Best Concealed Carry Holster For Women (Gun & CCW Options)

In an increasingly unsafe world, owning and knowing how to use a firearm is a very convenient self-defense method. Many people are used to hearing that men own firearms but more women are now carrying guns too. In the United States, one in every five women carries a firearm.

One report shows that from 2012 to 2019, women took over 100% more concealed carry permits for weapons than men. More women are taking charge of their protection by turning to firearms.

When discussing the topic of women owning guns, the first consideration is knowing how to use a weapon and selecting the best firearm for the users’ comfort. The second most important thing is properly concealing the weapon of choice as she carries it. This is where we come in with our list of top concealed carry holsters for women.

A quality holster should store a gun conveniently on the body so it is not easily visible but still easily reachable when needed. Keep reading to discover the best-concealed carry holsters for women and how to make a good choice when shopping.

Popular Types of Concealed Carry Holster for Women

Thankfully, there is an array of choices when it comes to concealed carry for women. Carrying concealed means taking the time and effort to find the type of holster that works for you. As a capable gun owner, every woman bearing arms should consider the following principles when choosing the type of holster to purchase:

  • Ensure the holster was made for your gun.
  • Make sure the trigger is protected.
  • Ensure it is comfortable and conceals your weapon.

Here are some widely approved categories of concealed carry holsters for women and how to choose what category is perfect for you.

Side hip holster: the most common and highly recommended type of holster for women is the side hip holster. If you’re going with this option, you will purchase one for your dominant hand. This type of holster is comfortable to wear for long hours whether you’re sitting or standing and because it is located close to your dominant hand, drawing your weapon for defense and re-holstering is quick and easy.

The problem with this holster type is that it requires you to wear a belt. Since not every outfit works with a belt, you will not be able to use a side hip holster with clothes like dresses and skirts.

Belly wrap holster: this type of holster provides the advantages of a side hip holster without the need to wear a belt. It is constituted of a large elastic band that wraps around your belly and stays there. You can adjust a belly wrap to fit your comfort level according to your size.

Busty women prefer to wear them below the waist while smaller chested women can get away with wearing them higher up the chest. For women who like to carry extra accessories, belly wraps usually have extra pockets for magazines, phones, and credit cards. The downside with this holster is it can feel constrictive and make cause heat.

Slip holster: you can easily slide on a slip holster and deposit your pistol in the allocated pocket. There are no attachments, clips, and surely no need for a belt. They are usually manufactured with non-stick fabric to ensure they stay put during wear.

This special type of holster is especially helpful in undercover situations or when you must wear tight-fitting clothes like a bodycon dress. A thigh slip holster could even have extra room for your phone and credit cards so you can go completely hand-free.

Compression garments: a recent addition to the market, compression garments are super comfortable to wear and help to evenly distribute the weight of your firearm. As the name implies, these are garments (tank tops or shorts) designed with gun pockets. Compression tops and bottoms are created ambidextrous with holsters on the left and right-hand sides.

Off-body holster: there are many sports bags and purses designed as gun holsters. This is very clever and works perfectly since there is there are zero suspicions when a woman carries a bag. Your firearm can remain securely locked away in the holster pocket of the bag and remain fully concealed as you go about your day. The most common problem with carrying your gun in a bag is having the bag stolen, or snatched away by muggers.

Depending on your type of personality, your job, and how frequently you will need a concealed carry holster, you should be able to determine what type of holster will work for you. Bear in mind that most women have more than one type of holster in their closets.

This is a great choice as it widens your options to let you carry your weapon more often and more easily no matter how you’re dressed. Now that you know your preferred type(s) of concealed carry holster, let’s dive into our top picks in the market to help you make a choice.

Top 8 Best Concealed Carry Holster For Women

We will go over the top Best Concealed Carry Holsters For Women. This will help you figure out which holsters are the best for your needs. I’ve bought and tested a lot of these conceal and carry holsters, and have made this list below based on my findings.

