Best Holster for Fat Guys (Appendix & Concealed Carry)

It isn’t uncommon to be attacked these days. If you’re a big and fat guy, there are even more chances of multiple attackers coming for you at the same time because of your size. If you’re looking to protect yourself, a gun can be an excellent choice to get the job done. Carrying a firearm in the appendix position is not only one of the best ways to conceal a weapon, but it is also very convenient for an easy draw and holstering.

If you’re ready to carry in the appendix position, check out our top 7 appendix holsters for big guys to make a choice that will work for you.

All You Should Know About Appendix Carry

Before you jump into the goodies, let’s take a look at some important points you should have in mind as you select a suitable appendix holster for big and fat guys.

  • Ride height: this means where the trigger is seated. A ride hide height means the trigger is about 1/4 inch above the belt, mid-ride height means the trigger is located at the belt and low ride height means 1/4 inch below your belt. We recommend high ride height for big guys but this setting truly relies on the user’s comfort. Make sure the holster you choose has an adjustable ride height for customization.
  • AIWB specific holsters: there are many AIWB holsters for big and fat guys and we have many on the list below. We have found that this is one of the best types of appendix holster for bigger people and as such, we recommend it. Make sure to select a high-quality model that suits your taste.
  • Carry angle: many appendix holsters come with one set carry angle setting that cannot be adjusted. As a bigger guy, you need adjustability to be able to enjoy maximum comfort while carrying in the appendix position. Select a holster with a fully adjustable cant or carry angle.
  • Shape: if you want to carry concealed, consider selecting a small appendix holster with minimal bulk. This is not compulsory but it helps increase comfort.

Best Appendix Carry  Holster for Fat Guys (Big & Overweight guys)

I know how hard it can be to find the right conceal and carry holster as a big guy. I personally bought some holsters and tested them in order to compile this comprehensive resource that is meant to help fellow big guys make an informed decision about which concealed carry holster suits their needs best.

Best Holster For Fat Guys  (IWB & Belly band)

Spheresun IWB Kydex- Best concealed carry holster for fat guys

Spheresun IWB Kydex Holster

The most important thing a bug guy looks out for in an appendix holster is comfort. This IWB Holster from Spheresun provides just that and even more. The materials, design, and overall process used by this company is very thorough to ensure customers get high-quality products at good prices. There is even an audible click when you holster your gun to assure you it is in place and will not be going anywhere.

This holster will fit your Glock very snugly and hold the pistol secure all day. Because it stays put and doesn’t move around, the comfort of wear is extremely high. You can wear this holster all through the day and not even feel a thing.

Some big and fat guys with very huge midsections might find some difficulty bending without having the handle stab their gut, but this holster is generally comfortable while walking, standing, and sitting.

Be rest assured your friend will enjoy this product if you send it to them as a gift. The black design looks nice and stealthy while being highly adjustable. Your friend can easily adjust retention and carry angle to their preference with a screw and enjoy guaranteed lifetime usage with this IWB holster. Just put on your 1.5” tactical belt, loop in the belt clip and you are good to go all day.


  • Adjustable retention and carry angle.
  • Audible posi-click lock system.
  • Full-length sweat guard.


  • Very well built.
  • A perfectly tight fit that will hold your gun securely.
  • Super comfortable.
  • Belt clips loop around your belt.


  • Only fits some Glock models.
  • Only for right-handed shooters.


Alien Gear Holsters Appendix Holster

Alien Gear Holsters Appendix Holster

As a big and fat guy, it can be difficult to completely conceal your gun. With this holster, you can say goodbye to the visible footprint you suffer from carrying your gun in other holsters. it has a soft neoprene backing that is flexible and comfortable for your skin.

This backing makes it easy for your gun and holster to shift to the most comfortable positions and move as you do throughout the day. Neoprene is breathable and also serves as a sweat-striping material to eradicate any irritations from constant contact with your skin.

This holster is compatible with the full line of ShapeShift products from Alien Gear. That means you can combine it with other tools and accessories from the line to increase versatility and carry positions from shoulder to open carry and concealed appendix carry. As a custom-molded IWB holster, your firearm is sure to fit snugly and securely. The ShapeShift shell wraps your trigger fully to ensure the highest security.

