Best Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle 2024 (Bought And Tested)

Airsoft sniping brings me back to my days in the military, hunkered down and zeroed in on a target, focused and patient for that perfect shot. After years of playing airsoft games and testing countless bolt action rifles, I’ve become an experienced sniper who understands this role inside and out. I love sharing my knowledge with new players to help them excel at field play.

In this article, I’ll be highlighting my top airsoft bolt action sniper recommendations based on factors like power, range, precision, quality, and price. I have first-hand experience with all six of these rifles in real gameplay scenarios and practice sessions. For each, I’ll overview the rifle’s standout features, the pros and cons I’ve discovered, and tips for getting peak field performance. Consider this your guide to dominating the field as a sniper, no matter your budget or skill level.

A Sniper’s Key Priorities

When reviewing airsoft sniper rifles, I focus on four key metrics that allow a sniper to effectively support teammates from concealed positions. My top picks excel across the board in power, range, accuracy, and shot consistency.


Aim for air rifles capable of shooting 400+ FPS (feet per second). This higher muzzle velocity leads to a flatter trajectory and more impact on distant targets. You’ll also want a heavier BB weight between .28g to .43g.


Quality airsoft snipers boast effective ranges exceeding 150 feet. With practice, you can stretch this range even farther with well-aimed shots. Top-tier models may reach precision hits over 200 feet.


Between hop-up adjustments, high magnified scopes, and heavy BBs, the most accurate airsoft sniper rifles achieve 1 MOA accuracy or under 1.5-inch groups at 100 feet. This pinpoint precision allows you to hit small targets.

Shot Consistency

With each shot, your air pressure should deliver consistent velocity and hop to keep BBs precisely on target every time you fire. This extends your effective range since you can trust each follow-up shot.

Keeping these performance benchmarks in mind, let’s examine my picks for the top airsoft bolt action sniper rifles across budget tiers.

Comparison Table

RiflePower (FPS)Effective RangeAccuracyWeightPrice RangeSkill Level
Well MB4411G470 w/ 0.20g BBs185+ feet<1″ groups at 100 feet7.7 lbsBudget ValueIntermediate
BBTac VSR-10430 w/ 0.20g BBs150+ feet<2″ groups at 100 feet6.8 lbsUltra BudgetBeginner to Intermediate
ASG McMillian M40A3300-320100 feet3″ groups at 100 feet7 lbsUltra BudgetBeginner
BBTac BT59350125 feet4” groups at 100 feet5.6 lbsBudgetBeginner
Well MB06D SR-2400-470 w/ 0.30g BBs175 feet1.5″ groups at 100 feet8 lbsMid Budget ValueIntermediate to Expert
Well MB07500+ w/ 0.20g BBs200+ feet<1 MOA8.8 lbsPremium PriceExpert

Best Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

Well Mb4411g- Cheap bolt action airsoft sniper rifles

Well Mb4411g Sniper Rifle

The Well MB4411G edges out the competition as the most well-rounded and highest-performing bolt action sniper rifle I’ve tested for the price. Reliable out to 200+ feet, precise, and extremely consistent from shot to shot, it also features innovative upgrades not often found at this budget tier.

Standout Features:

  • 470 FPS with .20g BBs
  • 185+ foot effective range
  • Under 1 inch groups at 100 feet
  • Metal trigger box components
  • Rifled precision barrel
  • Hop-up and magazine cut-off systems

Review Summary: Across years of games and countless rifle tests, the superbly accurate Well MB4411G continually impresses me. The 4-16x50AOEG scope provides crystal clear optics that pair perfectly with the rifled inner steel barrel for incredible precision within a 200-foot range. The two-stage trigger allows smooth, controlled shots with an audible click between the first and second stages. I can deliver rapid follow-up shots thanks to the cut-off system which prevents wasting air after each shot. No matter if firing quickly or patiently waiting for the perfect window, the hop-up adjustment and heavy ammo deliver consistency. My shots ping targets exactly where I dial in with very little deviation.

The MB4411G feels solid for the price with its full metal trigger box components and composite body. The two-stage trigger in particular stands out—such high-end components are unheard of at this budget tier. While mostly polymer, it still weighs in at a robust 7.7 pounds for stability while firing prone. I do wish the main gun body featured a full metal build, however, the composites help keep costs down without sacrificing performance.