Best Holster For Women 2022

Concealment Kydex- 9mm holster for women

Concealment Kydex IWB Holster

Some people just love the conventional inside waistband holster and this model from Concealment Express is the best for simplicity and stealth. We call it small but mighty because it is so little yet holds all the exceptional features you need for the perfect IWB holster. Made of black oxidized steel and reinforced with Threadlock, this holster boasts high quality and durability.

Its stealth belt clip is reinforced with fiber to increase secrecy and you hear an assuring click sound every time you holster your weapon. If you own different firearms in different sizes, this is a good bargain as it can accommodate a very long list of pistols.

This minimalist holster is very easy to put on and take off. The two large belt clips with rubber grommets make it easy to pull out the clip and slide the holster right off your belt. Unlike many fabric holsters, this one will not move or collapse after you draw your gun and you can re-holster it without having to look down.


  • Minimalist IWB design.
  • Claw compatible.
  • Made with black oxide steel.


  • Assuring ‘posi-click’ retention.
  • The edges are rounded off to avoid skin irritation on contact.
  • Very secure. Will not come off accidentally.


  • The cant is fixed at 15° and not suitable for appendix carry.
  • The cant is fixed at 15° and not suitable for appendix carry.


ComfortTac- Best IWB holster for women

ComfortTac Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster

One of the greatest challenges women face while choosing a holster is having to decide whether to change their wardrobe or not. With ComfortTac’s Belly Band Holster, you can keep all your old clothes and you don’t even need to wear a belt to carry your firearm. It is made from neoprene, a thick but soft material that can comfortably handle the weight of your gun while providing ultimate comfort for your skin.

This holster is an especially good choice for smaller women who wear form-fitting clothes and have a hard time finding a concealed carry holster that can hide their gun properly. You can wear this holster on your waist, below your pants, and closer to your chest, depending on what is most cozy while camouflaging your gun.

ComfortTac pays a lot of attention to comfort with this design and leaves a lot of room for flexibility. Because of this, users can adjust this holster to fit different needs. You can wear it under a skirt at work or under loose-fitting jeans when running errands.


  • Metal snap retention strap.
  • Left or right hand.
  • One-size-fits-most holster.
  • Made from soft neoprene material.


  • You can enjoy varied carrying positions.
  • Fits most gun sizes.
  • Has a convenience pouch to carry an extra magazine.


  • The grip safety is too tight on larger guns making it uncomfortable and insecure.
  • Velcro will warp easily if you overstretch it.


Safariland 7378- CCW holsters for women

Safariland 7378 Combo Holster

Want your weapon to stay securely tucked away and free from damage? Safariland is a prominent company known for creating the best everyday concealed carry holsters. Their 7378 Combo Holster comes in different earthy colors and is made with an Automatic Locking System for extra security. This technology ensures your weapon is intuitively locked in once placed in the holster and can be released with pressure from your thumb.

This combo holster packs performance, quality, and technology in its advanced design to ensure you, the people around you, and your weapon are safe at all times. A proprietary blend of nylon materials is utilized in the manufacture of this holster so it is not harsh on your skin when used as IWB style. This is an extremely comfortable holster to buy if you will be carrying your firearm around for long periods. It is lightweight and remains secure whether you’re standing, walking, or sitting.


  • Has ALS (Automatic Locking System) technology.
  • Made of non-abrasive nylon material.
  • Has a belt loop and concealment paddle.


  • Very secure. Your gun will not accidentally come out with the ALS technology.
  • Detailed finishing touches ensure maximum comfort during wear.
  • Adjustable to the appendix or side placement.
  • Easy to put on and take off.


  • Avoid dropping this holster as it can break when force is applied.
  • Select the right gun or it won’t fit for another model.


Missconcealed Heat Lace Waistband Holster

Missconcealed Heat Lace Waistband Holster

Fashionable ladies don’t want ugly holsters, they want Missconcealed’s Heat Lace Waistband Holster with its sexy feminine design. You can be left or right-handed and still enjoy full use of this product as it has ambidextrous holsters. With two extra magazine pockets and a cell phone pocket, you can do more than carry your pistol with this holster.

