Best Concealed Carry Holster for Ruger LCR 357 (Bought & Tested)

What is an excellent snub-nosed revolver for self-defense? You got it right is your answer was the Ruger LCR 357. Right from the unboxing stage, this gun is has a smooth trigger, manageable recoil, and is very easy to shoot. Since this firearm is so lightweight and trustworthy, we’re not surprised you purchased it and are now in the market for a suitable holster to carry it concealed.

You don’t have to wonder what the best-concealed holster for Ruger LCR 357 is. We have done all the heavy lifting to provide you with a list of the top 5 holsters we know will be great for you. Make sure to use the buyer’s guide we included at the end to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Possible Ways to Carry the Ruger LCR 357

For concealed carry, you can pack your LCR 357 in different ways.

Pocket: if you don’t have a belt but are wearing pants with a pocket, you can carry your small snub-revolver in a pocket holster. They are lightweight and small enough to fit into most pockets.

Ankle: this type of carrying requires your gun to ride in a holster strapped around your leg. If you are left-handed, you will strap the holster around your right calf and the opposite for right-handed shooters.

IWB: this has to be the most approved choice and seems to be the easiest way to carry your LCR 357 concealed. The best IWB holsters are made of leather or Kydex material for reduced bulk and less irritation to the skin.

Purse: if you don’t want to carry a gun on your person, purses are a great concealed carry option. We don’t recommend it because your weapon can lie unsupervised and also be too far to reach in real-life emergencies.

Best Concealed Carry Holster for Ruger LCR 357

Now, we’re going to review the top 3 concealed carry holsters for the Ruger LCR 357. It’s important to choose accessories that will fit your specific situation and needs as there are many different types of firearms so you need something that is specifically made for each individual make and model. I spent a lot of time doing deep research into these models, tried some out myself and then reviewed them in order to write this article for you.

Best Holster For Ruger Lcr

Fobus Concealed Carry holster for 357 revolver

Fobus Concealed Carry Ankle Holster

If you have been searching for a comfortable gun holster for your Ruger LCR 357, you don’t need to look any further than this ankle holster from Fobus. It is a perfectly secure fit for the revolver and won’t budge when the Velcro strap is closed. The soft and plush Cordura lining on the inside increases the stability and comfort of the holster. You can walk around all day wearing your LCR 357 and never feel a thing.

Fobus has been manufacturing holsters for small guns for the past 25 years and has almost mastered the art of producing the best. That is why you should trust that this lightweight ankle holster will give you the best reward for your money.

Even when you’re running, your gun won’t be jiggling all over the place because the nylon strap and secure Velcro closing will keep your firearm in place. Many customers testify that their holster comes well packaged, missing no parts.

Retention is amazing on this holster. If you are not comfortable with the factory settings, you can easily adjust the retention with a screwdriver until it fits your liking. If you want to have easy access to your gun in this holster, make sure to wear baggy pants as tight pants will make drawing your gun a drag. Overall, this is an excellent, well-made ankle holster perfect for the weapon.


  • Suede lined Cordura pad.
  • Adjustable retention.
  • Velcro strap closing.


  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Very well-made.
  • Nylon strap grips the ankle nicely.


  • You must wear baggy pants for true concealment and easy access.


Fobus RU101 Paddle Holster

Fobus RU101 Paddle Holster

The Fobus RU101 Evolution Holster is a dream come true for Ruger LCR 357 owners. Fobus was going for maximum comfort with this lightweight holster, and they hit the mark. You can wear this holster for 12 hours or more without feeling a thing.

The paddle is nicely padded and is also curved to avoid chafing when wearing for long hours. The platform is stable, and you can hear a reassuring click every time you re-holster your weapon. Even though your gun will pull out pretty easily when you draw, the retention is very sturdy and stable. Because it is a paddle holster, you can quickly slip it on and off your waist.

The RU101 Paddle Holster is a very well-made product that fits like a glove. We advise that you take some time to file down the metal tabs sticking out from the rivets, or this may irritate your skin as you move around. This naturally wears away after some months of use but can be a discomfort when your holster is new.

This low-profile revolver holster is an incredible example of incredible evolution in modern-day holster design. This holster is fully adjustable. You can customize the retention pressure of your holster by adjusting the screws until it fits your preference. Even without adjustments, many customers enjoy incredible even while engaging in climbing, jumping, and running activities.


  • Lightweight design.
  • Adjustable retention screws.
  • Rubberized paddle.
  • Steel reinforced rivet system.


  • The low profile design makes it easier to conceal.
  • The paddle makes wearing and removing the holster simple.
  • Fits snugly.


  • You cannot tighten retention too much, or the plastic slab will break.
  • Two metal tabs stick out from the rivets and stab the skin.


Cardini Leather IWB Leather Holster

Cardini Leather IWB Leather Holster

Whether you want to wear your Ruger LCR 357 in the appendix, hip, or back position, this beautiful leather holster will do an excellent job. Not only does it look good, but this leather holster is also form-fitted for the LCR, and so it is strong and dependable. It is made from 100% genuine cowhide leather, a natural material that will not irritate your skin on contact.