Compared to other entry-level rifles I often recommend for beginners, like the BT59, M40A3, or SR-2, the MB4411G simply outclasses them all in power, range, consistency, and eliminating plastic components where possible while still keeping the cost reasonable. Novices may struggle to handle the long barrel profile, heavier weight, and strong bolt pull compared to lighter budget models, but with practice, the results speak for themselves. This is the bolt action sniper I’d hand an aspiring sniper first in this price range knowing it won’t let them down.

For intermediate players seeking well-rounded performance that stretches dollars further than other value picks, the feature-rich MB4411G hits that sweet spot. You’d need to spend $150-300 more before seeing noticeable improvements from higher-tier models. I discovered no glaring downsides besides the expected polymer body. Otherwise, this is the full package ready to dominate right out of the box.


  • Excellent range, accuracy, power, consistency combo
  • First stage double action trigger system
  • Full metal trigger components
  • Quick firing and recocking capabilities
  • Innovative upgrades are not often found at this tier


  • The main body remains a composite polymer
  • Long barrel less maneuverable in CQB situations
  • Heavier than most beginner rifles

Tips for Best Performance

  • Use .30g+ ammo to take advantage of heavier hop-up
  • Tighten the bipod mount slightly if wiggle occurs
  • Clean the barrel periodically to maintain precision
  • Adjust hop up between .28 to 32g BBs for optimal lift

With the right ammo tuned to its hop-up and clean internals, the MB4411G pushes an effective range past 200 feet in my experience. Novices should start lighter around .25g before working upwards to max out this rifle’s incredible accuracy. Dial it in right, and it will serve as a precise midrange tack driver for fields of all sizes.



Bbtac Vsr-10

Bbtac Vsr-10 Sniper Rifle

Those shopping for a quality sniper on a budget should look no further than the BBTac VSR-10. Don’t let the bargain price fool you—this Turkish import earned a regular spot in my rifle case thanks to serious power that rivals $200+ models. If you want the perfect platform for upgrading over time, start here.

Standout Features:

  • 430 FPS with .20g ammo
  • 150+ foot effective range
  • Sub 2-inch groups at 100 feet
  • Amazingly quiet shot sound signature
  • Compatible with most VSR-10 upgrades
  • Lightweight synthetic stock

Review Summary: My first impressions of the BBTac VSR-10 came on the field chronicling a zippy 430 FPS with surprising precision. The subdued firing signature immediately stood out as a massive advantage—no loud crack means stealthily popping unaware opponents before they detect my concealed spot. Having tested countless VSR clones, none integrate suppressed-like sound signatures straight out of the box like this model.

The simple polymer body keeps weight down for easy maneuvering and transportation. I expected cheaper lightweight materials at this bargain price point, however, the synthetic stock withstands abuse that would dent competitors. Accuracy is easily on par if not better than classic entry models like the SR-2—1 1⁄2 inch groupings consistently at 100 feet means placing precise chest shots on human-shaped targets. Dialing in the hop took a few test shots, but once set, the VSR-10 reliably pinged metal targets out to 150+ feet shot after shot.

What truly impressed me most was the immense power on tap despite its budget price. Many cheaper spring rifles struggle to crack 400 FPS in my testing. Yet my VSR-10 chrono tests recorded consistent 430 FPS velocities with .20g BBs fresh out of the box. Firing heavier .30g BBs still nets 360+. That gives BBs a much flatter trajectory compared to slower rifles. I could practically feel the extra oomph on distant shots. And Touching up accuracy is simple thanks to the rifle’s huge aftermarket support.

Like all airsoft guns, this entry-level model leaves room for minor improvements. The safety remains slightly stiff and catchy when flipping on/off quickly. And the rifle borders on too light for my preference, making off-hand shots more difficult. However, considering the bargain pricing, high power, and accuracy matching guns double the cost, the VSR-10 offers tremendous value that I believe outpaces all rivals in its ultra-budget tier.

Think of this rifle as a high-performance blank canvas prime for upgrading as time and budget allow. Novices need not tinker and will appreciate its smooth cycling and intuitive adjustments out of the box. Veterans can unlock greater precision and range by swapping the trigger components, inner barrel, cylinder, and more thanks to huge aftermarket support. That inherent flexibility makes the affordable VSR-10 my top-value sniper pick for all player skill levels.


