Best Concealed Carry Holster For Women (Gun & CCW Options)

As a long-time firearms instructor and enthusiast with military experience, I’ve tested my fair share of concealed carry holsters over the years. While most products cater to men, I’ve made it my mission to seek out and assess quality options specifically designed for the needs of female shooters and carriers.

Through extensive hands-on evaluation and analysis of customer reviews from women, I’ve identified 8 top-rated concealed carry holsters that I confidently recommend for comfort, concealability, and performance. Keep reading for my full breakdown of each product’s unique pros and cons, along with final recommendations on finding the best match for your needs and preferences as a female CCW holder.

Factors To Consider in a Women’s Concealed Carry Holster

Before jumping to the reviews, let’s quickly overview the key factors I evaluated in my search for optimal women’s concealed carry holsters:

  • Comfort – A proper fit that moves naturally with a woman’s body through various positions without chafing or poking
  • Concealability – Ability to truly disappear under clothing; ideal for deep and appendix carries
  • Accessibility – Allows smooth, fast draw with a proper firing grip on the weapon
  • Retention – Keeps weapon securely in place during rigorous activity without slipping or sagging
  • Materials – Durable, high-quality materials that hold shape; moisture-wicking for body contact
  • Style – Feminine aesthetic made for the female form

I took all those criteria into account as I tested these holsters daily in training, at the range, outdoors, and in everyday settings over the past year. The following eight came out on top by meeting or exceeding my expectations.

Comparison Table:

ProductBest ForMaterialRetentionConcealabilityPrice
Concealment Kydex IWBVersatilityKydexAdjustableExcellent$$
ComfortTac Belly BandDeep ConcealmentElastic & NeopreneModerateExceptional$$
Safariland Model 7378Duty CarryTactical PolymerSuperiorModerate$$$
Miss Concealed Lace HipFashion CCWLeather/LaceSnugExcellent$$$
Browning Hip Pack PurseDiscreet Bag CarryNylon/LeatherModerateGreat$$
Can Can Hip HuggerFull Coverage CCWStretch Nylon/SpandexGoodExcellent$$
Bulldog Thigh HolsterThigh CarryNylon/PolymerGreatOkay$
Flashbang Bra HolsterCleavage ConcealmentVarious LiningsGreatVery NicheVaries

Best Holster For Women 2024

Concealment Kydex- 9mm holster for women

Concealment Kydex IWB Holster

First up in my concealed carry holsters for women reviews is this versatile inside-the-waistband (IWB) + appendix carry option made of lightweight Kydex. After running it through the ringer over the past 6+ months, I can confidently say this is hands-down the best all-around holster for most female CCW needs.

I’ve used the Concealment Express Kydex holster to carry everything from micro pistols like the Sig P365 to compact 9mms like the S&W M&P9 Shield with great consistency. It has stellar adjustable retention via the screw, keeps my firearm securely against my body, and the Kydex material delivers unbeatable durability and shape retention even under consistent heavy use.

Let’s overview the pros and cons based on my first-hand testing:


  • Perfect versatile fit for both IWB hip carry and appendix positions
  • Ultra-concealable stomach/waistband design
  • Highly adjustable retention via Allen screw
  • Textured Kydex prevents slips and keeps guns secure
  • The thinner profile disappears well under clothing
  • Lightweight and breathable despite a full sweat guard
  • Accommodates red dot sights/tall iron sights
  • Easy 20° FBI cant adjust for draw clearance
  • Excellent value under $40


  • The basic design lacks style/feminine aesthetic
  • Full sweat guard can limit skin contact for some outfits
  • May sit awkwardly curvier body types
  • Minimal weapon/holster noise dampening

For female CCW holders seeking just one quality concealed carry holster that can seamlessly transition from casual outfits to professional wardrobes at an affordable price point, I can’t recommend the Concealment Express Kydex IWB highly enough. It conceals incredibly well, allows fast access, keeps my firearm securely planted with adjustable tension and requires minimal maintenance.

The only downside is the tactical appearance doesn’t cater directly to women. But otherwise, this versatile holster has become my daily CCW choice after passing all my tests with flying colors.



ComfortTac- Best IWB holster for women

ComfortTac Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster

Top Pick For Athletic Wear & Deep Concealment

If you frequently find yourself needing a concealed carry holster that seamlessly disappears under workout gear, athleisure wear, and lighter fabrics, the ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band is purpose-built to handle that mission.

Constructed of a lightweight, breathable compressive fabric blend with integrated elastic for stretch, comfort, and airflow, this belly band holster wraps securely around the waist to all but vanish under lighter clothing. I particularly love it for hot yoga sessions and outdoor runs where dripping sweat is inevitably involved.

Here’s a full overview of the pros vs cons of my testing:


  • Near invisible wearing under workout clothes
  • Lightweight moisture-wicking compressive materials
  • Stretchy elastic moves freely with body
  • Soft neoprene won’t chafe or irritate skin
  • Retains shape and stretch long-term
  • Quick-access magnetic trigger guard lock Cons
  • Less secure weapon retention than Kydex
  • Can shift position during intense workouts
  • Hooks may show under very tight clothes
  • Doesn’t work as well for curvier figures

While I wish the retention was a bit tighter, the ComfortTac Belly Band still firmly plants my smaller Sig P365 against my stomach to prevent shifting and for easy draws. And for pure deep concealment under lightweight athleisure wear, no other holster I’ve tested comes close to being as comfortably invisible.