You will also enjoy easy tool-less adjustment with this IWB holster. Whatever retention you require for smooth draw and re-holstering, you can customize retention settings without needing extra tools.  Carry angle and ride height can also be adjusted without the use of tools.


  • Custom molded.
  • Adjustable retention.
  • Compatible with Alien Gear’s ShapeShift technology.
  • Neoprene backing.
  • Comes with a sturdy belt clip.


  • Reduced footprint with the neoprene backing.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.


  • Kydex is quite thick and adds bulk.


Advanced Shooting Appendix Holster

Advanced Shooting Appendix Holster

If a strong holster is what you’re searching for, you don’t have to look any further than this product from Advanced Performance Shooting. Even with the most rigorous and frequent use, this holster is so strong it is virtually unbreakable.

We credit this to the super-strong Kydex material used in the manufacture and the rigorous process of handcrafting each holster. Apart from securely carrying your firearm, this holster has a magazine pouch for your convenience.

No matter how many holsters you have in your collection, this Appendix holster will stand out as a super comfortable option. You can wear it all day and not feel a thing. You can even adjust the ride height of the belt clips to fit your preference so drawing your weapon is smooth and easy.

You don’t want to deal with bulk when your aim is complete concealed carry. The bulk will not be an issue with this holster as the slim minimalist design is very low profile and lightweight. You shouldn’t have to deal with a complicated holster that has unnecessary fittings and curves. A simple one like this will deliver more on functionality than any other fancy holster.


  • Tuckable design.
  • Has a magazine pouch.
  • Made with strong Kydex.
  • Handcrafted in the USA.


  • Extremely comfortable to wear. You can put it on all day.
  • Built strong and made to last.
  • Slim and simple design.


  • Adjusting is complicated.


Relentless- Most comfortable IWB holster for fat guys

Relentless IWB Defender Leather Holster

The beauty of a holster might not mean much to some people, but if you’re particular about how your holster looks, this is an excellent option. Made with 100% genuine bull-hide leather, this is an exquisite IWB holster fit for everyday use. The leather is not only beautiful, it makes for a very strong holster that will last a lifetime.

Most big guys are worried about how long their holster will last since their size hastens the natural wear and tear process on holsters to make them age faster. Skip the cheap nylon holsters and go for this Leather IWB Holster from Relentless Tactical.

You might be able to use this holster with more than one firearm if you have different guns. It is uniquely designed to fit more than 100 concealed carry guns on the market. You can even select from a brown or black color depending on your preference.

The stitching on the leather is expertly done and very strong. Paired with good-quality leather, you are assured this holster will stand the test of time. The belt clip is also strong as it is made from sturdy steel that won’t budge.

It’s easier for skinny guys to carry concealed in the appendix position but this holster makes it super comfortable for big and fat guys with a hanging stomach. You can carry it comfortably at 1 o’clock and 5 o’clock positions whether sitting, standing, or walking. The genuine leather material of construction also adds points for comfort.

In the appendix style, your holster will have a lot of contact with your skin. You don’t want a synthetic material that will cause skin irritations but a genuine leather holster like this one that will be comfortable even when worn all day.


  • Has a sturdy belt clip.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Made with genuine bull-hide leather.
  • Built to fit most compact handguns.


  • The stitching is strong and well done.
  • No skin irritations because the leather is genuine.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Very comfortable for daily wear.


  • Trigger guard indents on the holster.


Cya Supply Co.- Most Comfortable Iwb Holster For Fat Guys

CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster

Having difficulty finding a decent appendix carry holster because you’re a leftie? This IWB Left Handed Holster from CYA Supply Co. is the answer you’ve been waiting for. Many holsters are built for right-handed people and some of the so-called ambidextrous designs don’t work very well for left-handed shooters. Because this model has been specifically designed for left-handed use, you are sure to enjoy maximum comfort and control as a leftie.

This left-handed holster is made from Boltaron, an extremely durable thermoplastic that is similar to Kydex. Most holsters are made from Kydex, but Boltaron is a superior material because it is also chemical and abrasion-resistant. Its hardness, impact resistance, and ability to keep form make it better for durability than Kydex, especially in hot weather. When you insert your pistol into the holster, you hear a positive click sound that assures you the weapon is secure.

