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Our mission at Pistolzone is to provide airsoft players with authentic information and personal user experiences about the game. We believe that by doing so, we can help players improve their skills and enjoy the sport even more.

We offer a variety of articles on topics such as airsoft gun reviews, game strategies, and tips for beginners. We also have a forum where players can share their own experiences and ask questions. Our goal is to create a community of airsoft players who can learn from each other and have a great time playing the game.


Our Team

Craig Dewart


Gregor Miller

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Craig Dewart is an avid airsoft player and blogs about his experiences with the sport. He has a military background and is very knowledgeable about holsters and other gear. 

He enjoys sharing his knowledge with others and helping them to improve their airsoft game.

Gregor Miller loves playing airsoft and sharing his experiences in blogs. He started playing when he was just a kid and has been hooked ever since. He loves the thrill of the game and the feeling of being in the moment.

He enjoys the camaraderie of his teammates and the feeling of being part of something larger than himself. Gregor Miller is passionate about airsoft and wants to share his love of the sport with as many people as possible. He hopes that by sharing his experiences, he can help others to fall in love with airsoft too.

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