If you have a large gun or a small 9mm, this holster can comfortably carry your gun. You’ll just have to dress in looser fitting clothes to hide bigger guns better. The Velcro closure on this holster is very effective, some will say it’s too effective. It is so tough that quickly drawing your weapon could be hard until you break it in. although beautiful and effective, this holster is not for heavy users as wear and tear happen very fast.

Slim women with an athletic build find that they need extra concealment accessories if they want to wear this holster with tight-fitting clothes. If this is your goal, you can adjust this holster to be worn right under your bra for enhanced concealment. You will have to practice drawing and re-holstering from this position to get used to it, but this might solve the problem.


  • Made with lace.
  • 4” wide in front and 5” wide behind.
  • Moisture-resistant padding.


  • Highly stylish design.
  • Extra magazine and cell phone pockets for convenience.


  • Velcro closure makes quick drawing difficult.
  • Not very long-lasting.


Browning Concealed Carry Purse With Lock

Browning Concealed Carry Purse With Lock

Not everyone wants to wear their firearm. This holster purse is ideal for women who want an off-body concealed carry option. The purse is available in more than ten colors and a few varied styles so you can pick what fits your wardrobe better. Because this holster is off-body, adjustments are more flexible, and carrying your gun becomes more comfortable.

This purse doesn’t only serve as a concealed carry holster, you can utilize it as an everyday purse. There are many compartments inside and lots of space to store your phone, credit cards, and other personal items.

The holster compartment is not very roomy and can only fit small guns but it is very well hidden and the zipper access can even be locked. For added secrecy, the manufacturers at Browning have added a hidden keyring where you can store your key after locking the holster compartment. This is particularly helpful if you have kids around.

This stylish holster purse with rich soft leather is an absolute must-have for fashionable mums with guns. If you don’t carry lots of stuff around in your purse, this concealed carry purse will comfortably cater to your needs.


  • Made with strong PU leather.
  • Lockable zipper and hidden key ring.
  • Right and left access holster pocket.
  • Adjustable purse strap.


  • Roomy purse.
  • Many compartments for storage.
  • Very stylish.


  • Only for small guns.
  • Cannot access your gun from the top.


Can Can Concealment- Hip holsters for women

Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger

This holster is popularly known as the original compression holster for women. Because a woman’s wardrobe is so vast, Can Can Concealment created this women’s holster with a tapered top so it can fit women with different curve types and allow them to dress how they want while carrying their weapon. You can easily carry small firearms in this 5” holster. It is so versatile it can carry up to 4 guns, one pocket knife, one magazine, and your mobile phone.

The Classic Hip Hugger comes in three different sizes and colors to accommodate the style concerns of different women. overall, it has a more tactical look so if you’re concerned about the style you should go for a more feminine holster. The hypoallergenic material used in construction assures there’s a firm grip and your holster doesn’t roll up and down after you put it on. You’re also assured of full-day comfort whether you’re going for a run or you’re an officer on duty.

This might not be the most beautiful holster but many women attest to its functionality. If you are an active woman, this is the perfect holster you need for running at any time of the day. Criminals might attack if you run through dangerous areas but you can comfortably wear this holster even with increased activity. No matter how much you sweat, your gun will stay put.


  • Hypoallergenic non-slip grip.
  • Adjustable metal hook closure.
  • Rare earth magnets for retention.
  • Military-grade elastic material.


  • Super comfortable and stretchy fabric perfect for everyday wear.
  • Your gun is secure in the holster, it doesn’t budge.
  • Flexible and adjustable yet doesn’t move around once fixed.


  • Size runs too small.
  • Has no trigger guard.
  • Only small pockets are available for small guns.


Bulldog Cases Thigh Lace Holster

Bulldog Cases Thigh Lace Holster

Carrying a firearm doesn’t mean you have to throw away your dresses. With this thigh-high holster, you can comfortably carry your gun, pepper spray, credit card, and phone without carrying a purse around. The stretchy lace material used in production is designed to prevent slippage so you’re assured your items will stay intact as you move around.

