Best Concealed Carry Holster for Ruger LCR 357 Revolver

As a 20 year military veteran and firearms training instructor, I’ve tested my fair share of holsters for concealed carry. When it comes to the lightweight Ruger LCR 357 revolver, having the right holster for deep concealment is crucial. Through extensive testing, I’ve identified the top 5 best Ruger LCR 357 holsters available today based on critical features like comfort, concealability, and ease of draw.

My Qualifications and Experience Carrying the Ruger LCR 357

Before reviewing my picks for the top concealed carry Ruger LCR 357 holsters on the market, let me briefly explain my background with firearms and CCW holsters. As someone who served in the military for over two decades and currently works as a professional defensive tactics and firearms instructor, I have vast hands-on experience with a wide variety of handguns and holsters.

The Ruger LCR 357 has become one of my favorites for everyday concealed carry over the past few years. Weighing in at just 23 ounces, this lightweight 5-shot revolver chambered for .357 Magnum combines compact size with the stopping power I want at my side.

As a self-defense and tactical shooting instructor, proper draw technique and holster selection are areas I actively train on and test with myself and students on a near daily basis.

Over years of concealed carry with the Ruger LCR 357 specifically, I’ve tried shoulder holsters, appendix carry rigs, ankle holsters, pocket holsters, and more. Through this extensive testing, I’ve narrowed down my top picks for the best Ruger LCR 357 holsters based on key criteria like speed of draw, concealment, comfort during prolonged wear, and durability.

So whether you are prior military or law enforcement looking for an exceptional CCW holster like I am, or a civilian concealed carrier wanting to stay armed with this compact but powerful revolver, use my expertise to select a high-quality holster optimized specifically for the Ruger LCR .357.

Comparison Table Of Best Ruger Lcr Holster

HolsterMaterialRetentionCant AdjustmentRide Height AdjustmentPrice
Fobus StandardKydexPassiveYesYes$30
Fobus RU101 PaddleKydexPassiveFixed 20 degNo$35
Cardini Leather IWBLeatherThumb StrapYesYes$65
Maxx Carry IWBBoltaronPassiveYesNo$25
Cardini Nylon IWBNylon/KydexPassiveYesYes$55

Best Ruger Lcr Holster

Fobus Concealed Carry holster for 357 revolver

Fobus Concealed Carry Ankle Holster

The Fobus Standard Holster is my top choice Ruger LCR 357 holster for deep concealment. With its slim profile kydex construction with adjustable cant, this holster disappears under a cover garment without printing.

I particularly like the passive retention this holster provides. It holds the LCR securely through friction but allows a smooth, fast draw stroke when needed thanks to its open-top design. The molding precisely indexes the revolver’s trigger guard area while leaving the handle exposed for rapid acquisition.

The Fobus Standard Holster utilizes four attachment methods, allowing you to configure it for strong-side hip carry, cross-draw, or even small-of-back positioning. I typically run mine pulled in tight at the 12:30 appendix position when concealing under a jacket or vest. But the adjustable belt clip, spacers, and paddle platform give you the flexibility to set the holster up optimally based on your body type, typical dress, and preferred draw technique.

When training repetitions drawing from concealment, I can consistently present the Ruger LCR .357 rapidly from this holster faster than bulkier or more restrictive rigs. And even during sustained all-day concealed carry, the Fobus remains comfortable without excessive bulk or poking pressure points.

The molded kydex shell retains its shape indefinitely and requires no break-in period. After over a year of daily carry use, mine still holds the LCR securely while remaining scratch and scuff-free on the outer finish. For the money, the durable construction provides exceptional value at around the $30 price point.

Overall, the Fobus Standard Holster leads my recommendations as the best concealed carry holster tailored specifically for the Ruger LCR .357 revolver.


  • Ultra concealable slim profile design
  • Allows a smooth, rapid draw stroke
  • 4 carry configurations (strong side, cross draw, appendix, etc)
  • Passive retention secures the revolver while allowing quick access
  • Durable Kydex construction with good rigidity
  • Excellent value under $35


  • Spare ammo difficult to carry
  • Lacks active retention mechanism (level 2/3 duty style rig)
  • Only comes in plain black


Fobus RU101 Paddle Holster

Fobus RU101 Paddle Holster

As a variant of my top choice Fobus concealed carry holster, the Fobus RU101 Paddle rig offers a simpler carry platform with the same slim, concealment-focused kydex holster body.