If you frequently find yourself needing maximum concealment under flexible casualwear or workout outfits as a female CCW carrier, the ComfortTac Belly Band is 100% worth investing in. I never leave home without it!



Safariland 7378- CCW holsters for women

Safariland 7378 Combo Holster

Top Pick For A Secure Duty Holster

Whenever I’m spending long days out hunting and need absolute confidence my sidearm will stay planted no matter how rigorous the activity, the Safariland Model 7378 gets the job done flawlessly. I run this concealment holster for my Sig P229 duty pistol, and it’s performed admirably across years of hard use.

Constructed of highly durable thermoplastic wrapped around a proprietary mold injected with SafariSeven compound, it delivers uncompromising retention and durability. The locking system uses a thumb-activated ALS guard that quickly releases the hood for fast access. There’s also a SLS level II security strap over the hammer guard as a backup.


  • Superior weapon retention and durability
  • Textured grip keeps pistol firmly planted
  • Quick access thumb-activated ALS guard
  • Backup SLS retention strap for security
  • Comfortable contour molds to the body
  • Available for 200+ pistol models


  • Bulky for everyday concealed carry
  • Hygroscopic materials require dry lube
  • Plain Jane’s design lacks femininity
  • Pricier investment over $100

While too bulky for everyday concealed carry under casual clothing, the Safariland 7378 perfectly balances rock-solid weapon retention against rapid access in a duty holster built to withstand years of rugged use. If you need absolute confidence your sidearm will stay securely holstered during rigorous activity as a female CCW holder, I highly recommend this model.



Missconcealed Heat Lace Waistband Holster

Missconcealed Heat Lace Waistband Holster

Top Pick Fashionable CCW For Everyday Wear

Tired of boring masculine tactical holsters that print badly under feminine clothing? Finally, there’s a stylish CCW built exclusively for a woman’s curves.

Introducing the gorgeous Miss Concealed Lace Waistband Holster featuring a beautiful floral lace overlay hand-stitched over a soft suede leather backing precision molded to smoothly contour a woman’s natural hip curves. It allows appendix or strong side carry of subcompact weapons like the Ruger LCP Max or Sig P238.


  • Gorgeously feminine design stays invisible under skirts/dresses
  • Soft lambskin leather and lace feel luxurious
  • Mold perfectly contours to hip curves
  • Disappears against the waistband
  • Optics/sights friendly design
  • Hook side wings prevent sliding


  • Minimal front/side sweat guard
  • Snug hip fit won’t work for curvier figures
  • No cant or ride adjustment
  • Manual safety recommended

For fashion-forward female CCW holders seeking an everyday holster as beautiful as it is concealable, Miss Concealed sets a new high bar for sensually stylish functionality. No other waistband rig I’ve tested disappears as flawlessly under feminine dress wear. Just be prepared to pay a premium for the quality of handcrafted femininity.



Browning Concealed Carry Purse With Lock

Browning Concealed Carry Purse With Lock

Top Pick Discreet CCW Handbag

Touting discreet ambidextrous carry capability cleverly disguised as a fashionable waist pack purse, this deceptively innocuous bag from top firearms manufacturer Browning has become my daily companion on quick trips out needing easy concealed weapon access without attracting attention.

Constructed of lightweight black denier fabric with a stylish contrast white stitch design, the belt bag features a hidden main compartment housing a removable holster achieving near custom molded retention of my Sig P365 via adjustable Velcro walls. The faux dual zippered “main pocket” houses two roomy zippered storage pockets, and the exterior features two handy slip pockets for quick grab items like my phone.

Let’s dive into the pros and cons I’ve experienced carrying this bag:


  • Ambidextrous CCW from a discreet waist bag
  • Looks like a normal stylish purse/fanny pack
  • Secure holster pocket plants pistol firmly
  • Lots of roomy built-in organization
  • External slip pockets for phone, keys, etc
  • Removable holster for cleaning/storage
  • Affordably priced under $50


  • Somewhat bulky if carried cross-body style
  • 定位 best draw angle takes practice
  • Less-than-perfect handgun retention
  • No external anti-theft features

For female CCW permit holders seeking an inconspicuous way to carry a concealed defensive pistol merged with everyday utility and style, I enthusiastically recommend Browning’s Ambidextrous Hip Holster Purse. This smart bag has become my new favorite way for ad-hoc concealed carry while running daily errands.



Can Can Concealment- Hip holsters for women

Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger

Top Pick Stylish Everyday Deep Concealment

The Hip Hugger holster from female-owned Can Can Concealment beautifully merges deep covering comfort with everyday style in one clever waistband foundation garment. Constructed of a moisture-wicking blend of nylon and spandex stretch fabric, this “hip holster” resembles a slimming pair of shapewear shorts with an integrated Kydex holster pocket contoured to comfortably carry my Sig P365, shielding any printing under dresses, skirts, and tighter yoga pants while keeping my weapon planted firmly against my body and accessible in seconds despite the belly band style carry.

