a year of playing varied games and simulation drills with the Crosman DPMS, it continues performing flawlessly even under grueling conditions that would cause lesser rifles to fail or jam up. The full metal exterior and ABS polymer frame make this ultra-durable while still keeping weight down for easy handling. Recoil action from the gas blowback system is extremely pronounced, emulating the kinetically jarring blast of an actual tactical rifle to add intense realism. This allows for immersive training across target acquisition, rapid-fire maneuvers, and combat movement disciplines.

Delivering consistent accuracy out to 100+ yards thanks to a precision rifled barrel and clean two-stage trigger assembly, I’m able to precisely tag targets from a distance while staying concealed. The DPMS even shoots straight and stable on full auto, allowing me to send high volumes of plastic downrange. Maintenance requires minimal armorer-level care – just periodically re-lube moving parts and seals.

With an integrated rail system spanning the entire 12” length of the receiver and handguard, adding scopes, grips, lights, and lasers is seamless to customize my setup. Backup iron sights fold down neatly out of the way when optics are mounted. I added a holographic reflex sight and 450-lumen tactical light powered by a pressure switch pad for ultimate CQC lethality. The included 30-round magazine feeds flawlessly even under rapid sustained fire.

For less than $150 in most stores, the DPMS SBR brings an almost unmatched level of quality and performance that rivals airsoft rifles double the price. Any enthusiast looking for realistic and reliable full auto blowback action would be hard-pressed to find a better option. Both casual players and seasoned operators will appreciate the realistic handling coupled with enhanced tactics the DPMS enables. This hard-running workhorse earns its reputation as my go-to airsoft rifle after years of battlefield proving.

The Pros:

  • Amazing gas blowback realism
  • Built to last through hardcore play
  • Extremely accurate in semi and auto
  • Fully customizable with add-ons
  • High FPS velocity and range

The Cons:

  • Prone to paint chipping over time
  • Cheek weld is not perfect due to the stock


Crosman CFAR1X- best gbb airsoft rifle

Crosman CFAR1X- best gbb airsoft rifle

Serving as a higher-end counterpart to the DPMS, the Crosman CFAR1X gas blowback rifle is simply phenomenal out of the box while retaining extreme ruggedness to withstand endless runs through all my training drills and skirmish battles. I added a few choice upgrades to unlock its full potential for best-in-class performance that has me consistently reaching for it over all other rifles.

Standout Features:

  • 500+ FPS velocity with heavy BBs for a 200-foot effective range
  • Selectable semi and full auto-firing modes
  • Gas blowback action with pronounced bolt kinetics
  • Integrated top Picatinny rail and flip-up iron sights
  • Aluminum receiver and barrel assembly

Immediately noticeable after unboxing is the premium fit, finish, and composition putting this a cut above typical airsoft fare. At a glance, the CFAR1X draws inspiration from Daniel Defense AR platforms renowned for battle-ready durability and proven stopping power under pressure. Externally it’s tough as nails, brushing off impacts from drops and bumps without a scratch thanks to aluminum clustered around key areas.

Internally, this is packed with propriety upgrades adeptly optimized for uncompromising field reliability: a reinforced bolt group and nozzle valve assembly stand up to repeated blowback abuse while a polycarbonate piston glides smoothly inside the buffer tube. Even after probably 10,000+ trigger pulls over 6 months of running, my CFAR1X cycles perfectly without leaks or loss of recoil intensity.

Outpost 100 yards, the heavy steel 6mm BBs launch fast and flat to decisively tag human torso steel targets, making longer shots quite achievable in the field. Trajectory feels extremely consistent thanks to quality manufacturing – groupings stay tight even dialing onto targets in rapid succession. This accuracy paired with the intense bolt recoil at 500+ FPS velocity makes tactical drills ultra-realistic. I’m able to run most AR shooting drills I practiced in the military almost seamlessly with proper sights and stances.

While the stock iron sights allow good target acquisition, I upgraded by mounting a 5x power scope and canted red dot sight for surgical precision at a distance without sacrificing up-close speed. To unlock the full auto potential of this rifle, I added an enhanced trigger assembly dropping pull weight to a feathery 2.5 pounds – follow-up shots on burst fire happen almost automatically once I get that front sight post framed on a target!

After upgrades and extended field use, the Crosman CFAR1X demonstrates itself as my most reliable go-to airsoft rifle when striving for next-level performance – it provides unnoticeably snappier trigger response compared to lesser options. This thing simply does not fail as long as I do my part maintaining it well. Frankly, I wish I had access to gas blowback airsoft rifles of this caliber back during my initial infantry training – it would have greatly enhanced weapons manipulation technique.