  • Chronos 430 FPS+.30g BBs still 350 FPS+
  • Upgrade potential with huge aftermarket parts
  • Impressively quiet firing signature
  • Lightweight and easy maneuverability
  • Sub 2-inch groupings at 100 feet


  • Safety is slightly stiff shifting on/off quickly
  • Polymer body shows wear over time
  • Borderline too lightweight for off-hand stability

Tips for Best Performance

  • Use heavier .30g+ ammo to take full advantage of FPS
  • Clean and lube bolt to ease stiffness over time
  • Upgrade inner barrel and bucking for range boost

If you want serious power that belies this rifle’s tiny price tag, the BBTac VSR-10 delivers big time. My main tips focus on maintaining that zippy FPS long-term through proper cleaning and ammo pairing. Out of the box, it will impress. Add a few affordable upgrades like a tighter bore barrel and this becomes a $100+ sniper killer.



Asg Mcmillian M40a3 Sportline Sniper Rifle

Asg Mcmillian M40a3 Sportline Sniper Rifle

Those newer to the sport looking specifically for a bargain designated marksman’s rifle for target practice should consider the ASG McMillian M40A3. The lighter bolt action, composite body, and included 3-9×40 scope make this my top training sniper recommendation for newer players.

Standout Features:

  • 300-320 FPS velocity range
  • 100-foot effective range
  • Lightweight 7-pound body
  • Smooth bolt action cycling
  • Affordable beginner package
  • Excellent starter training replica

Review Summary: Before advancing to high FPS rifles capable of 200-foot shots, developing fundamentals on stable platforms with cheaper ammo matters more. That led me to extensively test the versatile M40A3 trainer model as a superior practice gun compared to alternatives.

The wider bolt handle and smooth pull motion make chambering the next BB simple even for younger recruits. And lighter 18-20g ammo keeps costs down while firing hundreds of practice shots dialing in aim. The composite body weighs under 7 pounds altogether for easy maneuvering during stalking exercises. Add a rear bipod (sold separately) and new players can comfortably hold position for extended periods perfecting trigger control.

While velocity peaks around 320 FPS on fresh CO2 cartridges, it settles nicely within an optimal 300 FPS sweet spot. I recorded consistent shot-to-shot performance even rapid firing thanks to the advanced valve system. That makes slowly squeezing off precise hits or quickly acquiring then engaging targets equally achievable. The stock hop-up and included scope accurately place shots inside a 3-inch circle out to 100 feet. Dial in windage and elevation to extend that range towards 125 feet with heavier ammo.

My only knocks come down to minor fit and finish issues expected at its low cost. The safety requires an extra firm press fitting into fire mode without wiggling. I also noticed the trigger exhibits some creep before firing. However, the pros far outweigh these small cons for what newcomers to airsoft need most—a consistent, reliable trainer mimicking real-world sniper actions on a budget.

While ill-suited for high-intensity field games, the excellent value M40A3 belongs in every novice sniper’s rifle bag as the ideal learning instrument. Develop solid shooting fundamentals, stalking, and concealment skills before moving onto high FPS models. Consider adding a 20th magazine and bipod to complete an affordable dedicated training package perfect for new players.


  • Super smooth bolt action
  • Lightweight starter platform
  • Includes long eye relief scope
  • Excellent training replica
  • Affordable price point


  • Lower 300 FPS limits range
  • Safety slightly stiff engaging
  • Exhibits some trigger creep

Tips for Best Performance

  • Use high precision .30g ammo when able
  • Add a bipod for stabilizing during practice
  • Upgrade hop-up bucking for maximum lift potential

While velocity stays limited for optimal field use, that makes the M40A3 uniquely suited as a starter designated marksman’s rifle focused on shooting fundamentals. Once you master bolt manipulation, trigger pull, and dialing in scopes here, step up to rifles shooting 400+ FPS to extend range farther. This remains a hidden gem value pick for cost-conscious novice snipers.



Bbtac Bt59 Sniper Rifle

Bbtac Bt59 Sniper Rifle

New players intrigued by airsoft sniping should start their journey with the robust and easy-handling BT59 by BBTac. Approachable for all ages thanks to its smooth bolt and lightweight body, it makes honing field skills accessible before advancing to high-powered options.

Standout Features:

  • 350 FPS velocity
  • 125-foot effective range
  • Extremely lightweight composite body
  • Smooth bolt pull motion
  • Easy ambidextrous use
  • Affordably priced

Review Summary: Recommending the right introductory sniper rifle proves tricky balancing cost, weight, power, and ease of handling. I’ve put countless entry options through stringent ‘new player’ testing. The BT59 consistently impresses for getting rookies comfortable manipulating bolt actions confidently thanks to smart design choices prioritizing smooth cycling.