The carry angle of this holster can be easily adjusted from 0° to 15° degrees to make a custom fit for the wearer. It is available in different catchy colors so you can choose the one you fancy. This is a great option for a strong, durable, and sturdy holster every leftie will find comfort in different positions. Try another model if you’re not a leftie.


  • Made with 0.08” thick Boltaron.
  • 5” wide belt clip.
  • Audible posi-click technology.
  • Full-length sweat guard.


  • Conceals perfectly.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Fits perfectly.
  • Solidly built holster.


  • Only for left-handed shooters.


Blackhawk Ambidextrous AIWB Holster

Blackhawk Ambidextrous AIWB Holster

Big guys need a holster that will ride at a comfortable height to make gripping the gun easy. That’s exactly what you get with this holster. It is even adjustable so you can tweak it to fit your specific comfort level. This is a slim, low-profile holster that gets the job done without adding bulk. It’s a dream for concealed carry in the appendix position.

Because this holster is slim and small, it will have a lot of contact with your skin. The material is very comfortable and a full sweat guard ensures there is no extreme sweating or irritation to your skin. Retention is very good on this holster but it can be easily adjusted to fit the preferences of any user.

There is even an adjustment screw in the package so you don’t have to go out and borrow or purchase a different screwdriver to adjust your holster. The clips are ergonomically designed and placed close to the holster so your leg has more room to move around. This is a great point for comfort as the gun will not bore into your skin as you stand, sit, or walk around.


  • Appendix Reversible Carry (ARC) design.
  • Adjustable retention.
  • Comes with two belt clips.
  • Comes with the adjustment screw.
  • Ambidextrous orientation.


  • Slides around easily.
  • Is very comfortable
  • Slim and compact design with no additional bulk.


  • The belt clips are not built very strong.


Concealment Express Iwb Kydex- Best Carry Holster For Fat Guys

Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster

For fat and slim wearers alike, this Kydex holster is super comfortable and easy to use. It fits your pistol very comfortably and makes it very easy to carry your firearm all day. Appendix carry is a very good option for big and fat guys because it doesn’t interfere with withdrawal and this one from Concealment Express is very comfortable. This IWB holster is claw compatible. That means you can add a claw attachment to increase concealed carry and reduce imprinting.

There is no risk of activating the trigger while your gun is holstered because of the undercut trigger guard. You can jump up and down without a chance of having your trigger come loose and causing an accident. Unholstering your pistol will be very easy.

The snap is easy to get off and stays in place to keep the gun steady when you re-holster. Re-holstering is also easy because of the lightly flared holster. This is very important when you have to re-holster your gun and move to a handheld defense. You will hear a satisfying click sound every time you place your firearm in the holster so you know the weapon is in the right place and safe.


  • Undercut trigger guard.
  • Full sweat guard.
  • Posi-click technology.
  • Adjustable retention and carry angle.


  • Compatible with a claw attachment.
  • Audible click when you re-holster.


  • The holster presses on the magazine and can accidentally release it.


Fat Man DTOM Crotch Carry Pouch

Fat Man DTOM Crotch Carry Pouch

Active people need to go for the strongest holsters available. Who said you couldn’t enjoy this if you’re a fat guy? This Fat Man’s crotch pouch holster is designed from strong denim material for stylishness and strength.

The quality of construction on this holster is super impressive and totally worth the cost. Although the denim is lightweight, it is still very strong. The lightweight component adds to comfort because you won’t even know you’re carrying this holster. Another great part of the construction is the duck padded back of this holster.

The layer is water-resistant, making sure that moisture doesn’t seep through from your body to your firearm, even on the hottest days.

This best appendix holster for big guys is ideal for right and left-handed people alike. The ambidextrous design makes sure of that. As you move through your day wearing your firearm in this super comfortable holster, there will be no restrictions in your movement.

Even as a big guy, you can wear any type of clothing you want and your gun will still be perfectly concealed. The top of this holster is straight and might need some custom adjustment to slant more naturally to fit the curves of your body. But when you get it right, this is the absolute best holster you ever had.

There’s enough space for your large handgun and an extra magazine too. Now, who doesn’t want the perfect concealed carry holster for any size of the firearm plus a cartridge? As the name implies, this fat man holster will not disappoint any big guy in need of a comfortable yet lightweight holster.