The Pros:

  • Extreme durability and reliability
  • Easy accuracy out to 200+ feet
  • Highly upgradeable internals
  • Amazing blowback kinetic action
  • Flawless semi and full auto-firing

The Cons:

  • Stock trigger pull slightly heavy
  • Cheek weld is not perfect due to the stock


Sig Sauer MPX .177 Cal CO2 Powered SIG20R

Sig Sauer MPX .177 Cal CO2 Powered SIG20R

Combining realism, performance, and innovation in one slick package, the Sig MPX airsoft rifle achieves impressive results I’ve come to expect from the Sig brand while bringing increased maneuverability. Its shorter overall length paired with a collapsible stock makes this ideal for CQB speed drills under pressure, especially clearing buildings, while accurately reaching out to tag targets approaching intermediate engagement distances around 150 feet.

Standout Features:

  • 330 FPS velocity with solid accuracy past 100 feet
  • Selectable semi and full auto-firing modes
  • 30+1 BB capacity with easy mag changes
  • Aluminum quad Picatinny rail handguard
  • Gas blowback bolt action generates perceivable recoil

As a scaled replica of Sig Sauer’s revolutionary 9mm MPX tactical carbine famed for high capacity and modular flexibility, this .177 caliber CO2-powered variant retains surprisingly realistic handling characteristics despite limitations inherent in airsoft engineering. The full auto mode allows a blistering rate of fire, easily exhausting the 30 BB magazine in seconds on absolute full tilt. Controlled 9-10 round bursts chew through ammo quickly enough to certainly win any close-range engagement while conserving rounds to stay in the fight longer.

Accuracy remains consistent even when firing fast multi-shot strings thanks to a smooth bolt and quality barrel. Although velocity caps out below the competition at 330 FPS, it launches BBs fast enough for accurate plate racks inside 100 feet and solid upper torso or head hits inside 150 feet – acceptable performance for the majority of close to medium-range shootouts. The velocity does make hearing ricochets difficult, so care must be taken to observe shot placement visually downrange rather than relying on audible feedback like BB impacts.

The partial metal receiver set and quad rail handguard align components well for consistent shot-to-shot performance. Although lighter weight than mil-spec firearms, the balance avoids feeling overly toy-like with enough mass to assist in recoil control. Maneuvering from low ready to sights up on target happens quickly thanks to ergonomic features like the grip angle and tunable stock allowing a perfect cheek weld.

Standing out from a sea of M4-style airsoft guns, the Sig MPX adds refreshing variety to my collection while fulfilling niche applications between a pistol and rifle. The collapsible stock adapter system allows easy switching from a stabilized stock to a sleek pistol frame simply by removing one rear pin, adding to the adaptive flexibility. Overall a well-designed model that fills its intended role admirably for room-clearing skirmishes inside 150 feet.

The Pros:

  • Excellent accuracy on semi-auto
  • High-capacity 30-round magazine
  • Adaptable configurations from pistol to rifle
  • Very controllable on full auto
  • Partial metal construction adds realism

The Cons:

  • Velocity limits practical range under 150 feet
  • Polymer magazines can be fragile
  • Cheek weld is not perfect due to the stock


Elite Force Hk Heckler & Koch Ump- Best Green Gas Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Elite Force Hk Heckler & Koch Ump- Best Gas Airsoft Sniper Rifle


With Heckler & Koch legendary for battle-proven small arms designs famed by top-tier military units worldwide, the HK licensed series of airsoft rifles capture the essence of these exceptional weapon platforms in a CO2-powered variant optimized for training. The HK416 A5 model I reviewed adds realism through flawless blowback action and integrated accessory rails to mount modular add-ons.

Standout Features:

  • 290 FPS shooting .20g BBs with good consistency
  • 30+1 round magazine capacity
  • Gas blowback action cycles smoothly
  • Picatinny top rail with flip-up iron sights
  • Ambidextrous controls true to firearm

The instantly recognizable HK styling looks and feels highly authentic thanks to properly proportioned receiver geometry and controls mirroring real steel. Unlike lesser airsoft guns, components fit tightly with clean machining tolerances and quality materials that operate smoothly during manipulation drills. Besides impressively mimicking the solid heft of an actual rifle, internals also hold up well thanks to the partial metal composition.

It handles fast thanks to a lightweight frame and spot-on weight distribution. Transitioning smoothly between firing ports or slicing pie around the cover happens intuitively – a must for dynamic CQB training. Maneuver elements like magazine changes, charging handles, and safeties all operate crisply to support positive weapon handling techniques without hangups.

Velocity performance nets acceptable results for most close-range applications: sub-300 FPS launches 6mm plastic straight and true out to 100-foot engagement distances with properly arced trajectories, although long shots past 120 feet require considerable holdover estimating.

While velocity lacks the OOMPH sufficient for accurate target calling, it works sufficiently for identification training within 100 feet. Combined with the pleasing blowback impulse after each shot, running basic manipulation drills with this HK416 has helped me improve control touch and operating precision when firing fast under pressure or from unstable positions.

For under $150, the HK-licensed 416 brings nice touches like metal-reinforced internals and legit ambidextrous controls to provide satisfying realism for CQB sessions. While range limits practical application, this rugged and reliable airsoft rifle checks key boxes to make tactical training more authentic and enjoyable.