The interior is also lined with soft leather ensuring your gun doesn’t suffer scratches when seated. Because it is made of real leather, this holster may be quite tight out the box, but it relaxes into shape after a few uses.

You can trust the craftsmanship of your holster because this company has been producing handmade holsters for 30 years and have a track record of producing quality materials. Each holster is thoroughly inspected for faults before it is shipped off to a customer.

Unlike other rigidly constructed holsters, this IWB holster will bends when you bend so that discomfort is eased, and you can carry your gun for a longer time. Apart from the quality leather material, the holster is constructed with a double stitch method to ensure it lasts for a very long time and doesn’t fall apart with rugged use.


  • Made from cowhide leather.
  • Available in brown and black.
  • Handmade by individual craftsmen.
  • Double-stitched.


  • Leather relaxes with use but still holds your gun firmly.
  • Comfortable t wear and move with.


  • It is tight before you break it in.


Maxx Carry IWB Revolver Holster

Maxx Carry IWB Revolver Holster

Available in right and left-handed options, this leather IWB revolver holster from Maxx Carry is the most snugly fitting leather holster you will find for the LCR. The leather workmanship is more excellent than the price it is sold for, and you can choose from brown or black colors. This holster offers extreme comfort during wear.

The original leather material does not irritate the skin like some synthetic materials are known to. The inside is lined with soft suede to protect your revolver from scratches and other damages. The holster also has a high back with a full sweat guard that acts as a shield to your skin, minimizing sweating and further reducing chances of skin irritation.

Maxx Carry’s IWB Holster will fit belts up to 1.75” and still be super comfortable to wear. It comes with a tempered steel belt clip with spring technology. Clipping and removing your holster from your belt is made very easy and fast because of this spring clip. That means you don’t have to go through a long ceremony to put it on before you leave the house or take it off when you get back.

With no imprinting on your clothes, this is an outstanding concealed carry holster for your Ruger LCR revolver. With a lifetime warranty of your holster, you’re sure to enjoy it for a very long time and maybe pass it on to another family member someday.


  • Full-length sweat guard.
  • Tempered spring clip.
  • Made with premium cowhide leather.
  • Suede lined interior.


  • Perfect clip for Ruger LCR 357
  • Easy removal and re-holster because of the spring clip


  • You need a belt of 1.75”.


Cardini Leather IWB Nylon Holster

Cardini Leather IWB Nylon Holster

makes high-quality leather holsters, but not everyone wants to deal with leather. With the same expert craftsmanship, the company has produced this extremely lightweight, minimal design nylon holster for everyone who wants a softer holster.

This is perfect for the LCR 357 revolver and other small guns. Some people use this holster for their LCR with laser attachment, and it works just fine even though it fits tighter than usual.

The cloth on this holster extends to cover the rubber grip on the LCR 357. This increases the comfort of wear because the grip isn’t constantly rubbing against your skin. The inside of this nylon holster is lined with soft polyurethane. This makes for a soft and cushy inside that protects your gun from scratching or damage.

Some customers said they would have liked some more resistance when drawing their weapons, but others like how smoothly and freely their firearms came out. In the end, it’s a matter of preference. Overall, this is a great product manufactured from quality materials that last long. The durability of this nylon holster has been tested and can even be compared to long-lasting leather holsters.


  • Made with soft nylon.
  • Polyurethane lined interior.
  • Available in brown and black.


  • Provides extreme comfort.
  • Polyurethane lined interior protects your pistol from damage.
  • Very durable.


  • The belt clip is placed too low.


Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Buying a Holster for Ruger LCR 357

While every holster on our list is top-notch quality and will be great to carry your revolver, not every gun owner will go for the same holster. Your wardrobe style and personal preferences will greatly influence your final decision. Apart from obvious points to consider like concealment, cost, and comfort, here are some other details you should think about before making a choice.


Fitting is a major worry because the wrong fit will mean your LCR might be too loose that it falls out of the holster or too tight that it is hard to draw. You want a holster that fits snugly, so your gun stays put. Leather is usually the best material for this job as it wears nicely without becoming overly loose.

Carry method

IWB or inside the waistband holsters are one of the best methods for concealed carry. However, bigger men and women find it uncomfortable when they sit, so they tend to go for paddle or ankle holsters.


Ask yourself the following usability questions:

  • Will I use my holster every day?
  • Where will I use it the most?
  • Will I carry my LCR even when it’s raining?

The answers to these questions will help you make a more informed choice based on how you plan to use your holster.

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Final Verdict

In the world of concealed carry revolvers, the Ruger LCR 357 is almost an unbeatable choice of weapon. It is small, fast, and incredibly easy to conceal, but you will still need to buy a holster to carry this revolver. Since the LCR is so small, you can easily use an IWB, ankle, or even a pocket holster.

For us, we highly recommend the IWB option from Maxx Carry because of that special spring clip that makes it very easy to draw your gun in an emergency. All the other options on our list are still great as they have their strong points. We hope you have a lot of fun selecting and purchasing your LCR 357 holster after reading this post.

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