Best Airsoft P90 Guns 2024– Top Models For CQB & Field

As a long-time airsoft enthusiast and ex-military man, I’ve had the pleasure of using a wide range of airsoft guns over the years. And when it comes to high-performing, stylish, and downright fun-to-shoot airsoft weapons, the P90 has always been one of my favorites.

With its ultra-compact bullpup design, high-capacity magazine, and versatile abilities for CQB to field play, the P90 perfectly complements my aggressive, run-and-gun airsoft style while feeling great ergonomically.

So if you’re looking to add one of the coolest SMG-style airsoft guns out there to your collection, I’m going to countdown my top recommendations across four excellent P90 models I’ve personally used and reviewed first-hand here.

My Background Playing Airsoft

Firstly, I’ve been into airsoft for over 15 years since first being introduced to it during my military days. I was immediately hooked once I got my hands on these incredibly realistic replica weapon platforms that handled so smoothly.

The challenge, excitement, discipline, and camaraderie airsoft brings takes me right back to my service days. And it allows me to recapture the intense adrenaline rush of tactical operations I so dearly miss.

I’ve also always appreciated the technical, hands-on aspect of maintaining and upgrading my airsoft AEGs. To me, half the fun is tweaking and perfecting my various setups to improve range, accuracy, rate of fire, and trigger response.

Over the years, I’ve participated extensively in force-on-force team battles at various outdoor and CQB fields here in California and beyond. So I’ve been able to accumulate a wealth of first-hand knowledge on what makes a good performing and reliable airsoft gun.

Why The P90 Make Such A Great Airsoft Gun?

The P90 is an ultra-modern-looking personal defense weapon first developed in the 1990s that fires the unique 5.7x28mm cartridge. It was designed for NATO forces to have a compact but hard-hitting PDW that could still penetrate body armor.

This high-tech, bullpup-configured SMG brings so many advantages to the airsoft world given its purpose-driven design.

For one, the bullpup layout places the magazine and bolt assembly behind the trigger group, drastically shortening the overall length. This allows you to keep a compact, maneuverable profile with a barrel length similar to an assault rifle.

The P90’s horizontal magazine configuration also lends itself perfectly to airsoft applications. You can easily monitor the remaining ammo, perform lightning-fast reloads from either side of the weapon, and achieve excellent weight distribution and handling dynamics.

The integrated red dot sight and backup iron sights also make rapidly acquiring targets an absolute breeze while reviewing dating and maintaining situational awareness. And with a 50+ round capacity, you get plenty of trigger time before needing to reload.

When running and gunning in CQB environments, I’ve found the P90 allows me to stay extremely mobile and strike targets quickly and decisively thanks to its balance, ergonomics and versatility.

Yet it still has the range to effectively engage enemies at a distance outside thanks to its 308mm inner barrel housed within the compact frame. Honestly, there’s no other airsoft gun quite like it!

My Top Airsoft P90 Gun Picks Reviewed

Now that you know why I’m such a fan of P90-style airsoft guns, here are my reviews of the top models worth checking out:

Best Airsoft P90

Evike Full Size P90 In Tan

Evike Full Size P90 In Tan

Kicking things off, we have the outstanding Evike Full Size P90 available in desert tan or black colorways. Licensing doesn’t get better than this officially FN Herstal licensed product made under their strict quality control.

As you’d expect from such a pedigree, performance is phenomenal with laser straight shooting thanks to the 6.03mm precision inner barrel and quality hop-up bucking.

The split gearbox design also makes maintenance and upgrades a breeze. So you can easily swap springs to increase FPS for outdoor play then switch back to a lower power setup for CQB without needing to mess with the inner gearbox containing all your electronic components.

Ergonomics and handling are superb as well with great balance and a total length under 20 inches with stock fully collapsed. The dust cover even features an integrated front grip for added stability and recoil control during full auto.

The included hi-cap magazine also securely feeds BBs flawlessly even during rapid mag dumps. And it holds a whopping 280 rounds to keep you unleashing plastic down range longer.

Finally, externals ooze authenticity with properly placed controls, sights, rails, and stock giving that genuine tactical feel. Despite the full metal construction, weight still comes in at a shoulder-friendly 6.6lbs allowing for easy maneuvering.