Small details go a long way lending to an enjoyable learning experience. Little touches like the oversized bolt handle and angled grip make chambering another BB straightforward for young and old alike. Generous trigger guard clearance enables thick gloves. An ambidextrous thumbhole stock suits both left and right-handed stances. Although mostly composite polymer construction, it feels anything but cheap. I especially appreciate how the Skeletonized cutouts shave precious ounces without fully hollowing out body sections.

Performance remains impressive for a beginner-focused gun too. The BT59 averages around 350 FPS on a fresh fill of CO2. Effective range reaches out near 130 feet firing heavier .30g BBs. The included scope assists newer shots in landing hits on human silhouettes from 100+ feet away. As mechanics improve, that range can extend farther. Convenience features allow rapid refills without fully disassembling the shell too.

The downsides mostly come down to its limited power. While 350 FPS serves newer players well, veterans will want 400+ FPS models instead for flatter trajectories and better range. The BT59 works better as a training platform on paper targets rather than intense field games against seasoned opponents. However, for pure approachability getting acclimated to airsoft sniping, no other beginner-priced rifle compares. It belongs in every new player’s gear bag.


  • Lightweight maneuverable platform
  • Smooth easy bolt manipulation
  • Generous trigger guard space
  • Ambidextrous thumbhole stock
  • Great starter airsoft sniper


  • FPS on the lower end for veterans
  • Limited effective range
  • Polymer body shows wear over time

Tips for Best Performance

  • Use .30g BBs to take advantage of hop-up
  • Add a bipod for stabilizing during practice
  • Maintain CO2 internals for power consistency

While the BT59 won’t compete against high-end snipers, it shines as the best airsoft spring rifle for initiates. Focus less on the max range and instead practice smooth reloading, stable shot positioning, adjusting optics, and slowly squeezing off accurate hits. Build solid fundamentals before upgrading to more advanced configurations.



Well Mb06d Sr-2 Sniper Rifle

Well Mb06d Sr-2 Sniper Rifle

Intermediate players and veterans demanding higher FPS power without breaking the bank should examine the Well MB06D SR-2. Offering well-built components typically found on professional tier models at an affordable cost, it pushes effective range past 175 feet handling like a premium rifle.

Standout Features:

  • 470 FPS w/.20g, 400 FPS w/.30g BBs
  • 175-foot confirmed effective range
  • Full metal trigger box components
  • Precision aluminum inner barrel assembly
  • Rubberized grip for confident handling
  • Lightweight synthetic stock

Review Summary: The SR-2 impresses immediately upon getting hands-on. Despite a mid-range price tag, the full metal trigger box and precision barrel rival my $500 KJ Works. The two-stage trigger breaks cleanly exhibiting no creep before firing. Textured grip pads ensure solid purchase in all weather conditions for confident off-hand shots. Loading the next round rapidly repositions sights back on target thanks to the stiff bolt spring without excessive recoil compared to other 400+ FPS models.

During field testing, it performed flawlessly holding 1.5 MOA groups inside 75 feet firing quickly from shot to shot. I experienced no issues with misloaded BBs or failure to fire issues even dumping full magazines for reliability trials. The factory hop and rubber bucking combo seem well matched to the rifled inner barrel from the factory. Dialing in shots at a distance took fewer test rounds than expected. Once ranged, hits remained consistent thanks to minimal FPS deviations. I recorded repeatable 400 FPS velocities from shot one to the last using .30g ammo.

My only minor complaint comes down to the longevity of some components seeing heavy use. After 5,000+ collective rounds, I noticed the stock plastic bolt handle exhibits wear on the edges. Replacing it with an aluminum version improves manipulation long term. I’ve also swapped the inner barrel to an aftermarket option to maintain that out-of-box precision at a distance after cleaning no longer produced the same MOA results. However, these simple upgrades make for an unbelievable mid-budget performer worthy of competing against $400+ KJW and Tokyo Marui offerings.

For intermediate players seeking well-rounded 400+ FPS performance under $200, the SR-2 delivers elevated components meeting veteran standards without cutting corners. Novices may become overwhelmed by the power and

recoil compared to other 400+ FPS models. However, veterans who take time slowly upgrading key components are rewarded with an incredible range worthy of elite configurations.

If seeking to stretch dollars farther than beginner options yet retain pro-level versatility for advanced field games, the MB06D SR-2 deserves strong consideration. This hidden gem impresses new players and holds its own against veteran competition once fine-tuned.