Rather than the spacers and interchangeable belt attachments on the standard model, the Ruger LCR Paddle holster utilizes a wide, curved paddle hooking over your belt to stabilize the holster. I find this setup slightly quicker and easier when first putting on the holster, without compromising stability or comfort once situated.

The paddle platform distributes pressure evenly across your waistline with enough spring tension to keep the rig secured in place during normal daily movement. When drawing, the RU101 clears leather rapidly while still retaining positive control during the stroke thanks to excellent molding around the LCR’s cylinder and trigger guard.

For deep concealed carry using an untucked cover garment like a jacket or vest, the paddle holster conceals just as effectively as the standard model. I also like the built-in 20-degree forward cant which orients the revolver optimally for an appendix draw. The cant angle facilitates getting a proper firing grip on the LCR’s small frame during the initial stroke.

Constructed from the same rigid, scratch-resistant kydex as the standard model holster, the RU101 provides rugged protection for the revolver along with structural stability ensuring consistent draw access. At around the $35 price point, this specialized LCR 357 paddle rig gives exceptional value.

For a simpler conceal carry platform focused on rapid lightweight carry and draw stroke efficiency, choose the Fobus RU101 Paddle Holster as one of the best holsters optimized for the Ruger LCR .357.


  • Excellent balance of deep concealment and rapid draw access
  • Paddle platform quick and easy to put on/take off
  • Canted position orients revolver ideally for appendix draw
  • Allows establishing proper firing grip during the draw stroke
  • Rigid Kydex construction protects revolver
  • Great value under $40


  • Spare ammo difficult to carry
  • Only comes in plain black
  • The paddle hook can sag loosely with heavier pants/belt


Cardini Leather IWB Leather Holster

Cardini Leather IWB Leather Holster

For those looking for an inside-the-waistband leather holster for their snub-nosed Ruger LCR, the Cardini IWB rig makes a solid choice for all-day concealed carry comfort.

The premium steer hides leather molds comfortably to your body over time while retaining structural rigidity protecting the revolver. The molding process does produce a bit of initial bulk, but after a couple of weeks of carry break-in, the holster slims down significantly. The sweat guard also compresses down minimizing printing through shirts.

I configured my Cardini IWB holster canted forward at about 1:30 cross draw position on my strong side. But with adjustable retention and customizable cant angles, you can dial it in for appendix, behind the hip, or even small back carry. Just ensure your grip accommodates the particular draw angle and clearance.

While Kydex rigs allow a faster initial break from the holster during the draw stroke, Cardini’s thumb snap retention keeps the LCR planted until you establish a proper firing grip. This enhances safety during the presentation by eliminating unintended ejection of the lightweight revolver.

Despite the secure active retention, practice ensures reliably defeating the thumb strap to access the Ruger LCR rapidly when needed. The premium leather construction holds up well to repeated draw strokes without excessive wear or stretching over time. And at around $65, the quality leatherwork delivers solid value for an American-made CCW holster.

For those wanting a well-crafted, customized-fit leather rig to carry their Ruger LCR .357, choose the Cardini IWB holster for all-day comfort with solid retention.


  • Premium USA leather hand molded for a customized fit
  • Allows configurable cant and adjustable retention
  • Full firing grip achievable before draw stroke
  • The thumb snap retention strap ensures secure carry
  • Comfortable for prolonged all-day concealment
  • Quality craftsmanship and materials


  • Longer break-in period to achieve a slimmer profile
  • Slower initial draw stroke compared to Kydex rigs
  • Only available in brown leather finish


Maxx Carry IWB Revolver Holster

Maxx Carry IWB Revolver Holster

The Maxx Carry IWB Kydex Holster makes a great choice for those wanting an affordable appendix carry rig for their Ruger LCR 357 revolver.

Featuring a minimalist profile kydex body with a compact 1.5-inch belt clip, this holster tucks securely inside the waistband while minimizing bulk. The undercut trigger guard notch allows you to get enough of your finger onto the LCR’s small frame to establish an adequate firing grip from the draw.

I like the adjustable cant on this model, which allows configuring your revolver’s angle from a straight draw out to a raked 15-degree appendix carry angle. This facilitates personalizing a fast, efficient draw stroke angle that matches your body mechanics and grip technique.