Overall, Evike and Elite Force have teamed up to produce one heck of a P90 replica here that outperforms any other model under $200. It’s the best bang for the buck FN-licensed P90 on the market in my experience.


  • Outstanding performance from precision inner barrel and hop-up
  • Split gearbox for easy maintenance and spring swaps
  • Great ergonomics and handling dynamics
  • 280-round hi-cap magazine capacity
  • Amazingly realistic externals and affordable pricing


  • Battery space is somewhat limited
  • No included sling mount


Evike Full Size- cheap airsoft p90

Evike Full Size P90 In Black

Next up we have the Palco Sports 200956, an officially FN Herstal licensed P90 airsoft AEG replica I’ve found to offer even better handling, ergonomics and trigger response compared to the Evike model thanks to its lightweight polymer construction.

Weighing in at just 5 lbs, this ultra-light P90 has phenomenally quick target acquisition capabilities and transitions smoothly between firing positions. Even after extended use, fatigue and strain are non-issues.

The programmable electronic trigger gives you crisp, consistent trigger pulls allowing for surgically precise semi-auto fire. While the 30+ round per second cyclic rate and 1200 round hi-cap magazine keep enemies cowering behind cover during prolonged full auto.

The quick spring change design also hugely simplifies altering FPS making this a super versatile P90 platform. Swap between M90-M120 springs based on your engagement distance needs in just minutes with no gearbox disassembly required.

Externals retain fantastic realism as well with an exact 1:1 scale dimensionally accurate mold of the FN P90. All the intricacies like the controls, trigger, mag release and sights mirror the real steel. They even replicated the left ejection port so spent shell casings avoid interfering with your sight picture.

Given its featherweight handling properties, blistering rate of fire, whisper-quiet gearbox, and phenomenally fast trigger response, the Palco Sports 200956 has earned its reputation as arguably the best airsoft P90 gun under $250.

I’d highly recommend it to anyone wanting a highly mobile CQB dominator that’s a complete joy to shoot thanks to the refined ergonomics and trigger. This is one P90 built for speed!


  • Extremely lightweight yet durable polymer construction
  • Adjustable programmable electronic trigger
  • 30+ rounds per second cyclic rate
  • Quick spring change design
  • High 1200-round magazine capacity


  • Battery can be tricky to install
  • No included front grip

Palco Sports 200956 P90

Palco Sports 200956 P90

Shifting to the budget end of the spectrum, the Well D90h P90 Deluxe gives you solid performance and features at a very wallet-friendly price point. Don’t let the cost fool you though, this is still a remarkably capable P90 replica in my experience.

Externally, construction consists of a combination of durable ABS plastics reinforced with a metal outer barrel, integrated carry handle/sight assembly, and front grip giving an authentic weighty feel in hand.

The split gearbox design featured in pricier P90 models also makes an appearance that allows easy spring changes without messing with the fps-sensitive electronic components.

Performance is reasonably consistent as well thanks to the brass 6.04 tight bore inner barrel and heavy-duty hop-up rubber granting increased precision downrange. The rate of fire sits around 800 rpm which is blisteringly quick for the price.

I also appreciate the included integrated red and green dot sight and backup iron sights allowing for rapid target acquisition at close to moderate range. And the 290 round hi-cap magazine has awesome winding torque meaning fewer reloads between engagements.

For right around $100, the Well D90h P90 Deluxe gives you reasonable performance coupled with awesome styling making it arguably the top-value P90 on the market currently for budget-minded players.

If looking to join the bullpup club without breaking the bank, this is an easy recommendation from me for its cool form factor and quality construction that punches well above its class.


  • Excellent value pricing
  • Metal reinforced externals
  • Split gearbox for easy spring swaps
  • Good hop up and inner barrel performance
  • 290-round hi-cap magazine


  • Battery space is very limited
  • The rate of fire lags behind pricier models
  • A gearbox can be noisy

Well D90h P90 Deluxe- Aeg

Well D90h P90 Deluxe- Aeg

Wrapping up the list, Well’s D90f P90 Assault Rifle delivers across-the-board improvements over the Deluxe model enhancing already stellar performance andexternals to even higher levels.

This fully loaded P90 shows Well’s design experience with the platform featuring their new gen split gearbox fitted with enhanced air seal components for vastly improved velocity consistency and range. Experience painlessly accurate shots even in windy outside conditions.