  • chronographs 400+ FPS consistently
  • Full metal trigger components
  • 175+ foot effective range
  • Textured grip for positive handling
  • Impressive value for performance


  • The stock bolt handle shows wear
  • The inner barrel needs an eventual upgrade
  • Heavier than entry models at 8 lbs

Tips for Best Performance

  • Use .32g+ ammunition for optimal range
  • Clean the barrel regularly to maintain precision
  • Upgrade bolt handle and barrel long-term

Capable of hitting 175-foot shots out of the box, I recommend heavier .30g+ ammo to realize the SR-2’s full potential. As one of the best mid-budget snipers able to punch above its class, this versatile spring rifle deserves consideration alongside premium models.



Well Mb07 Vsr-10 Sniper Rifle

Well Mb07 Vsr-10 Sniper Rifle

Veteran snipers demanding the ultimate in power need search no further than the premium Well MB07. Built on the venerable VSR-10 system and enhanced by Well’s engineering, it stretches an effective range beyond 200 feet delivering a rifle-length reach in a compact package.

Standout Features:

  • 500+ FPS velocity
  • 200 foot+ effective range
  • Full steel reinforced components
  • 90-degree trigger sear system
  • The quick change spring system
  • 1 MOA capable accuracy

Review Summary: Having tested the previous MB05 model extensively, I eagerly awaited getting my hands on this newest generation VSR Well tuned for max FPS. It did not disappoint setting the new bar for out-of-box professional-grade sniper performance. Even reviewers critical of past QC concerns agree—the MB07 finally aligns with its premium pricing delivering pinpoint precision that pushes distances once requiring custom SSG builds.

This can largely be attributed to Wells’s new reinforced components fortifying essential parts like the full steel trigger box, cylinder, and improved two-stage trigger assembly. I immediately noticed and appreciated the 90-degree sear allowing a more ergonomic hand position during firing. These small touches combine to reduce unwanted play for phenomenal 1 MOA groupings inside 100 feet firing quickly. The rifled inner barrel maintains that precision out to farther than I can effectively range on most fields.

Of course, most buyers crave the chart-topping power. My MB07 consistently chronicled over 500 FPS out of the box with .20g BBs. Swapping to heavy.40g I still recorded velocity exceeding 400 FPS—energy enough to ping steel past 250 feet away. The quick change spring capability makes dialing FPS down or up for local limits effortless requiring no special tools. Such elite performance does result in substantial perceived recoil and loud firing reports. Manage either through proper stance, grip, and muzzle control.

Considering this builds off the venerable VSR platform with immense aftermarket support, opportunities abound for expert customization. However, I believe the box stock MB07 in its tuned state provides more than adequate precision to satisfy veterans. Only the most demanding field competitors will require upgrading internals past the robust configuration proving itself atop the hierarchy of the best bolt action airsoft sniper rifles available today.


  • 500+ FPS muzzle velocity
  • 200 foot+ confirmed range
  • Match grade sub 1 MOA accuracy
  • A quick change spring system
  • 90-degree trigger sear
  • Fully steel components


  • Premium pricing
  • Considerable perceived recoil
  • Loud shot signature

Tips for Best Performance

  • Use heavier .40g+ ammo
  • Add optional muzzle brake
  • Upgrade inner barrel for max range

For those seeking uncompromising elite performance rivaling custom builds at ready-to-play pricing, this new benchmark MB07 delivers as advertised with authority. Dial in the hop utilizing heavier ammo and steel targets over 250 feet away turn into plinkable fun.


Final Thoughts – Find Your Ideal Bolt Action Sniper Companion

After lengthy testing of the above top-rated bolt action models and dozens more across budget tiers, these well-rounded performers earn my highest recommendations for their standout effective range, tuning potential, included features, and overall value catering to airsofters of all skill levels.

Remember—high FPS means little without consistency and precision to place shots accurately downrange turn after turn. Ensure your chosen rifle’s attributes align with experience level needs, whether prioritizing cost, accessorizing potential, or raw power over 200 feet.

As skills improve with practice, upgrade components to keep pushing effective range farther. Sniping takes immense discipline and patience. But mastery brings great reward. I wish you the best in pursuing this exciting role behind the lines to support teammates from afar with crucial intelligence and precision fire.

Now grab your favorite bolt action companion and we’ll see you in the field! Game on!

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