  • Ambidextrous carry.
  • Made with a tough denim material.
  • Slightly padded crotch pouch.
  • Water-resistant back layer.


  • A heavy-duty belt is strong enough for fat guys.
  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • Hides big guns very nicely.


  • The straight top of the pouch can restrict draw.


Deluxe Twill Ambidextrous- Best For A Heavy Person

Deluxe Twill Ambidextrous Carry Holster

It’s easier for small people to conceal their weapons under different types of outfits but big guys are not completely left out. This is one of the best holsters for fat guys to wear under any kind of outfit without being noticed.

The deep concealment holster has a water-resistant backing to protect moisture from seeping into your pouch on hot days. You will enjoy a full range of motion and comfort while your gun remains completely undetectable and close enough for you to reach in an emergency situation.

Whether you are left or right-handed, this ambidextrous holster will work great for you. It is particularly helpful for active big guys. Once you start using the Deluxe Twill Holster, you will never want to walk out of your home without it.

It is built from tough material that is lightweight for easy carrying and flexible movement. The padded twill holster is made with high-quality professional standards and properly checked before being put on the market. They have conveniently added a second compartment to carry money or credit cards so you don’t have to buy a separate pouch for this.

This holster pouch has an extremely durable elastic belt. The heavy-duty Velcro belt is very strong and ensures your gun will stay strapped on no matter the weight. Although this pouch can carry different sizes and types of weapons, we recommend you stick to handguns like ruggers, subcompact Glocks, and XD’s. as a big guy, you only need the medium size of this holster to get the perfect fit.

Even with your shirt tucked in, you are guaranteed to enjoy deep concealment all day long with this holster. Simply strap on the strong belt, rotate the holster to the left or right depending on which side you are more comfortable with and you are good to go.


  • Ambidextrous carry.
  • Made with strong padded twill material.
  • Has a money pouch.
  • Industrial strength heavy duty Velcro belt.


  • Extremely comfortable and lightweight.
  • Offers freedom of movement.


  • Rubber elastic gets weak fast.
  • Requires some break-in time to become very comfortable..


Fat Man Breathable Nylon Holster

Fat Man Breathable Nylon Holster

If you don’t like to feel the weight of your gun around your waist all day, you need a super lightweight holster like this Breathable Nylon Holster. The best holster for fat guys will also be the most comfortable option, and this product offers just that.

The medium-sized holster is made from breathable nylon fabric that is very soft. The material is not more than 4oz and does not add to the weight of your gun. Right and left-handed shooters alike will enjoy this adjustable holster.

You can move me to the left or right according to your dominant hand. The ability to customize your gun’s position increases security and ease of use for the best holster experience.

This holster offers two pockets, one for our gun and the other for an extra magazine. This provides ample space to carry your extra magazine so you don’t have to purchase a special pouch separately. If you don’t want to dress up in full pants a d a sturdy belt every time you’re going out, this holster will work perfectly.

With a pair of gym shorts and an elastic belt, you can run on quick errands without dressing up fully to carry your weapon. Be rest assured your gun will remain secure and draw will still be easy when worn like this.

Take note that this holster is designed for guns with 4-inch barrels. There is a smaller size of the holster for even smaller guns in case you own a Ruger LCP or similar-sized guns. We recommend you get another type of holster if you own a revolver, this does not work as well.


  • Ambidextrous carry.
  • Heavy-duty elastic belt.
  • Double pockets for an extra magazine.


  • Very comfortable.
  • You must not always wear a belt.
  • Leaves no print for complete deep concealment.
  • Strong reinforced nylon material.


  • Not suitable for big guns.
  • Not suitable for revolvers.


Advantages Of Appendix Carry

  • Faster draw: when you carry your firearm in appendix style, it’s really easy to turn it into the press out for a draw. This position makes for a much quicker draw. Also, in the appendix position, your hands won’t travel so far to pull out your gun. That also results in a quicker draw
  • Easier to reach: if you get attacked you want to be able to reach your firearm very quickly and easily. When you carry in the appendix position, you can reach out for your gun with either hand. Whether you’re entangled on the floor or standing and scuffling for your weapon, it’s much easier to reach your gun in the appendix position than others like the strong side hip position.
  • More comfortable for carrying big guns: if you have a big gun and still need to carry concealed, the appendix position is possibly the best for hiding your firearm perfectly. The sharp edges of a pistol will be hard to conceal at the curvy edges of your side. But your large gun will hide wonderfully when placed at your much less curvy torso. This is one reason why an appendix-style holster is the best holster for fat guys.