The Maxx Carry IWB holster utilizes a passive friction retention fitting the LCR’s cylinder and trigger guard shape securely while enabling a smooth, fast draw. Pressure from your waistband further stabilizes the revolver during carry. This prevents the short LCR barrel length with exposed hammer spur from snagging during normal movement.

Constructed from .093-inch Bolton thermoplastic, the shell remains rigid enough for consistent draw access without excess bulk. It also proves quite durable, emerging unscathed from repeated range drawing sessions grinding against barricades and other props.

Considering the reasonable $25 asking price, the quality and performance of this minimalist IWB Kydex rig prove exceptional. For those wanting a rugged, highly concealable appendix carry holster for their lightweight J-frame revolver, grab the Maxx Carry IWB.


  • Minimalist IWB design for deep concealed appendix carry
  • The undercut trigger notch enables adequate grip pre-draw
  • Adjustable cant settings from straight to 15 degrees
  • Durable .093 inch Bolton plastic construction
  • Excellent value under $30


  • Lacks active retention mechanism
  • Spare ammo difficult to carry
  • The belt clip could be more robust


Cardini Leather IWB Nylon Holster

Cardini Leather IWB Nylon Holster

For an ultra-smooth draw stroke from a nylon IWB holster, take a look at the Cardini Leather Inside Pants rig. It conceals as discretely as quality leather yet draws even faster.

The molder nylon outer finish keeps the holster slim and slick while the polymer sight rail and hardened trigger guard notch retain their molded shapes to index the LCR perfectly. This allows for establishing an ideal firing grip during the initial draw stroke movement.

Like quality leather, the inner layer molds comfortably to your waistline for smooth concealed carry. A hardened Kydex apex ramp inside the holster also facilitates guiding the muzzle up and out on target quickly from the draw stroke while retaining the revolver securely through friction.

The clip accommodates deep concealment appendix carry positioning by allowing full adjustment of ride height and cant settings. This customizes setup for the fastest access from your personal draw position. The clip also utilizes two attachment points for enhanced stability.

During high round count defensive pistol courses, I’ve found the Cardini nylon holster withstands sweat and stays put even when wearing slick workout apparel. The materials even endure environmental extremes well, showing no cracking despite sub-freezing winter daily carry.

While waiver than premium leather, the hybrid nylon/kydex construction produces a durable holster optimized for the rapid lightweight carry of snub nose J-frame type revolvers like the Ruger LCR 357. If you want a breathable IWB rig for maximized concealment and fast draw stroke, choose the Cardini Nylon holster.


  • Slick nylon exterior for optimized concealment
  • Allows fully configurable ride height/cant
  • Kydex apex ramp enables smooth rapid draw stroke
  • Breathable and durable in extreme conditions
  • Stays secure even wearing slick fabrics


  • MinimalCombat grip less customizable than leather
  • No active retention mechanism


Choosing the Best Ruger LCR 357 Concealed Carry Holster

When selecting a holster for concealed carry, you need to consider factors like a typical dress, body type, grip technique, and draw position. My goal was designing this review was to highlight Ruger LCR 357 holster options optimized for deep concealment and rapid access across common civilian carry scenarios.

Based on testing concealment, draw speed, comfort, and durability, I recommend the Fobus Standard Holster for most concealed carriers wanting an ultra-low profile Kydex rig that disappears under cover garments. The Fobus RU101 Paddle model also offers excellent concealment and draw efficiency with easier on/off convenience.

For those wanting a molded-fit leather holster for all-day carry, choose the Cardini IWB rig with an active retention strap. And if you prefer a smoother, slicker nylon holster body for athletic carry, grab the Cardini Nylon holster.

With proper training and practice, any of these Ruger LCR 357 holsters will serve you well for discreet protection on and off duty. But subtle differences in carry position, build quality, and draw stroke dynamics distinguish the best deep concealment holster for your personal needs.

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Final Verdict

When choosing a concealed carry holster for the Ruger LCR .357, consider your typical style of dress, desired carry location and any specialized features like retention straps or cant adjustment. Testing different rigs extensively under live fire allows identify the best holster matching your draw stroke technique. But with proper training, all five of these purpose-built LCR 357 models can serve reliably for discreet daily protection.

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