The polymer and pot metal externals also feature excellent fit and finish that places it a cut above their cheaper P90 line in look and feel. All the critical dimensions precisely match the real FN P90 as well so its shoulders, handles, and aims are true.

Added accessories like the top Picatinny rail, adjustable stock, and QD sling mounts expand practical functionality allowing you to mount optics and customize for your specific build needs. And the battery compartment has been enlarged to accept stick-type LiPo batteries for all day runtimes.

At the end of the day, the highly tuned gearbox delivering consistent 330-350 fps velocities combined with great ergonomics and handling dynamics cement this as arguably the best airsoft P90 replica under $150 that I’ve personally used.

Well has a real winner on their hands with this one! If you want a P90 that performs like a high-end model at modest pricing, the D90f Assault Rifle is my top value pick.


  • Highly consistent 330-350 fps velocity range
  • Greatly improved external fit & finish
  • Enlarged battery compartment
  • Accessorized with rails and sling mounts
  • Still very affordable


  • The included hi-cap magazine is a bit rattly
  • The rate of fire is somewhat low

Well D90f P90 Assault Rifle

Well D90f P90 Assault Rifle

This is an excellent weapon for close-quarters shooting. It is a short and compact weapon that fits nicely when used for CQB. It has a nice rail system that allows for many accessories to be added along the way. Because this gun is not very accurate and does not come with sights, you will use more BBs to get your targets. Nevertheless, that’s fine since the magazine’s capacity is 200.


  • Material: plastic frame
  • Velocity: 200 FPS
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Rounds: 400


The D90F comes with a detailed instruction manual and all the necessary parts to get started shooting right out of the box. There is a sling, a cleaning, and unjamming rod, some BB pellets, and safety glasses. The magazine is large and transparent. It is a gravity-fed magazine with the slope lowering slowly to the point where the BS is fed. You won’t get any shots out if you’re firing down. You might have to shake this plastic magazine to get some BBs out when it is stuck but there is no winding required. The battery compartment is easy to open and has enough space. You might not be able to switch the original battery out for a larger one because it fits snugly. You can average 115 FPS when using 0.12g BBs and 200 + FPS if using 0.20g pellets.

User Experience

The rail is solid and allows a lot of space for several accessories to be added at the same time. We love that you don’t have to remove your magazine to refill. Simply open the top to fee din new BBs and keep shooting. This gun works in two modes; on and off. The off serves as the safety switch while the on means full automatic mode. This weapon does not come with sights or dots, so you can add some if you want added accuracy. However, it can hit large targets 50 feet away without sight.


  • The magazine capacity is 200, quite large.
  • It is solidly built with good materials.
  • Very compact and easy to maneuver.


  • There is no semi-automatic mode.

The Takeaway – My Top Airsoft P90 Recommendation

After breaking down my reviews of all these excellent P90 replicas I’ve enjoyed using over the years, the Evike Full Size FN Herstal officially licensed model stands above the rest as my top overall pick in typical airsoft price ranges.

Given its pedigree direct from FN with outstanding QC and its unparalleled mix of performance, ergonomics, and affordability; this Evike distributed gem simply can’t be beaten as your first P90 purchase.

I truly believe it offers the intended P90 experience right out of the box better than any other sub-$ $250 model on the current market. You just can’t go wrong with this one!

Of course, the other P90 models highlighted all bring their unique mix of capabilities to the table that may better match your needs or budget. I don’t think you could make a truly poor choice between any of these airsoft bullpups.

At the end of the day, the P90 platform translates incredibly well to the airsoft world given its purpose-driven design. Any of these models will serve you exceptionally as a compact fire support weapon on the airsoft battlefield.

So consider giving one of these bad boys I’ve reviewed a shot if looking to change up your loadout with something unique!


The P90 with its futuristic styling and highly functional bullpup layout remains one of my personal favorite airsoft gun platforms of all time thanks to its versatility letting it dominate both CQB and field environments.

I hope breaking down my hands-on reviews of these top-performing P90 airsoft gun options helps you select the perfect model to take your gameplay to the next level.

Thanks for reading and enjoy unleashing plastic pellets downrange with these awesome replicas! Feel free to reach out with any other airsoft-related questions in the comments section below.

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