The Pros:

  • Licensed HK trademarked components
  • Lightweight and fast-handling
  • Reliable gas blowback system
  • Quality materials and machining
  • 30+1 mid-cap magazine capacity

The Cons:

  • Low 290 FPS velocity limits the range
  • Polymer body shows paint scuffs
  • No integrated accessory rails


Umarex Steel-Strike- The best gas airsoft sniper rifle on the market

Umarex Steel-Strike BB Gun Air Rifle

For the fan of big numbers and endless fun, the Umarex Steel-Strike Automatic .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Rifle is for you. In it, you’ve got endless ammo and rapid-fire in a compact tactical body cued from combat carbine design.  Umarex is a modern SBR sporting rifle that boasts the appearance and performance of the fireman it took after. This steel strike is a reduced plastic-bodied gun that weighs under 4 pounds and has an overall length of 28 inches (stock extension inclusive).

ModelBB rifle
Power Source2 x C02 cartridges
Firing Mode (Action)Single action (Semi-automatic/6 round burst mode)
Construction MaterialPlastic with metal internals
Caliber.177″ (4.5 mm) steel BBs
Magazine Capacity30-round BB magazine with 900-round reservoir
Muzzle VelocityDecent 400 FPS rating
Rail System:Expansive Integrated tactical railing
Length27.75 inches
Weight:3.7 lbs.

With a design cue rooted on the AR platform, Umarex Steel-Strike Offers the right looks, feel, and controls that are all typical to the AR16-type rifle. It operates on two CO2 cartridges that are located in its multi-position rear stock. The C02 cartridges are seated in the magazine powered by a new 900 BB reservoir that supplies impressive 30-round mags. Since this is a single-action gun, to get the rifle, it delivers a rapid-fire action

Umarex Steel-Strike delivers a rapid-fire action shot with a BB downrange at a whopping 400 feet per second. You can load the CO2 chambers with up to 900 BB rounds to shoot 30 rounds. You will not have to refill for several CO2 swaps out. Lighting up the range is a blast with the steel strike but its 6-round burst mode will take you to a different world. It uses a pull-out-end cap mechanism that catches BBs from the reservoir and loads them for firing. The reservoir feeds the integrated 30-shot magazine system

On the surface, the body is mostly plastic. This is however not easily noticeable due to its impressive shine and smoothness. It appears more like other metal-bodied AR. Except for the selector switch and the magazine release which are the only two physical metal parts.

Unusually, the CO2 cartridges are hidden in the multi-buttstock tube. You will need to take it off to install and replace the cartridges. The trigger pull weight is incredibly light. It has an average weight of 4 lbs. which is very reasonable for an AR-type rifle. Thanks to the absence of a revolver. With weaver/ Picatinny rails covering the barrels on all sides, you’ve got a lot of options for your optics and accessories. Beyond the available flip-up front/rear sight, you can use any of the four rails to mount your scopes, lasers, red dot sight, bipods, etc.

Final Verdict

Umarex Steel-Strike is a fun-to-shoot CO2-powered blowback full auto rifle that shoots well with good accuracy. On top of the full-auto mode that’s common to all, Umarex still manages to stack 6 on target shot bursting mode in this unit. You will have nothing to complain about but much fun and fun. The collapsible synthetic stock of the steel strike makes it super adjustable to give any player a tactical edge at sharp angles.


  • One of the most affordable gas blowback rifles on the list and in the market
  • Lots of rail space for adding accessories
  • Collapsible stock for easy maneuverability
  • Simplistic beginner-friendly design


  • Pop-up sights are non-adjustable
  • It May not withstand a tough outing due to its overly plastic body


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The Bottom Line

While many airsoft options exist today delivering acceptable performance, my in-depth experience scrutinizing details separates quality equipment from the sea of lower-grade offerings prone to disappointing enthusiasts. The four gas blowback rifles highlighted in my review article stand out as exceptional values worth the investment thanks to optimizing key factors I prioritize:

  • Robust realism simulating actual kinetic firing sensation
  • Accuracy and shooting consistency for tactical training transferability
  • Extreme durability to withstand endless battlefield abuse
  • High-grade components with quality manufacturing
  • Intuitive maneuverability supporting dynamic shooting styles

Based on extensive trigger time comparing countless airsoft rifles side by side over years of play, I confidently vouch for these as the best gas blowback airsoft rifles available today providing realistic action to bring sessions to the next level. Give them a shot and I believe you’ll agree!

I hope breaking down the pros and cons of my favorite gas blowback rifle options helps fellow enthusiasts make educated purchasing decisions towards building your ultimate kit tailored to skill level and play style. Part of what makes airsoft so enjoyable is the wide array of gadgets to try to customize a perfect loadout. So get out there experiment, run drills til exhaustion, and most importantly – have fun advancing your game!

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