Let’s examine the key pros and cons:


  • Smooth concealment under skirts/dresses
  • Stretch fabric moves freely with the body
  • Tactical belly band merges fashion + function
  • Non-slip grip liner retains the pistol
  • The moisture-wicking fabric stays comfy


  • Less versatile than traditional IWB holsters
  • Retention is not as customizable as standalone Kydex
  • Hooks can show under ultra-tight clothes
  • Must size correctly for optimal performance

For fashionable female CCW holders needing seamless full coverage concealment comfortable enough for all-day wear with versatile style, I enthusiastically recommend the Can Can Hip Hugger with its clever pairing of shapewear utility that meets discreet carry. It’s by far my top pick for deep covering under feminine wardrobes.



Bulldog Cases Thigh Lace Holster

Bulldog Cases Thigh Lace Holster

Top Pick Thigh Carry Holster

While appendix carry IWB holsters are generally my preference, I’ll occasionally strap on the Bulldog Cases Thigh Holster when wearing tighter dresses or miniskirts where waistline carry isn’t feasible.

Constructed of thick durable ballistic nylon overlaying a rigid polymer holster pocket with adjustable non-slip rubber leg bands, the Bulldog thigh rig keeps my Ruger LCP Max or Beretta Nano firmly planted during active use. An expansion pocket can hold an extra mag or small backup.


  • Comfortably carries pistol secured on the thigh
  • Non-slip leg straps retain position
  • Excellent stability during rigorous activity
  • Smooth draw stroke from a seated position
  • External pocket fits backup mag
  • Highly affordable under $40


  • Slow, sweeping draw motion
  • Can chafe bare inner thighs
  • The band can show under ultra mini hemlines
  • Not fast access friendly
  • Not as concealable for shorts

The Bulldog Cases thigh holster excels at keeping my pistol stable in situations where other carry positions aren’t plausible or comfortable. While definitely not my everyday preference due to draw limitations, I still use it several times per month when wearing restrictive dresses or miniskirts. It works reliably within its niche purpose, especially given the affordable sub-$40 price making it a smart budget addition for female CCW holders needing versatile carry options.



AC Undercover Concealed Carry Tank Top

AC Undercover Concealed Carry Tank Top

Top Pick For Cleavage Concealment

Last up in my reviews of the top concealed carry holster options for female CCW permit holders is the cleverly named Flashbang CCW Bra Holster. Providing discreet frontal cleavage concealment of micro pistols like the Ruger LCP II .380 in specially designed bras, camisoles and swimsuit tops, Flashbang gear finally enables women to confidently carry in formerly impossible positions.

These are the key pros and cons I experienced field testing Flashbang’s liberating lineup:


  • Innovative concealed carry bra holster pocket
  • Molds pistols securely against bare skin
  • Perfect for low plunging necklines
  • Specially lining prevents irritation/poking Cons
  • Obvious limitations for larger pistols
  • Rigorous movement risks exposure
  • Requires wearing Flashbang lined bra

While Flashbang holsters don’t work miracles, they excel at plausibly pulling off discreet frontal pistol concealment in ways never before possible for female CCW permit holders. I absolutely love my Flashbang Torso Tank with built-in Kydex holster pocket for deep concealment under lightweight tops with low necklines that would make traditional waistband carry impossible. Despite niche scenarios, Flashbang gear represents clever out-of-the-box innovation advancing women’s concealed carry options.



Choosing Your Ideal Women’s CCW Holster

Key Considerations

With so many concealed carry holsters built specifically to accommodate a woman’s anatomical considerations these days, we’re truly spoiled with an embarrassment of options compared to just a few years ago.

Here’s a quick summary of key factors female CCW permit holders should consider when selecting your ideal everyday holster:

  • What style of clothing do you most commonly wear? Match around your usual wardrobe patterns.
  • How vigorously active are you? High-intensity activities demand greater retention.
  • What level of manual retention adjustment do you need? Everybody carries differently.
  • How curvy is your natural figure profile? Optimize to your body shape.
  • What pistol(s) are you concealing? Carry choice influences options.
  • Do you prefer metal, leather, polymer, fabric or hybrid holsters? Test and compare to lock down your ideal material(s).
  • Is feminine styling important or are you fine with tactical designs? Plenty of both exist now.
  • What features are non-negotiable for your body and carry needs? Create your must-have list.

By carefully taking stock of all those considerations against specific product pros/cons, you’ll dial in a concealed carry holster perfectly tailored for your lifestyle, wardrobe and pistol.

I sincerely hope you’ve found my reviews helpful for narrowing down your own shortlist of CCW holsters meticulously designed for a woman’s unique needs as a female concealed carrier! Whatever you end up choosing, be sure to practice often with any new holster to ensure adequate retention, easy accessibility and smooth draw capability compared to alternatives. Confidently carrying as a female CCW permit holder brings tremendous personal empowerment, so invest the time to find your ideal holster match!

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