Although appendix carry has all these great advantages, it can also go bad really fast. Without proper training and practice, you won’t learn proper reholster methods. Even when using the best appendix holster for big guys, you will probably point your firearm towards your femoral artery when you reholster.

You surely need to learn proper reholster methods so you don’t accidentally discharge your weapon and blow off that large blood vessel. Although this disadvantage sounds frightening, it shouldn’t scare you away from carrying your gun in the appendix position. With plenty of alterations and practice, you can get appendix carry right and enjoy its advantages while avoiding the possible disadvantage.

4 Tips to Help Appendix Carry Work for Big Guys

Many people assume the appendix carry position is only fitting for athletic, skinny guys. Although they may have it easier, appendix carry can work well for huge guys with extra bulk around their waist. If you’re in this category take a look at the following helpful tips to enhance your appendix carry experience.

  • Get the right holster: whatever type or model of gun you carry, make sure to choose an appendix holster that was built for it. Having a snug fit will help increase the comfort of wear immensely. If you made a mistake with your order, you can return it as you might be eligible for the money-back guarantee that most manufacturers offer.
  • Use the right belt: a helpful tip that involves your wardrobe is choosing the right belt. There are sturdy belts specifically designed for concealed carry. Especially for carrying in the appendix position, your regular Walmart belt will not do. If you have to buy a new belt for this purpose, we promise it will be worth the money.
  • Location swap: take some liberty with adjusting the location of your appendix. If your firearm is in the one o’clock position, you can easily carry it while standing or walking but in a bending or sitting position, you might feel your gun stabbing your gut. To experience more comfort, pretend your appendix is between two o’clock and two-thirty. The grip of your pistol will move well enough to the side that it isn’t facing your gut when you bend or sit.
  • Buy bigger pants: you may want to purchase a few pants that are at least one size bigger than your fitting size. This will ease compression on your waistline to make the appendix carry easier and more comfortable.

The Best Holster Position For big and Fat Guys

If you have ever wondered what the ultimate carry position is for fat guys, you’re not alone. This is probably one of the questions we get asked a lot so pay some attention as we explain below.

  • 5 O’clock: this carry position is just behind your love handle. It is very accessible and comfortable. It may not be the absolute best position if you have back problems or if you usually drive for long hours but will work just fine for regular users. For those of us carrying in the left-hand position, this position will be 7 O’clock.
  • 3 O’clock: this is another comfortable carry position suitable for big guys. Whether you will be sitting or standing, this carry position will offer great flexibility for you to move, comfort, and can be used for long hours without problems. The only issue here is that it’s not so great for concealing your weapon. Carrying in this position will leave your gun sticking out a little bit for trained eyes to notice.
  • 2 O’clock: the natural valley between your love handles and front girth is the perfect spot to carry as a big guy. This versatile position allows you to carry comfortably while sitting and standing. When wearing an appendix holster in this position, you get a lower footprint than if you were using a regular IWB holster. For those of us carrying in the left-hand position, this position will be 10 O’clock.

You’re not stuck with one idea position to carry your weapon if you’re a big guy. However, we have gotten feedback from many fat guys and discovered the appendix position is one of the most comfortable. If you’re still in doubt about what the best holster for fat guys is, we strongly recommend trying one of the appendix holsters mentioned in this post for a change.

Final Verdict

Appendix carry is becoming more popular and everyone wants to try it including big guys. If you’re looking for the best appendix holster to suit your needs, take the time to search for what works so you can always defend yourself when necessary.

Appendix carry is a good position for big guys since the gun is positioned at an easily reachable angle. However, when you have some extra weight to deal with, you might find the appendix carry a bit challenging.

Because you’re a big guy, there’s more surface area to hide your gun and the original appendix carries position might be uncomfortable when you sit or stand. Follow our helpful tips for a smoother appendix carry experience.

For more information visit my youtube channel for user experience and reviews on the Best Appendix Holster for Big & Fat Guys.

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