This thigh lace holster is not just a fashionable piece of clothing. It does the work of holding up your weapon or other personal belongings and keeping them completely concealed as you walk around. If you’re a woman on a budget, you will get more value with this pack as it comes with one black and one white holster in each pack.

Although this isn’t the comfiest holster, it provides a snug fit for your gun. It would be nice if there was a trigger guard on it to enhance safety but that should be a problem if you don’t use safety in the first place to boost draw speed and response time in emergency situations.


  • Made with comfortable lace material.
  • 1 black and 1 white holster per pack.
  • Includes 4 matching garters


  • Non-slip grip top on lace material.
  • Very stylish design.
  • 2 holsters for the price of one.


  • Not ideal for larger guns.
  • No garter belt included.
  • No trigger guard.


AC Undercover Concealed Carry Tank Top

AC Undercover Concealed Carry Tank Top

You can’t talk about a holster that fits like a second skin without mentioning AC Undercover’s Tactical Tank Top. This is your go-to holster if you don’t want to put on too many accessories. You put on the tank top and throw on a pullover, button-down shirt, or jacket to cover up.

The tank top holster is made from heavy-duty elastic that holds your weapon firmly in place with a snap-on restraint. This material is very breathable so you don’t break a sweat even if you’re wearing it all day.

It doesn’t matter if you are right or left-handed, this is an ambidextrous tank top with holsters on both sides. If you’re a big girl or have a full/muscular chest, you should strongly consider buying one size bigger to ensure comfort.

The tank top tends to hurt under the arm and roll off when you pick a smaller size but works very well otherwise. Many customers confess that this holster is more comfortable than most bra, belly band, or ankle holsters they have carried before. It gives a perfectly snug fit but is not binding.


  • Made with breathable, all-weather material.
  • Pockets on the left and right side for a quick draw.
  • Available in different colors and sizes.


  • Great if you want a cross-draw holster.
  • Fits snugly to ensure your weapon is secure.
  • Keeps your firearm perfectly concealed.


  • Sizes run small, beware if you’re a big girl.
  • Hard to use with bigger guns.


What To Consider Before Buying a Concealed Carry Holster for Women?

The process of selecting your holster doesn’t start in the market, it begins at home. Before purchasing your first concealed carry holster, you must consider some personal needs.

Your body type: although there isn’t a specific holster marked for use by a particular body type, knowing your body type will help you determine the best holster positions compatible with you. Smaller women prefer the appendix position while big women tend to find the strong-side waist position more comfortable.

Your clothing style: you shouldn’t have to change your wardrobe style to accommodate carrying a weapon, you should pick a holster(s) that work with your already existing wardrobe. However, you will have to make compromises and adjustments along the way. You will need to invest in some blazers of you wear a lot of bodycon dresses and tight-fitting tops.

Your special needs: if you have a health need, physical disability, or other situational factors, you must consider them while selecting the perfect holster. For example, if you’re pregnant or in a wheelchair, you may consider off-body holster options as opposed to inside waistband options that will restrict easy movement.

In addition to knowing the type(s) of holster(s) that works for you, contemplate the above factors before buying a holster. When you have an idea of what you’re looking for, it’s easier to find the best matching holster(s) on our exhaustive list of the best women’s concealed carry holsters.

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Final Verdict

As more women opt to carry guns, we expect to see more innovative concealed carry products specifically designed for women. Women should not be scared away from carrying weapons for fear of having to change their wardrobes. They shouldn’t have to settle for uncomfortable holsters or unfaltering clothes either.

Fundamentally, the most significant point to bear in mind when bearing arms is safety. Security should never be compromised or jeopardized for any reason. At the same time, we believe that style shouldn’t be a hindrance to responsibly armed women.

If you’re looking for a concealed carry holster for yourself, your friend, or your wife, we guarantee this expansive review will be very helpful. Share this with your friends and neighbors so they’re empowered to make the right choice too.

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